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Friday, February 23, 2024

Report: ICHTHUS HUMANOID Close Encounter?

We assume that bizarre humanoids are of extraterrestrial origin, but there may be some realization that they have been a part of terrestrial Earth for a longer period than we wish to admit.

I received the following account from a UFO investigator in Wisconsin. I have not included their name, as requested:

"I've been debating on whether to even mention this, (it belongs in the ultra strange and weird category) but I do so, in hopes that someone else may have seen, or experienced something similar and will come forward to give their account.

A few days ago I woke up and thought, "Now that was one weird dream!" Well, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I'm not really sure if it was a dream, or not. I was in bed, asleep. I woke up suddenly, to see an alien face peering down at me. I had just enough time to take note of its most outstanding features, think "Wow!" to myself, and then immediately drift back into slumber.

Shortly after, I woke up. I got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed, only to realize that there was blood on the bed. I checked myself and could find nothing amiss, no cuts, scratches, or other means of bloodletting. I was bemused, to say the least.

I dressed, left my husband sleeping in bed, and let the dogs outside. I then walked over to my cell phone and tried to "wake it up" but it was dead. Now that might not seem like a problem, but when I went to bed, it had a full charge.

When the battery died, the phone shut off and it wasn't going to turn on. I reached for my charge cable and plugged it into my phone and when the battery icon appeared, it showed the phone had no charge at all. Coincidence?

OK, so let's get this straight. I have a dream that may, or may not have been a dream (with an alien in my face), there was blood on my sheet and pillow and my fully charged phone was dead as a doornail.

As for the alien, it had bulging, round, fish-like eyes, gill slits where a nose would be (I saw the gills flare open as it exhaled when I opened my eyes), mottled green tinted white skin and nobs and a frill on the head. Hey, it would make a good sci-fi movie alien! The thing is, that's pretty much what I saw.

Later on in the day I noticed a tiny needle stick in the top of my right hand, made more noticeable due to bruising.

I'm a UFO investigator. I "investigate reports of UFOs and aliens." I'm not supposed to experience these things but then contact with something not of this Earth, is the driving force behind my search for the truth.

In my research as a UFO investigator, I've not been acquainted with fish-like aliens, so I did some checking and found that the Apkallu, were a fish-like race that supposedly helped to advance the Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotamia. There is a problem here. The Apkallu are depicted as being fish-like from the waist down (i.e., merman). I only saw this chap from the neck up.

Listed among the many supposed types of aliens that are here, visit Earth, or make an impact on human civilization, are the amphibians. I could not determine what these beings possibly look like but they are listed as "semi-aquatic". Gills might be a good indication.

Some researchers seem to think that "Greys" have a cetacean ancestry, or is it that Sirius Reptilians, with scales and gills, lurk among us? Well, this is all speculation and hopefully, it was just a silly dream, mixed with eerie coincidences."


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My alien disclosure began when I first started working with experiencer David Eckhart almost 15 years ago. As time went forward I realized that I would become a part of his ordeal. David warned me that 'THEY' knew about me and that I would eventually communicate and learn from these otherworldly beings.

In 2015, I started to experience a series of unexplained events, including hearing, reading & observing daily references to owls. My friend & associate Butch Witkowski & I started to compile the incidents, which culminated in my eventual encounters at home and then my subsequent abduction by the '3 Tall Greys.'

During this presentation, I will answer questions from the LIVE CHAT throughout the show. I hope that you enjoy this format.






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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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