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Monday, February 05, 2024

SASQUATCH THROWS LOG Into Campsite in Colville National Forest, Washington

A couple and their dog are camping in the Colville National Forest, Washington. For hours, various sounds are getting nearer to the campsite. Then a large log is thrown and hits the vehicle.

"I was off to do some winter camping. It was late February of 2009 I believe and there was nobody around to be seen. We got there and started setting up camp and this was around 1pm. I heard what we assumed was an elk bugle off in the distance so I cracked some huge rock to semi-replicate gunshots to basically let the wildlife know I was there then continued to settle in.

Over the next few hours, the (bugle sound) got closer and closer and at first my dog was running free not a care in the world. My dog had treed mountain lions and run-off bears, he was fearless. The sounds got closer and closer and got to a point where it sounded like 20 yards away or so. The best I could guess, it would call every 30-45 minutes at first. My dog stopped running like he was and started circling only the immediate campsite.

After a couple hours of this, it started to sound like a multi-pitched whistle almost like a wooded train whistle is the best way I can describe it. By about 6:30pm it would call and about 15 minutes later there was a reply from about the equal distance on the opposite side of us. And it went on a while back and forth. By 11pm there were at least 5 different calls around our camp, all similar sounding but distinctly different and unique. That was when we started to record audio (lost the recording over the years).

At this point, my dog was acting a bit skittish and wouldn't go more the maybe 15 feet away from the truck, and with its tail kind of tucked which was very out of character for him. I started to feel a bit unsettled and around midnight I started my truck and started loading my stuff because I had a deep gut feeling something was about to happen. I couldn't shake it, so I got the dog and girlfriend in the truck while I was packing.

Out of nowhere this loud crunching sound and then through the air a log came flying from the direction of one of the whistles I had been hearing. It was a big log like 8-10 inches in diameter and maybe 6 feet long, way too big for a human to throw. The way this thing flew it smashed the back window of my 4-runner and dented the side panel around the window pretty bad. It had extreme force. Needless to say, I was quickly in the driver's seat, got out of there, and drove 2 hours home non-stop! I was terrified! I left half of my supplies in the camp and never looked back. I still haven't returned to this day.

This took place at Sullivan Lake (Colville National Forest) in Washington state. If you know the area it is a wild area to the locals. You know not to tent camp and bring heavy artillery which I only learned years later. Anyway, I later showed a group of rangers my audio, and 3 of the 4 tried to tell me oh it was a screech owl or it was this or that. But the 1 ranger in particular kind of went a bit white and stayed quiet. When the other 3 left and got into their rigs he told me I can't tell you what I think it was but I will say you are very lucky to have gotten out of there. He also saw the side of my 4-runner which I had taped over the broken window sitting in the parking lot.

So I can confirm that there are Sasquatch in those mountains. It's the only thing that makes sense. But I have never to this day heard any other audio that sounds like what I heard that night." R

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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