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Thursday, February 01, 2024

Searching: BIGFOOT/SASQUATCH Encounters at CFB Goose Bay, Labrador

A while back I had put out a call to anyone with knowledge of 2 separate Bigfoot / Sasquatch encounters near Goose Bay, Labrador (Newfoundland), Canada in which military personnel killed one of these beings during each incident? The 1st was said to have occurred between 1953-55 when Goose Bay (Goose Air Base) was a SAC AFB. There isn't much information beyond that. The 2nd incident was said to have occurred in the late 1990s by AFSOC (USAF Special Operations Command) while on training maneuvers. The base was (and still is) administered by the Royal Canadian Air Force, though several NATO members use the base. Any information would be appreciated.

Since then, I posted two submissions/information offered by readers - Possible Sasquatch Encounter Near Tacoma, WA, and Bigfoot vs. Military Reports. There have been other posts as well.

I did receive the following information in response to my call:

Hi, Lon. I don't know if this is any useful info but between 1958-59 my father, (Msgt. GW) was stationed at Goose Bay with the Office of Special Investigations Detachment (OSI). There purpose was to investigate criminal activity on the base and also any unexplained activity in and around the Air Base. He told me he and his partner (name unknown) investigated several reposts of large bi-pedal animals seen by security patrols and also possible UFOs in the vicinity. According to him all these reports were squashed by the base commander like they were at Bentwaters in the UK.

I cannot confirm this info since my Dad passed away in 1978 after serving 34 years in the Army Air Corps and Air Force. He was a decorated vet of WW II, Korea and Vietnam. At one point he was the Senior Investigator in the OSI.

Thanks for taking the time to read this."
Hammonton, NJ

NOTE: I appreciate the information provided by RW since it confirms some of what I have been told. My father was also stationed at Goose Bay in 1954 while serving in the USAF Strategic Air Command. He has never come forward with any related incidents, but I have received small bits of sighting information over the years. Any further reports or knowledge on this subject would be welcomed. Lon

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Back in the Summer of 2010, I posted a poll that posed the question ‘What is Bigfoot?’ To my surprise, 26% of the 574 participants answered they believed this creature was interdimensional and/or extraterrestrial. Are we at a point where people are open-minded enough to accept that a hominid-type species may not be of our time or planet?

I posed this question to my readers and challenged them to make their case. Again, I was surprised at the amount of response I received. A total of 112 emails, with well-thought-out theories and opinions, were received in three days.

Maybe we’ll discover beyond a doubt where the truth lies about Bigfoot. We may kill several birds with one stone if or when we do find the answers to our questions. There may be a grand connection between all the mysteries in our world, possibly involving other worlds or dimensions as well. Mankind may be the greatest mystery of all and the reason why Bigfoot, extraterrestrials, spirits, etc. seem to be as fascinated with us as we are with them.

So, sit back and listen to the reports, and contemplate what you believe Bigfoot is. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the live chat. I will do my best to answer everyone.



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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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