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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Dine Navajo Woman Recalls Her 'FURRY ONES' Stories

A Dine Navajo resident contacted me with her accounts of the 'Furry Ones' that inhabit the reservation. She includes a personal account and stories told to her by others.

I received the following account from a Dine Navajo woman who lives on the reservation in northwest New Mexico:

"When I was 11 years old my younger brothers, cousins, friends and I were playing with a kite. It was March, so it was still a bit cold. My cousin, who was looking down the road said, "Who's that guy watching us over there?" We all looked and we were like we didn't know who it was, but whatever or whoever it was he was really big. He was taller than our little fence pole which came up to him about mid-chest. The fence pole, we later found out, was about five feet something. He looked kind of hairy. He had no neck his neck. He had really long arms. He watched us and every now and then he'd lean over, then he'd stand back up and watch us some more. We quickly pulled back our kite.

It then started to snow. One of my little brothers said, "I'm gonna go tell Dad." The hairy man then ran into the trees, so it disappeared just in a blink of an eye. Back then we had never heard of Sasquatch or Bigfoot, but we had heard of the Boogeyman, the monster and you know our parents scared us with. It was 1967. That's when there were more sightings. That's when I first heard people calling the creatures the 'Furry Ones.'

One evening my brother was up in a basin area near our home. He was hunting on horseback. At dusk, he started to head home, but he wanted to look at another area before he did so. He rides over this ridge. He said everything happened in a split second. As he came over the ridge he saw the horse's ears perk up and then it stopped moving. A Bigfoot was sitting down there and he was eating something. It looked up at my brother and the look on its face was alarming, like it had seen something terrifying. The Bigfoot got on all fours, leaped four times, and was suddenly gone like it had vanished. The horse was startled and my brother almost fell off. He grabbed the horse's neck and they took off down to the foothills. He said he couldn't stop his horse until they reached home.

This old rancher lived out in the canyon area by the creek. He said that he came home to his trailer late one night. He had an old car sitting along the road to his trailer. He saw something huge duck behind the old car. The rancher starts panicking. Then this huge creature tried to back out but the rancher's headlight picked it up. It was really big but it wasn't fast, but it did get away. The next day he found two of his horses lying dead in the nearby gully. Their necks were all ripped out. Their tail-end areas were also ripped open. Whatever killed them had to have been fast to catch the horses.

My sister lived by the river and a lot of times their horses were being bothered by something. There would be a bad odor outside. One night, while their uncle was watching the kids they said something climbed on the top of the house and it was big. It was walking around and jumping. They got really scared of it. Their uncle later got them together in the middle of the room. The kids were crying. He had his rifle and was aiming at the door. This creature was jumping hard on the roof. Then my sister came home and that thing jumped off the house and took off. When she opened the door they were facing a rifle aimed at them. The kids were hysterical.

That creature would show up several more times and it always got onto the roof and jumped up and down scaring everyone in the house. One day, she called my uncle while the creature was there. He and his friend drove over and saw the creature trying to run away. They chased after it in the truck and shot at it a few times. After that, the creature never returned." C


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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