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Monday, February 19, 2024

Terrifying CRAWLER HUMANOID Suddenly Manifests in Bedroom

A teen was lying in bed beside his mother when a crawler humanoid suddenly manifested. The teen was terrified and expected the crawler to attack. Eventually, it vanished.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

"At around 14 years old, in 2009, I was sleeping in bed with my mum. My dad wasn't home and she didn't want to sleep alone. I hated the dark so I pounced at the chance to have another human present while asleep. The house we lived in had a LOT of paranormal activity that friends and family also saw, so it was a welcomed invitation.

To give context to the location and experience, I want to explain the layout. The bedroom door led straight to a huge bed in the center. There was a bedside on either side of the bed. The bed was a king-size mattress that rested atop a tall bedboard. They didn't have a bed frame. Instead, the bedboard base was approximately the same height as a tall couch. You had to climb up onto it. The bedside was incredibly low next to the bed, and you had to half slide off the bed towards it to reach for a drink or phone. In my case, I had my hearing aid and phone at the bedside and we said goodnight. Lights out.

There was nothing to note about falling asleep, and no strange feelings. I was deep, DEEP asleep and suddenly awoke with a huge jolt. I was so shocked and confused, and I leaned forward to check the time on my brick Nokia phone. Remember that I'm having to reach across the vast expanse of the bed, and slide down towards the low bedside cabinet.

I tapped the middle button on the phone and the blueish-white glow lit up in a little bubble just above the phone and next to the bedside. I saw a HUGE being crouching next to me. It was directly across from my body and face while I had been sleeping.

My arm passed its right shoulder to reach out and tap the phone on the bedside. I FLUNG backward in horror, and the phone light started to dim. I could see it was a white/paleish complexion with almost textured skin that clung to their body tightly and incredibly lean.

The memory that has always haunted me was how unfathomably large it was. The arms were resting upon its knees as it crouched next to me, heaving with dark black eyes staring into my own. Its face did not move, and I could recognize in its eyes that it was registering that I was freaking out but it did not move, blink or react. I don't know why my awareness did not bother it. It just continued to bore into my eyes as the light faded out from the room and it turned back into the blanket of darkness. 

I was petrified and froze for a few moments, trying not to breathe. My mum hadn't woken by my movements and I didn't want to make a sound in case it suddenly advanced on me. I couldn't grab my hearing aid and phone to acquire more senses to deal with the situation. I didn't want to reach out and try my luck again. I was trying to process how horrifying it looked.

I lay there trying to figure out how to respond. I knew it was still right there. I couldn't believe how it was tall enough while in a crouched position to be directly parallel to my face lying on this highly stacked bed structure. I couldn't stand the fact that it was directly in line with my face, and I could still feel it watching. I didn't know what to do because its limbs were so long, and I felt like it could thrash toward me instantaneously. I couldn't figure out its intentions and why it had not advanced. Its torso was tight and slender as it had been raggedly breathing, but its appearance did not disguise the strength in its body. It looked like it was coiled to move at any moment.

I slowly rolled over and prayed for sleep to come. I think I stared into the darkness behind my mother's back for a while and then it all went blank as I somehow fell back to sleep. 

It's the one story out of all the encounters that I've had which still disturbs me. It's the one that is truly unexplainable and unknown. My wife recently showed me a picture of a crawler after listening to a podcast and I was left with my mouth hanging agape. It was like being next to the bed! Crawler? You tell me." B

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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