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Friday, March 01, 2024

Dark 7-Foot 'OWLMAN' Encountered Near Central Florida Conservation Area

A central Florida woman encountered a dark 7-foot tall 'Owlman' while walking her property near a conservation area. Since then, she has been vigilantly watching out for a subsequent appearance.

I received the following account:

"One of the accounts that I recently heard, while listening to YouTube, nearly caused me to crash my car. It was a story about the sighting of a large humanoid creature, wearing what appeared to be a black cloak, with an owl's face, in the central Florida area. Talk about a heart-stopping moment.

Here is my encounter with a similar entity:

It was an afternoon in late May this year (2021). I remember it was later in the afternoon, early evening, but it was a slightly overcast and gray day, so I can't tell you from memory if it was dusk or earlier. I live near a nature conservation area in the central Florida area. My husband and I were very fortunate to find our property - ample acreage, heavily wooded to the point where we could not see our neighbors or any lights from their homes. We lovingly call our home "The Swamp."

I was outside in our driveway, which is the only cleared space on our land, save for a natural circular clearing in our woods. I was walking back to our porch when for some reason, I was compelled to turn and look back to the tree line (around 80 - 100 feet away from the house).

I do want to note that there was not a single ounce of fear in me, in fact, I was quite calm when I made eye contact with it. At first, I didn't register what I was looking at. I knew it was an owl, which for my woods is not an uncommon sighting. But then it kind of shifted and I saw more of it. It was not "just" an owl - It was the head of an owl on what I can only describe as the shoulders of a human, and it looked like it was wearing a dark cloak, either made of dark foliage or feathers. It was tall, and from the trees around it, I guessed around 7 feet or so. It just looked at me, and I looked at it.

I looked around and blinked - sincerely thinking it was a trick of the lighting, or my mind creating a "thing" where there was nothing, but no, when I looked back it was still there, calm and unmoving.

I was still unafraid (which is not normal for me as I can freak myself out easily). For some reason, I felt another urge, this time to nod. I nodded towards it like I was showing my acknowledgment of it, it felt natural and right to do so, then turned and went inside my home. I did not go back outside that day, but the next morning I went back outside and stood in the same place on my porch to look at what it "may have been" and there was nothing I could even remotely try to place as "it". The space where it stood was between two trees at the opening to the forest line leading back to the small clearing, there were no low-hanging branches, no large leaves, no anything that I could "trick" myself into believing that was what I had actually seen.

I have not seen it since then.

I did some mild searching on the internet but found nothing even remotely close to it so I just let it go. Until today, when I heard that story about an hour ago now. Does anyone know what this might be? Has anyone else in the Central FL area (or anywhere) seen anything like this?" ML

The witness later added:

"There have been a couple times when on my car there have been remnants of what I would describe as "guts" when I've been parked under a tree instead of the carport. I've always chalked it up to a large bird (hawk or owl) which is still the most probable - still gives me the shivers." ML

NOTE: I contacted the witness in the hope of gathering more information. This encounter occurred in the Green Swamp Preserve Area in Polk County. There have been unexplained winged humanoid accounts in the region previously, namely gargoyle-like flying beings. The natural owl species known to inhabit the area are not conducive to the description in the account, the largest being a Great Horned Owl. Lon


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I have investigated winged humanoid sightings since 1981 when I first included cryptid creatures as a part of my paranormal research. In 1988, I had a personal unexplained encounter with a winged humanoid in south-central Pennsylvania.

Since the beginning of the millennium, a specific term has surfaced as part of the description of several of the sightings; ‘Jeepers Creepers.’ If you are familiar with modern horror films, then you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. In 2001, an American-German horror film, that took its name from the 1938 song ‘Jeepers Creepers,’ was released. It was a tale about two older siblings who become the targets of a demonic creature, known as the ‘Creeper,’ in rural Florida.

The fact that several witnesses have compared the winged being that they encountered as resembling the Creeper is interesting. I suppose it is a cultural phenomenon; basically, because there are few other creatures, natural or fictional, to compare to. A few of the Chicago Mothman witnesses mentioned the Creeper character when giving a general description, though the eventual comparison came down to the bat-like wing structure and the ability to instantly launch itself into flight.

During the same period that we were receiving reports in the Chicago area, we were also receiving accounts of similar winged beings in other locations throughout the United States and Canada. Most of the sightings were very brief and without much detail, but a few specific reports compounded our curiosity.

I hope that you enjoy my presentation. I will answer questions from the LIVE CHAT throughout the show.






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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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