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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Experiencer Breaks Her Silence About UFO ENCOUNTER, ABDUCTION, & HYBRID CHILDREN

Daphne Fletcher recalls the astonishing encounter and abduction that she and her friend Bill experienced with several Grey aliens during the summer of 2010 in Wauconda, Washington.

"Daphne Fletcher claims that in the summer of 2010, she was living in Wauconda, Washington. She owned most of the businesses in the area including a ranch, a store, a restaurant/cafe, a post office, and a gas station. After the 2008/2009 recession, she decided to sell everything and move to Southern California. She employed 10 to 15 people.

In the summer of 2010, she sold all of it and celebrated with a bonfire.“We had finished. It was the very last night. Everything had just been resolved we had just sold the place. I had just finished packing everything up with my friend Bill who lived there with me. All of the furniture was moved out. I just picked up the check from the escrow office and it was the last night so we had a celebratory campfire in the firepit behind the house for the last time. I was really excited already it was the happiest day and Bill was excited but sad. We had a nice campfire and we were going to go over to his mother's house afterward because I no longer had any furniture in the house.

We finished the fire. We put it out and we were coming around the house and got to the driveway, all of a sudden, just right there, it was just absolutely astonishing, it blocked out the sky. It was so big and we both just stopped dead frozen, looking up and looking at each other and looking up. Oh my god! Oh my god! Holy! Oh my god!’ Looking at it. ‘Are you seeing this? Oh my god!’ and just back and forth looking at this astronomically large spaceship hovering above us, just above the trees, and there were two of them and one was the biggest thing you could possibly imagine in the sky, blocking the whole sky. I could only barely see a little bit on either side so it was definitely longer than it was wide and it was facing south, but it was just huge! There was no way something that big could be just in the sky not making any noise, no ground disturbance, nothing, and there was a little triangular right next to it and they both were just frozen there. It just stayed there planted for, I think, at least a minute. We looked at it, maybe two minutes, and then it just went across the sky – Poof! Gone! Just whoosh and poof, nothing and gone!

We both looked at each other. Did that really just happen. We both were just flabbergasted but neither one of us was afraid. We just were excited. It was the most exciting thing either of us had ever seen and the strange thing, though, it was much later that night when we got to Betty's house. It was at least an hour, maybe two, hours and a half, longer than what we originally thought. We thought we were going to get there at about 11:00 and it was like 12:30 by the time we got there, so that was really late and Bill was just beside himself. He was just flabbergasted and Bill was developmentally disabled but he didn't lie or exaggerate and so his mother, I think she laughed at us at first, but he just couldn't stop going on and on and on about this event, and so I know she believed us by the time it was over and I stuck it in a box and never talked about it again for years. After that, I left the wilderness. That night was the last there and I walked away from the experience and just didn't talk about it for years.”

She eventually moved to Southern California. She underwent hypnotic regression on least two occasions, uncovering an encounter in her youth (very vague details - her entire family was taken from a cabin - no date/no location mentioned) as well as more details of the 2010 encounter.

“That night that we saw these ships it turned out that it was just the last minute and that when we were coming around the house we were met. We have lifted up on the ship and remembering that, it was so strange but when they put us back down, it was the end of the experience and that's what we saw when they left. They made me forget that hour before and I was so amazed and elated to have the experience of coming back to reality and the material world. Bringing this experience with me I still feel crazy.”

She later expounded upon the hypnosis and the things she saw including the fact that the huge ship was actually vertical, though she had no memory of that.

“I think the most profound thing was that it was so different than what I remembered and yet it was an extension of the same experience. When I came around the house I met the three ETs or ‘extra dimensionals’ that were waiting there. They lifted me and I could see the ship but it was different. It wasn't laying down. It was standing up and we were going into the very bottom of the ship, not the side of the ship. It was the bottom of the ship and it was open and lit up and it was shining a light down us and we lifted up into the ship and then when we came back down, were placed back down on the ground. The whole shift ship shifted and laid down on its side (her original memory) and then, when it shot off, it went off like that (makes a sharp movement with her hand). Still, it had been standing up straight. I think when it came down, it came down like that (moves the hand from vertical to horizontal) and so, and then it was just frozen there waiting for us and that difference in the hypnosis session was so profound, the shift, because I didn't remember that at all. I didn't feel like I could imagine that part and it was just so real. It made sense that for it to go that way across the sky, it should reposition itself because if it was standing up... it wouldn't have... I don't know but it just that was the biggest part of that first hypnosis session that really surprised me.”

Rendered depiction of the 3 Greys

She claims that she remembers that Bill was laid down on a gurney-like thing and wheeled into a room while she walked willingly with them through a hall. She believes that she was then shown children who were possibly her hybrid offspring. She claims that she had experienced this before, that she had interacted with the beings previously and had been shown children but she did not elaborate on this (or any other experiences she might have had). She also mentioned that she had had a few UFO sightings including one in East Sacramento, a boomerang-shaped object.."

Transcribed Source: “Daphne's Story”. Breaking the Silence. Podcast - Jan 18, 2024


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