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Thursday, February 29, 2024

North Carolina Witness Confronted by TALL, RED-EYED REPTILIAN HUMANOID

A northwestern North Carolina man observes a tall Reptilian humanoid walking past the French doors in the bedroom, then entering and confronting the witness. 

I received the following account:

" Hi. My boyfriend experienced something very unusual and I’m reaching out to see if you have heard about anyone else who has ever experienced anything similar. This occurred in northwestern North Carolina in 2022.

He and his partner at the time were sleeping in bed. They were in a bedroom that had French doors that opened to the backyard. The house is on a large piece of property with a stream that comes straight out of the mountain from an aquifer. He awoke randomly and saw two red eyes pass by the window of the French doors about 7-8 feet off of the ground. The door opened, as a very intense vibration started and he sat up to scream and could not hear himself yelling. He could see his cat at the edge of the bed hissing. His partner didn’t stir.

The vibration caused him to fall back and he passed out. He woke up face down on the bed with his head turned towards the edge of the mattress. He was unable to move. A figure rose and was completely out of focus a few inches from his face. He states its motion was so unnaturally fluid. He could see his surroundings but could not focus on the creature. He explains it as if the creature was out of focus in a photograph. He then unfocused his eyes, used his peripheral vision, and was able to see the creature clearly.

He states it had brown-green coloring with scales and a worn face. Bright red eyes that glowed. When he saw the creature and was able to really decipher what he was looking at. It opened a very large mouth and gave him a gigantic toothy smile. He says he felt its energy, that it was amused at him for figuring out how to see it. The vibration began again as he watched the creature sink back out of view below the edge of the mattress before passing out again.

He awoke several hours later and his partner had no idea anything had occurred. He said the entire time he felt no emotion. No fear, no anger, nothing. He says he knows something violent happened to him and he thinks they wanted to take him but didn’t. He had rows of red dots across his back and stated it looked like he laid on a bed of nails. He assumes this type of humanoid creature came from underground and travels/lives through the cave systems here. We know there’s got to be some sort of opening in the land where the aquifer exits and the water flows down the property. This is his father's property, about 10 acres.

We now live across the street and I lock my doors out of paranoia now. The correlation between missing persons around cave systems is unsettling and I wonder if this has anything to do with it. Are any similar experiences?" A

NOTE: Each of these types of experiences is unique. Some areas where there are large cave systems are known for possible humanoid incidents. Interesting observation. Lon


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JEEPERS! DO HORROR FILM 'CREEPERS' EXIST? Please Join Us For LIVE Chat Q & A - Lon Strickler (Host)

I have investigated winged humanoid sightings since 1981 when I first included cryptid creatures as a part of my paranormal research. In 1988, I had a personal unexplained encounter with a winged humanoid in south-central Pennsylvania.

Since the beginning of the millennium, a specific term has surfaced as part of the description of several of the sightings; ‘Jeepers Creepers.’ If you are familiar with modern horror films, then you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. In 2001, an American-German horror film, that took its name from the 1938 song ‘Jeepers Creepers,’ was released. It was a tale about two older siblings who become the targets of a demonic creature, known as the ‘Creeper,’ in rural Florida.

The fact that several witnesses have compared the winged being that they encountered as resembling the Creeper is interesting. I suppose it is a cultural phenomenon; basically, because there are few other creatures, natural or fictional, to compare to. A few of the Chicago Mothman witnesses mentioned the Creeper character when giving a general description, though the eventual comparison came down to the bat-like wing structure and the ability to instantly launch itself into flight.

During the same period that we were receiving reports in the Chicago area, we were also receiving accounts of similar winged beings in other locations throughout the United States and Canada. Most of the sightings were very brief and without much detail, but a few specific reports compounded our curiosity.

I hope that you enjoy my presentation. I will answer questions from the LIVE CHAT throughout the show.






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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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