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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Witness Experiences Multiple BIGFOOT 'MIND SPEAK' ENCOUNTERS in Lycoming County, PA

A young woman was visiting her brother in the Lycoming County mountains of Pennsylvania. While there, she experiences multiple 'mind speak' encounters with a local Bigfoot.

"I was 23 years old in 1989 when I decided to move back to Pennsylvania from Florida. Back then I was a free-spirited female. I had no fear and true faith in God for my protection. I moved in with my brother on his fiance in an old log cabin deep in the mountains in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. My room was the attic in the cabin. I liked it because it was warm and at night could open the window that overlooked the porch for a cool breeze. There was a small trout stream that ran beside the cabin. It was perfect.

I decided one day I was going to go out and explore the woods and I did it by myself. I found all kinds of blackberry bushes that were loaded with berries and decided to go out early in the morning and pick berries. I told my brother the next day that I wanted to go pick berries. He offered me his .357 Magnum for protection. He said berry bushes attract bears and I needed something for protection. I told him no thanks, that God would protect me. I took a big paper grocery bag with me to pick berries and flowers. I looked to the sky and it started looking a little dark, the wind was picking up but I was determined to go pick berries.

I started from the back of the cabin and headed up through the waist-high weeds of the brush. I prayed to God for a bright sunny day. I began finding beautiful wildflowers. I was picking those and blackberries. I probably walked a couple of miles from the back of the cabin through the woods and fields across over a powerline area and felt like someone or something was watching me. I looked all around and saw two white-tailed does in the grass under the power lines and thought, 'Oh, it was them watching me.' So I continued across, found another big blackberry bush, and began picking again. I didn't mention I had a Walkman and listened to my loud music.

Then suddenly I heard a growl that vibrated in my chest. I turned the Walkman off, took my headset off, and listened I thought it may have been a black bear. I got a little scared and I prayed to God for protection. I looked all around and saw nothing. I walked around to the other side of the huge blackberry bush and saw saliva hanging about 3 feet up on the leaves. I took a stick and checked. It was fresh but I saw nothing looking out of the ordinary so I continued with caution pushing through the woods. I had plenty of berries by this time and wildflowers too I came across this old cobblestone cabin that was in ruins. I sat down to smoke a cigarette. I looked up at the sky, it had cleared. It was beautiful and sunny

Then I felt this tingling on my arm, almost like a ghost was watching me. Then something is asking me, in my mind, what I'm doing there? I said I came out to pick berries and flowers. Then it asked me where I was from. I told it I was from Florida, here visiting my brother. I could easily receive and send my answers with no problem. I thought at first it could have been an old Civil War ghost. I told it I needed to head back home now and I left. We mind-spoked for about an hour there at the old ruined cabin.

On my way back I got very hot and sweaty, so I took my jacket and off tied around my waist. I heard something say, in my mind, to take my clothes off. I said no, I'll get all scratched up. It said because you don't have hair? I said yes, animals have hair to protect themselves. I began to become disoriented. I was hot, dizzy, and light-headed. I thought that I was lost. My dad was a hunter. He always told me if I got lost listen for water and find it, then follow the stream. You'll find your way back. I did and started following the stream. I knew the cabin was right beside the stream.

I must have followed for a couple of miles. I was way out in those woods. I still felt dizzy, light-headed, and a little nauseated. Finally, I see in the cabin. This whole time I felt something or someone with me. When I saw the cabin I began to walk very fast towards it. I felt like all of my disorientation went away as soon as I walked in the cabin door. My brother's fiance says, "Where the hell have you been? We were beginning to get worried about you. We had a really bad storm here with lightning half the day." I told her where I was it was beautiful and sunny. I went to get cleaned up. Then I went upstairs, and put on my PJs, and it was getting dark by this time. I opened the window, sat on the roof, and smoked a cigarette. I then went to sit down and brush my hair out at the vanity.

I heard this huge thud like someone threw a brick on the roof by my bedroom window. I ran to see what caused the noise. While looking out that attic window I saw a red hairy something. It was no more than 4 feet from me. Its back was turned so I could only see its back I could see through the hair on its arms. It was white-looking skin underneath. I didn't notice a cone-shaped head. I couldn't really see a neck from the back but its hair was like a thick lion's man from around the shoulders going into like a V. Let's say it was about 6 to 7 feet tall. It was slouched over facing away from me. It had hair on the back of its hands. I didn't see palms. I thought 'Demon.' 'What the hell is this thing?' I took both hands to rub my eyes because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. When I removed my hands it was gone. It had disappeared.

So I sat in the window still smoking a cigarette. That really shook me up. The next thing I hear two people outside talking. I strained my eyes, I strained my ears to hear verbal speech. "What was she doing way out there in the woods?" I heard the other voice say, "My sister visited. She was picking berries and flowers. She wasn't doing anything wrong." The other voice said, "Why do you let her come back?" My brother said, "I want her to know where she was going." I thought it was my brother talking to a visitor who had come to the cabin. I didn't hear a car pull up though it's like a 5-mile dirt road on a rural country road.

I became suspicious, so I yelled, "Hey, Ron. Who are you talking to?" I said it several times and I began to hear this kind of language I couldn't understand. I've heard people say it sounds like Samurai chatter. I'm going to say Cherokee-sounding language. I then started yelling at the top of my voice, "Run! Run!" My brother exited the house. He yells, "What the hell's going on?" I then knew it hadn't been my brother talking to someone. So I say, "Something just hit the roof of the house. It sounded like a brick. It was really loud." He runs into the cabin, gets a flashlight, shines it up at me sitting on the window sill, looks all around, and sees nothing. He says, "I don't see anything." He sounded a little upset from me yelling like that. He comes back to the cabin.

Then his cat comes through the window. I'm petting the cat while lying on my bed. Ron comes up and yells at me for having the cat in the house. I told him it came in by itself. He made me put the cat back outside on the roof. I still leave the window open enough so a breeze can still come through. I began to hear the mind speak in my head asking me if my brother had a gun. I told it he had many big enough to blow a hole in you the size of a bowling ball. It questioned the word bowling ball so I used my hands to show the size. I felt like something or someone was in that room with me. I then turned the light out and went to bed.

I woke up at 4:30 AM with something literally drumming at the end of my bed. I open my eyes. I was afraid at first, but then upset for getting woke up. I yelled at whoever was doing it. I could not see anyone or anything. Then it did some more drumming. I told it to stop, it would wake everybody up in the cabin. I put my finger to my mouth, like a gesture to be quiet. I think I made it mad, so I apologized to whatever it was and asked it to please not hurt me. I then said a prayer for protection.

I know it seems crazy but I swear to you this happened. I've heard Native people say that they, Bigfoot, can bond with you and that you will always communicate with them.

I'm in Texas now. I went back to Pennsylvania in 2016 to have neck surgery. I decided to go see my brother. He has his own place now, about 7 miles from that cabin. I was there by myself the second day and I felt this overwhelming feeling of fear. I can't describe how I was shaking inside. I heard a loud thud outside on the porch. I knew right away that it was my Bigfoot friend. I turned all the inside lights out but a few and turned the porch lights on. My brother arrived 40 minutes later. The overwhelming fear I had felt went away right away.

I went to bed on the pull-out sofa sleeper. As soon as I turned the lights out and got into bed, 5 minutes later the whole metal frame of the bed bent down at the end and I slid out. I pulled the mattress off and slept by the pellet stove on the floor. I began to hear my mind speak asking me about my neck.

I believe that Bigfoot are interdimensional beings, and have a language. I believe that they can cloak somehow, where they can be right in front of you and you can't see them. I believe they changed their frequency somehow to do this."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMG7Sbb1QS0


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