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Friday, February 02, 2024

UNKNOWN HUMANOIDS Once Again Reported in Allison Park, Pennsylvania

The small Pittsburgh suburb of Allison Park, Pennsylvania is once again experiencing unknown humanoid sightings. I have added a report from 2018 in which we investigated without resolution.

The following account was recently reported:

"I don’t know what it is. I’ve lived in the same house for the last 18 years and it’s only gotten worse. I live in an old coal mining town (Allison Park) in Pennsylvania. I know my house is haunted, but I believe that to be beside the point. Something is stalking my family.

The first encounter I had was in the early 2010s. I heard my name being called repeatedly from far away and it sounded like my friend. Started walking towards home and turned because I felt I was being watched. I saw a dark, humanoid figure that was at least 7-8 feet tall. I ran home. Things were fairly quiet as far as I can remember up until the last few years. 

Recently, things have been amping up. It started as rustling in the woods and the feeling of being watched. Next came the deer. So many deer. There was one I recall seeing multiple times in the same spot for a few days on my way home that just didn’t look right. The most recent encounters have left me researching what to do. Two nights ago my mom saw a pale white face with glowing eyes pressed up against the front door. She said she froze in fear and didn’t know what to do. Tonight I got home after dark and walked toward my house. Seconds after I locked my car I heard a bloodcurdling scream come from the train tracks followed by a very calm voice yelling help me very loudly. I froze in fear for a solid 15 seconds just listening. I slowly walked up my porch steps just listening to two different voices screaming, one frantic and screeching while the other was calm and just called out to help me. I yelled in the front door for my mom because the frantic voice sounded vaguely like my youngest sister, but I thought maybe she was messing around. When she came outside it grew quiet and the frantic voice had stopped. We heard 'Help me' one or two more times faintly then nothing. My sister was at a friend’s house and it wasn’t her. We went to pick up dinner and there were deer everywhere.

Now, this isn’t uncommon for PA to see a ton of deer, but like I said before these ones were weird. They stared right at you and didn’t run from the car, even if they were in the middle of the road. Someone, please tell me what is going on. What are these things?" P

NOTE: I received another report from Allison Park, PA in 2018. Here is the account:

I received the following account on Sunday, February 4, 2018, and subsequently contacted the witnesses by telephone:

My daughter and her friends had a sleepover last night. Well apparently one of the girls said she felt like something was watching her? Then I guess the other girls started feeling this sensation too...so my daughter goes over to the door and looks out and sees a dark figure hunched over at the bottom of our steps. She said it rose up and took a step forward like to come up the stairs. She was obviously very frightened and her and her 4 friends took cover in our tiny little bathroom.

I wake up around 11:30 pm and hear my dog barking and proceed to use the bathroom, which I cannot get in because they are all huddled in there...which nobody said a word to me at the time, fearing I would be upset with them waking me up. I was told the story in the morning. Apparently they heard knocks and scratching. This figure was tall, black and had yellow eyes...only other detail was it appeared to have claws. They claimed it was moving the blinds inside the house from outside the porch and the porch light was going on and off. I don't know if this is just an overactive imagination of a bunch of 5th graders, but they seemed genuinely frightened. I did notice our grill on the front porch was moved about 6 inches because I could see the indent of where the wheel had sat before. We live in Allison Park PA...about 9 miles from Pittsburgh. You're welcome to call for more info or email me. I'm not sure if anyone else has had a similar experiences, but would appreciate any information. Thanks. MC

NOTE: I called MC and talked to the daughter and 2 of her friends. They were all absolute at what they witnessed. All the girls stated that they felt like 'something was observing them' and the group together saw the being outside. They described the being as 8 ft. or more and solid black...no transparency. The eyes were oval in shape and it gave off a bright yellow glow. The being had long arms with visible claws. I asked if it was human, and they all said it was not. They observed it at two locations on the property...below the front steps and on the patio. They witnessed the being open at the top of the grill on the patio. They all stated that the blinds inside the window were moving on their own and that the patio light was flashing on and off. The light switch was inside. One of the girls called a parent and left early. She stated that she and her parents witnessed this being walking across the lawn as they were leaving in their car. The girls submitted a sketch (below) of what they witnessed.

I don't believe that this was a case of mass hysteria or collective imagination. The girls were genuinely concerned about what they witnessed. MC noted that her daughter has seen apparitions in the house previously...in particular, her deceased grandfather. There has been other spiritual activity on the property as well. I'm going to keep in touch with the witnesses and have asked them to keep me updated. Lon

UPDATE: I contacted Stan Gordon about this incident...he forwarded the following:

Hi Lon,

Thanks for sending this over. Looking at the sketch there appears to be some similarities between this report and the report of the police officer encounter late August of last year. There was also a second witness in September describing a similar being not that far from where the officer had his encounter in Westmoreland County. As the crow flies, the Allison Park incident not really that far away from the other two locations both were in Westmoreland County. I have the police encounter on my website and they are both mentioned in my recent 2017 PA report.



I have been receiving a number of UFO and cryptid incidents, and mystery boom reports from around the greater Pittsburgh area that occurred in January. Also I recently received 3 reports from individuals from around the Pittsburgh area, none who had reported at the time, but all experienced some very strange encounters that frightened them very badly, and they all occurred this past October.


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