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Sunday, March 10, 2024


A listener contacted Kyle & Cam and detailed his paranormal experiences from the time he was in elementary school until more recent times.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

"From when I was young I’ve heard personal stories from friends and family from ghost children to euthanized pets running through people’s houses, but I’ll stick to my personal experiences for now.

When I was younger (around elementary school) we moved into our second house, a fixer-upper that had been sitting for a while. Later on, when my parents would be working and it was just me and my older sister, we would hear at points that someone was moving around upstairs and we had to have her boyfriend clear the house cause we would be too afraid to go back inside. Another instance was that the master bathroom had a door that was fogged glass and I would see a shadow passing by and I would be waiting with a bat outside the door if anyone had somehow managed to get through the house and hide in the closet that was conjoined to it.

The house was saged and scripture was painted on the walls and we didn’t have much if any issues after that. When I was in high school I was told of a past librarian who died in front of the school and was known to haunt the art, music, and theater classes which were all right next to each other, I had almost forgotten about it till my junior year when we would hold a film club in the theater. A classmate had a Speak Box app on their phone and decided to mess around with it after we finished our meeting, after a few minutes of silence a few words appeared that the phone picked out in the changing radio channel starting with, car accident and library. The app started describing pieces of clothing that we were wearing as well as the names of the people in the room and the names were not very common, to say the least. After that, I was frightened to be messing with that stuff so I left immediately feeling pretty creeped out. I was a bit skeptical that the app could’ve been tampered with or the experience rigged, but later in the year, I had my own personal experience.

I would skip lunch sometimes, the cafeteria being across the hall from the theater, and I would practice a song I was going to use for the talent show, on the only other piano in the school. I had begun to hear noises from the balcony, I stopped playing and asked if anyone was there. Students would sometimes practice their scripts upstairs. But after seeing no one was there from a glance I continued practicing, and not shortly after a single light above me turned off and on I wasn’t thinking much about it until I heard a crash. On the balcony there was a row of fake office trees lined up in one corner of the wall, and one had toppled over. thinking someone was messing with me I sprinted up the stairs that were adjacent to the piano and looked around finding no evidence of anyone. I fixed the fallen tree back into its upright state and went back downstairs to the piano, yet as I was about to start, I turned and looked back at the spot the tree had fallen and saw an adult-sized black silhouette move from those trees into the sound booth in the center of the back wall. My thoughts of it being someone was no longer possible. The issue was that the only door into the booth was on the opposite side of the balcony and the shape had walked through cinder blocks where the sound booth protruded from the back wall. I sat a bit panicked but I apologized if I was bothering them/it and if it had an issue with me still practicing I could go. Nothing else happened so I got halfway through playing another verse before feeling too creeped out to be in there and left feeling I had handled my first paranormal experience pretty well.

My next experiences happened after moving out of Tennessee and to Fernandina Beach, Florida. Amelia Island where the town is located has had a lot of history having been captured 7 times by nations pirates and militants it is not surprising that there would be instances of ghosts. I worked as a bellman for a small coastal hotel. I had been told that the place had a ghost they called the captain who would turn on or off tv’s or move around supplies while housekeeping was working. Still, I hadn’t given it much thought, but looking back I’d noticed that at random times when I would walk through those halls, I swore I would see a thin column of smoke moving past me like a thin cloud. I would stop and walk backward to see if it was a trick of the light or try and smell if a guest was smoking but there would be no smell and I could not recreate the sight of the smoke which now I very much think were apparitions.

8 months working there I was riding the elevator with our head cook at the time to the lobby when I started to hear a phone ringing. “Are you going to answer that young man?” Said the the chef and I realized the ringing was coming from inside the elevator and I opened an access panel that I was unaware of to find an office phone. I answered it as the chef exited on the lobby floor, and I gave the hotel name and usual greeting and asked what I could do for them. An elderly woman’s voice could be heard though her voice was so raspy it was a bit difficult to understand what the phone call was for but when I understood what she was asking for I was more confused. She had asked for an employee who worked there and when I told them that the name they gave didn’t belong to anyone I worked with, they asked to talk to another name I had not heard before when I said I wasn’t sure who they were trying to reach the call dropped, after relaying the unusual information to the owner they said that the first name was of a employee that died in a car wreck before the hotel was bought by them. The Second name was the previous owners who had also passed. How did someone get a hold of a phone number to an elevator had me confused especially from someone who had no connection to the hotel for over 7 years? Feeling a bit weirded out by the experience I tried to redial the last call but the phone number was inactive. So I continued on with my work trying to push the memory aside.

Later that year a new cook took the position and we got along well the elevator had been opening on the lobby floor with no one inside and closing and I chalked it up to it being some wiring or some other reason but as I was at the desk, the cook got off the elevator and she was on her phone. She said that the camera app kept getting pulled up and then It took a selfie of her, she then flipped the camera and took another photo. Although she was in the elevator alone m, a tall black man was looming in the elevator in front of her with only his face being somewhat distinguishable but as if he was standing in a dark room despite the elevator being well lit. We both were quiet and had the hebejebes about the photo, so I sent it to my family who are very religious. My grandmother said it was a demon and not to acknowledge or interact with the entity and I was quick to oblige that I would not try to make any new pen pals with the deceased.

The final instance was about a year later as my ex at the time and I stayed in the keys for a bit helping with her father to flip a couple houses. We were staying at one of them that was about finished, we had wrapped up for the night and we just got into bed at around midnight, after a few minutes of laying down, two LOUD knocks happened right above our heads on the wall as if someone had a warrant, but behind us was the interior of the house. We both jumped and I got up and immediately opened the bedroom door into the hall you could hear her dad across the house sawing logs still and it was only us three in the entire house, I walked around the whole house and all the doors were locked. When we woke in the morning we were confirmed to what we already knew that the house was haunted since the house came cheaper due to the previous owner having died of old age in the house. I’ve not had any experiences since and I’d be fine with keeping it that way." 


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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