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Friday, March 29, 2024

Abducted by Alien Manifesting as 'CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST' Character

This is a true (two-part) story about alien contact. The being looked like a black-eyed 'Casper, the Friendly Ghost' character. I also believe that I was abducted.

Part One: I was approximately 6 years old, and it was the mid-late 1950's. I lived in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan (Birmingham) with my family:

"Hi, Lon. One night I was awakened by the sound of muffled panicked cries coming from the other side of my bedroom. It was my brother Mickey who was a year younger than me, and I became immediately and fully terrified. I was facing the wall away from him, and I knew there was no way I would look in his direction because I knew something or someone was in the room, and from the disturbing intensity of Mick's whimpering noises, I knew it was not Santa Claus. I did not move a muscle or make a sound hoping that whatever IT was, would not know I was there. So I literally played dead, as I desperately did not want the 'boogeyman' to know I even existed. My heart was pounding in my ears from fear, and my fears were not unfounded, as the next thing I hear is, “Look out Jimmy!” and I thought Oh NO! Then I heard I'm here! Those words sent me crashing into a terror, that in a few moments would increase a thousandfold, for I am lying on my stomach and suddenly there is a long-fingered claw/hand planted firmly on the middle of my back/spine. A witch's claw? An evil monster? I was going to die for sure! I am not kidding; this was the most frightening moment of my life.

Suddenly I realized there was tremendous heat coming through its hand, so much so I could feel the heat coming clear through my body, through my chest/solar plexus area, and onto the bed lying beneath me. And now, in my little boy’s brain, being stabbed to death with a knife as I felt the knife slowly 'corkscrew' deep into my body, though I never flinched or made a noise. That was my brave but useless way of hoping it might think I was already dead! Accompanying this penetration is a deafening noise in my head, a hissing type noise which I took to be the monster's breathing over me! The sound was sort of “haaaaaaaa” which only intensified my terror. During these moments, I was unable to appreciate the fact that it actually was not painful. What I felt was more of a thick bluntness turning its way into me. Not long afterward, I felt the 'knife' come back out of me, I was shocked that I was still alive, though I did not want the 'invader' to know that. Then the heat stopped and its hand was removed from my back. I didn't make a sound, nor budge an inch, nor open my eyes until the sun came up! Before I finish this story, which is the second part. Let me make a few things clear.

1. I Never for a moment forgot this experience, as it was clearly 'drilled' into my memory.

2. For several days to a week, I snuck a knife from the kitchen that I was not supposed to have and hid it under my pillow. It was the only defense I could think of. But my mother soon found it and took it away.

3. I do not have any conscious remembrance of the following day or morning. But I ‘feel’ like we were probably told, “You just had a bad dream” by our parents. It would also be reasonable to believe my parents may have checked my back and saw nothing. Or if they did, they never told me so.

4. I knew it happened and I was not sleeping, and it was not a dream.

5. As life went on, and growing up, I never discussed it at all with my brother Mickey, and as an adult, I totally assumed he would not remember that night. He was probably five or six at the time. I was wrong about that assumption, as you will see in the next part of this story.


Part Two: Fast forward from about 1957 to about 1994 or so:

I am in my living room, here in Montana, with my wife (my beloved, who passed away in 2006), entertaining ourselves by sharing ghost stories and strange experiences, etc. Between my wife and I, we had lots of events to weave into the conservation. I had just finished telling the above story when one of the group asked if Mickey had ever said anything about that night. I said, “Well no, I am sure he won’t remember anything”. But suddenly, for the first time in my life, I thought, “Why don't I ask him”? I have nothing to lose, but I hope he doesn’t think I am crazy. So right then and there, I picked up the phone and called him. He was living in Portland, Oregon. The following is the basic conservation that took place minutes later in front of my wife and friends.

“Hello Mick, hey, were telling scary stories and I am going out on a limb here, but Mick, do you remember a night, back on Dorchester......?" (That’s the name of the street we lived on as children) Well folks, I swear, that's as far as I got in my question, when he interrupts me before I can say another word and says, “Yeah, I woke up to find what I thought was Casper, the FriendlyGhost 'floating' over to the side of my bed and it was peering down into my face, with its hands held up in front and just above me. It had a big head and big black eyes, and I was completely terrified and totally freaking out. It just kept looking down at me and I was frantically crying or something, when finally it moved away from me, and went over to the crib that held Tim (my toddler age brother that slept in the room with us), and it raised its hand over the crib opening, and ITS Hand LIT UP!!!" I about fainted when I heard those words and the following: “Then it moved away from the crib and I saw it go over to you and I tried to warn you and I said “Look Out Jimmy!” as it bent all the way down over you and looked like it was touching you!!” Well, I then told Mickey my end of the story (for the very first time), and of course the pieces of that puzzle now fit perfectly in my mind. He, however, remembered a few other details. He says he remembers some days/weeks afterwards, being taken to a doctor and having his brain x-rayed, because he said he was afraid to go to bed without the lights being left on, and he remembers night after night waking up shrieking with nightmares. I am sure my parents would have been very worried about him and he believes that for a period of time, he was under a great deal of stress, since mom and dad said “nothing happened, it was just a bad dream, and everything is ok.”

All of which makes sense as to why I would have been sneaking a knife under my pillow. Mom and Dad, of course, would naturally have been reassuring us that it was just “bad dreams”, but I (we), knew, that night was no dream, so that, I am sure, left us feeling very unprotected.

In summation, I am sure now that Casper the big head, big black-eyed ghost, was a visiting ‘Grey’ alien. What I am unsure of is what did it do to me?? I figure that it either 'fixed' something in me, or, took DNA and /or left an implant, or all of the above? I suspect it left a tracking gizmo and took DNA, though, of course, I don't know any of that for sure, but I since have had several uniquely close experiences with UFOs that occurred later in my adult life that lead me to believe we are connected somehow, for some purpose that I hope to understand perhaps sometime in the future? This is indeed a fascinating universe we journey upon. I thank you for your time." J

NOTE: Yeah, it's weird. Not much more that I can say about this account. Lon


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