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Friday, March 01, 2024

Alberta, Canada Experiencer Describes His Continuing FEMALE REPTILIAN HUMANOID Ordeal

An Alberta, Canada man details his encounters, ordeal, and communication with a female interdimensional Reptilian humanoid. What are your thoughts on this declaration?

A Phantoms & Monsters Radio listener forwarded the following account:

"Hey Lon. I’ve been listening to Phantoms & Monsters since early last year, and because of your latest episode, I’ve finally gotten up the courage to send in my personal account because it relates to your more recent episode about reptilian beings. You’ll be the only person besides my wife I have ever told this to because I expect the average person would think I’m completely insane. Sometimes I still feel like I’m insane. And to say this upfront, yes, I’m serious.

Be warned this will be long and weird. I am not using my real name to avoid identification. You’ll soon understand why I’m hesitant to be associated with this weird tale.

A quick background: I’ve been a “fan” of high strangeness, the paranormal, and unexplained phenomena since I was about 12 and found an old reader’s digest style “Our Mysterious World” book amongst my dad’s stuff. I’m now in my late 30s and I’ve experienced enough weird and uncanny events that I’m a firm believer, including intuition that saved my life more than once. But I have to stress I’m a pretty sensible person for the most part and nobody of particular note. I have a family, kids, and a happy married life. I know elements of what I’m about to relay are going to be fairly insane. So take everything with a grain of salt and an open mind. I’ll be interested to know if you’ve ever heard anything like this before and the only reason I am even willing to share this is because you seem to be THE guy for this sort of thing.

In early 2012 I was going through a very difficult time in my life and for amusement, my wife and I visited a local “psychic” in Grande Prairie, Alberta. My wife’s reading was filled with errors and information we knew to be wrong, but we played along for a laugh. When it came to my turn, this obvious charlatan precisely described my deceased German grandfather with details of his appearance that nobody could know and personal details about the last time I saw him alive that left me speechless. She also advised us that “the spirits” wanted us to know the deep freeze we had been given for free from our surly next-door neighbour we didn’t really know had once held a dead body and we needed to get rid of it because it had dark energy attached to it. This freaked us out because this stupid freezer had a makeshift gasp lock on it and we didn’t think anything of it. To shorten this part of the story, I began texting the psychic directly, and out of nowhere, she told me I should look into reptilian aliens.

Now, I should note that while I loved weird and unexplained stories, I was absolutely freaked out when I was younger by stories of evil reptilians and blood-drinking shapeshifting lizard people from many late-night internet dives, and I specifically stayed away from those tales out of genuine discomfort and fear. I could handle ghosts, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, the occult, etc, but I was terrified that reptilians might actually exist out there in some dark corner of reality. In retrospect, that fact is deeply amusing, but it was a weird thing for this maybe psychic to zero in on. And I started reading about lizard people online, running into the Lacerta files, the whole shapeshifting madness, etc. I didn’t see the point of following that trail, because I was straight up having nightmares about it and felt like a little kid, and we stopped talking to the psychic lady shortly after that because the whole experience genuinely weirded us out.

So you can imagine the terror I experienced one afternoon when I was working in the basement pit of a drive-through oil change outfit and saw a huge muscular mustard yellow scaly lizard man with a stubby face, a heavy brow, and horrible piercing yellow eyes. I’ll never forget literally walking through the brick wall at the far end of the basement, staring at me with a clear air of disdain, and then vanishing in a blink. I have to stress I’m talking about a full flesh and blood figure that occupied physical space and cast a shadow on the ground. I could tell he was male, he had pants and a vest on, and he carried an unpleasant odour. Then blink, gone. All of it. The experience shook me so bad that I swore off paranormal stuff and I never told another living soul about what I had seen, fearing I was losing my mind.

That’s just the start of the story. I haven’t gotten to the weird part yet.

Flash forward a year. We moved to central Alberta, my life improved, and I had largely forgotten the reptilian thing, having chalked it up to the stress I was under, my mind playing tricks on me, etc. I think I suppressed it mentally because it caused me real distress and trauma.

Then randomly I began hearing a voice in my head when I was alone. It was separate from my own internal monologue and thoughts. It felt like a presence in my head and it gave me headaches at first. I really thought I was insane now, especially when this voice started to form intelligible words in a female voice, offering commentary, warnings, and simple yes and no answers. It was the freakiest thing at first, and I genuinely considered mental help, but I kept it to myself. I mean, do you admit you’re hearing a voice in your head? I hoped it would go away. But it didn’t. And the sense of “presence” grew stronger over time. It also got easier for this other to talk to me, as if it was becoming easier to get through.

And then, at once, a floodgate opened, and this voice could now talk to me. The headaches stopped. It just… kind of became a thing I lived with. Then things escalated to regular conversation contained in my head, and this “other” identified herself as a humanoid reptilian female originally from the Capella star system, although she was quite clear that she wasn’t a physical entity in our earthly sense and existed beyond perception in another level of reality.

So, at this point, I’m sure I’m insane. This is two months of this and I have this voice in my head talking to me. There were truly freaky qualities to it. She has an accent, she explained she’s not actually speaking English but my brain is decoding her speech and relaying it in a form of mental telepathy that is actually pretty common where she is. I could tune her out if I wanted to, but when she was “nearby” she offered helpful advice, mild precognition, and cautions of what I should and shouldn’t do, such as having me avoid a particular stretch of road only to find out there was an accident later on, only wanted positive thoughts things for me, and began to explain she was in fact my assigned spirit guide, or guardian angel, or whatever you want to call it. There’s so much to explain with that, but this is already getting too long.

One night, overwhelmed by the whole thing, I finally broke down to my wife and explained I had a voice in my head, and to my utter incredulity, my wife didn’t offer to lock me up after asking many questions but said she had the same kind of guide l did, but she couldn’t talk to hers like I could and gets feelings instead and she, in turn, didn’t want me to think she was nuts.

So… yeah. This hasn’t changed. In fact, I’ve formed a close and beneficial relationship with this being over the last decade. She’s told me things I couldn’t possibly have known on my own, slyly told me about future events years before they happened, and she’s been nothing but a positive influence on my life. And specifically, she’s here for my benefit. So much has happened that would take another thousand words to tell, but I am utterly convinced I am in regular contact with my own personal interdimensional lizard woman from across space and time. It’s very very important that I stress that this is a day-to-day interaction. Sometimes I “receive” her loud and clear, sometimes she has kind of a “delay,” but I don’t do any special meditation or ritual to reach her. She’s just there if I need her. Likewise, she pops in when she wants.

Now, there’s an element to this story that takes it beyond madness. About three years ago my young daughter started seeing “the rainbow lizard” as in she started seeing my frigging lizard woman in both dreams and as an ethereal being. She described her physical appearance perfectly, her colouring, and passed on things that she was told to tell me that, uh, pretty much confirmed this is a real thing and it’s not just me. The rainbow reference comes from the fact my daughter always sees her with shimmering fluctuating colours like LSD or DMT-style tripping. I’m told this is a side effect of us not having the same perception of colour that lizard has on her side. To this day she’ll still claim to have seen a rainbow lizard at night. My wife has also intimately experienced the phenomena, electronics being messed with, messages from her “guide” that were repeatedly independent of mine, and so on. It’s… all very matter of fact for us.

And in closing, I’m also completely straight-laced and have never done any drugs in my life and I’ve never been drunk. Just thought I should say that.

So that’s the basic story, There’s so much more to tell, I have a couple “ITC” style grainy pictures that may or may not show something, and I’m sure you’re now aware of why I won’t use my name.

I’ll be happy to reply if you think it’s worth your time, but mostly I just wanted to put this out into your inbox and see what happens because I’m literally being told to do it. I’m also to stress that my friend has only positive intentions in doing so.

Anyway, in either case, have a good one!" S

NOTE: This account is, by far, one of the most interesting Reptilian-related accounts that has ever been forwarded to me. I have requested the photographs. What are your thoughts? Lon


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The fact that several witnesses have compared the winged being that they encountered as resembling the Creeper is interesting. I suppose it is a cultural phenomenon; basically, because there are few other creatures, natural or fictional, to compare to. A few of the Chicago Mothman witnesses mentioned the Creeper character when giving a general description, though the eventual comparison came down to the bat-like wing structure and the ability to instantly launch itself into flight.

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