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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Certified Naturalist Describes His DOGMAN/WEREWOLF Encounter in the Pine Barrens, NJ

A certified naturalist and his friends are driving in the New Jersey Pine Barrens when they observe a 7-foot-tall upright cryptid canine running near the vehicle.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"Hi. I believe that I saw a cryptid that most people would know as a Dogman or a Wolfman in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. When I received my driver's license at 17 years old I started spending all my free time outdoors, hiking all over the east coast but mostly within the New Jersey Pine Barrens. I worked as a naturalist at Batsto Village in Wharton State Forest for a while, which is the biggest state forest within the Pine Barrens. I got the job before my internship ended due to my knowledge of plants and animals. They did not expect me to have the credentials because at the time I was not even finished with my first semester in college.

I only give out this information because when I see an animal in the woods, day or night, I know with 100% certainty what I'm looking at. And after almost 6 years from the time of writing this story, I can’t wrap my head around the creature that I saw. I am an open-minded person to a point. I do believe certain cryptids can exist solely if the biology of the creature is possible, but that does not put a bipedal canine on my list.

Roughly about 6 years ago, I along with 2 of my friends (one a welder and one a mechanic and I will be naming the welder Chris and the Mechanic Alan) went off-roading in my friend Alan’s truck somewhere in Manchester, NJ. We met with a bunch of Alan’s off-roading buddies in a spot they frequented (I do not know the specific area, only that it was in Manchester NJ and it was very close to the general vicinity of the Abandoned Brick Factory) and hung out for a few hours, drove around the dirt trails and just had a good time socializing with other people. I did not have any alcohol or any pot in my system because after we left I had to drive myself home, so I was sober along with my Alan who was also sober, but my friend Chris was a bit high.

We were beginning to leave and as we were taking the trails to get back to the main road my friend Alan told me to help look out for deer. He was driving about 35 mph because the dirt path we were on was pretty open (about 30ish) feet wide and we were dead in the middle in case he did have to respond to a deer jumping out of the tree line. A few minutes go by and my sharp eyes spot a "deer" running alongside the truck, but within the tree line so the view of it wasn't more than a dark brown patch of fur. As I'm about to say something to my friend Alan, thinking that this deer is going to run in front of the car and try to commit suicide, it speeds up its pace significantly, and gets about 20 feet ahead of the truck still in the tree line, and then proceeds to jump out in front of the truck. For as long as I live I will never forget what I saw that night. It ran onto its 2 back legs, looked right up at us, and to our horror, it ran by this about 30-foot wide dirt road in 2-3 "steps" and went into the opposite tree line. In those few seconds, I saw this Dogman or Wolfman and to this day I can not forget what I saw.    

It was roughly 7 feet tall, covered in dark brown fur (every inch of its body I saw was covered in this dark brown fur, but the chest/stomach area had less fur and a lighter colored fur than the rest of the body), but even under all this fur you could make out extreme muscle definition, very similar to an Olympic bodybuilder. It also had a K9 type of head with a long snout, two distinct perked-up wolf ears, and large muscular legs. The torso and arms of were similar to that of a very muscular man with large hands. The hands had visible claws that looked like they could do some real damage, and its eyes reflected an unnatural color of light that I hadn't seen in the animal kingdom.

As soon as it jumped into the opposing tree line my friend Alan slammed on the brakes, and my friend Chris said, "I know I'm high, but what the hell was that?" My friends, puzzled by what we just saw looked at me and said, "Okay, nature boy, please tell us that was something explainable." I sat there dumbfounded and told them I did not have an answer based on reason, science, or anything I could logically think of and my friend Alan high-tailed it out of there.

To this day my friend Chris has convinced himself that it wasn’t a hallucination because of the pot and my other friend Alan (who does not believe in the supernatural, and absolutely refuses to have an open mind) does not speak about this event and pretends it didn't happen. To this day I still have no logical explanation for what I saw, I do not believe that a bipedal K9 creature could logically/biologically exist, but what I saw was something matching that description with my own eyes, and it is very real." S


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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