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Saturday, March 09, 2024

Bizarre MIMICKING HUMANOID Stalks Hikers in Southern Colorado

A group of British and American hikers are trekking through southern Colorado when they encounter an odd humanoid figure that mimics the voice of one of the group.

This account came to me from an associate:

"Before I begin, a bit of background; I’m 28 years old and I live in Kent, England. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had this weird obsession with the United States, travelling through the States and generally seeing lots of sights. I’m not a city guy, far from it; my parents are both farmers and I like the outdoors a lot. I joined a rock climbing club when I was in my teens and met two good friends James and Grant (who came on the trip with me in 2012). I had always planned to go to the States, Colorado to be specific because of the forests and the mountains. We all agreed to go; saved for a year and off we went.

We were in Denver and later we travelled south. Through Colorado Springs, down to Walsenburg, and then headed west and ended up in a very small town after about 4 to 5 hours (somewhere close to the New Mexico border). We had actually got there due to meeting some friends in Denver, who were keen explorers like ourselves and they asked if we wanted to join them on a road trip/camping trip. So we did. There were 5 of them, Chris, another James, Richard, Melissa and Lucy. And us 3, Myself, James, and Grant.

The first two nights were great, Chris and Richard liked to hunt and had brought alone their rifles with them and they taught us a few things about shooting and whatnot. On the third night, all 8 of us went on a little walk through the forest, having a look around and taking all the amazing views in. The girls, Lucy and Melissa wanted to head back to the cabin to start cooking the dinner for us and Richard went back with them. So, Chris, the two James’, Grant, and I roamed around.

Up ahead on the trail I pointed out to Chris, I saw what looked like a deer but as quick as I could grab their attention and turned back around, it was gone. I’d probably made way too much noise to be honest and scared it off. But a few minutes later I saw it again. It was a little weird though. It looked a little darker than a deer, and had more fur; it didn’t look right at all. It was like a man on all fours or something and just didn’t seem to move very smoothly. I must have been so focused on this deer that I was completely oblivious to the smell that surrounded us that Grant pointed out. It smelled like death and blood, but it seemed warm and metallic. It was horrible. I asked Chris if there was some kind of factory nearby but he said there wasn’t really anything like that for miles. I really did smell, it was stomach-turning and I have a strong stomach from living on a farm for my whole life.

We turned back anyway to head towards the cabin to meet the others. We walked for about 10 minutes when I saw what looked like the same deer in the distance to my right and I swear to God it stood up on its hind legs. I called Chris at the front and said to the others to look to the right and they did. James laughed and said it looked like a guy and Grant suggested it was another group of people out walking as well. But I told them it stood up and that it was the deer from earlier I tried to get them to look at, I was adamant about it. But they looked at me like I was stupid as it was definitely a figure of a person with his back to us.

Chris called out at it and there was no reply. He called again and nothing. Then we all shouted out “Are you ok over there?” The reply was subtle but loud enough to be heard “It’s Richard.” We all looked at each other confused because he was supposed to be with the girls? He called out again “It’s Richard” and it definitely sounded like him. Chris told him to “stop screwing around” and we carried on walking. I looked back after no more than 5/10 seconds and he was gone, completely. That was no way enough time to just disappear without seeing him run off.

We got back to the cabin eventually. Lucy and Melissa were in the kitchen making dinner and Richard was chilling with them. Chris told Richard to not leave the girls again, as he was the only one with them and it wasn’t safe to leave them alone due to wild animals. But Richard said he’d been here the whole time with them. Confusing. Chris, Grant, the two James and I looked at each other and laughed, telling him we saw him in the woods with us and you said “It’s Richard” when we shouted at him. But he looked at us with a dead straight face “Seriously guys, I was here the whole time” and the girls confirmed it. We all just shrugged it off; the 3 of them were in on the joke, they got us.

I managed to wake up around 3 am very thirsty and needed a drink and that rank smell was back. The smell probably woke me up, to be honest. I went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and I could hear rustling from outside. It wasn’t like someone was walking but it sounded like someone was crawling around? I turned on the outside light which didn’t do much at all but about 20 metres away at the edge of the forest, I saw another figure. It was very dark outside and I’m sure I was just seeing things but the figure was like yesterday, just there, motionless, a black figure silhouette with its back turned towards me. I was freaking out. I went back to the bedrooms and woke up the boys. They weren’t really 100% awake yet, probably pissed off I’d woken them up but when I showed them what I was looking at they soon came around. James opened the cabin door which was facing where the person was to get a better view and we all huddled around the door entrance to see also. Chris had a huge Mag light torch on him and just shone it at the figure and it didn’t move. Grant shouted out (in a typical British way) “Oi, you!” which just made us laugh but the figure didn’t move.

We were pretty alarmed by this point and we decided to go back inside. As we turned around to go back in we heard “It’s Richard.” We all just looked at each other and we all looked at Richard and chaos ensured. I and the others had no idea what the hell to do. Richard wasn’t, to my knowledge, a guy who could throw his voice, but the voice was his and Richard did not speak. We waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the sun to come up, constantly checking outside, Richard and Chris’s rifles never left their hands. We grabbed the girls and just left as fast as we could.

Sorry I know there isn't much of a spectacular ending but I wanted to at least share what we saw. I hope this makes some kind of sense." DK


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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