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Sunday, February 04, 2024


A couple decided to move to an RV park in the southern woods of Oregon. The witness describes several unexplained incidents that she and others have noticed.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"Last summer 2023, I quit my job as a professor, we rented out our home and used that income to move into the woods of southern Oregon. My husband has a good job and I freelance. One of the ways I contribute to the household is by working as a camp host 3 days a week in the RV park we live in, in exchange for free rent and utilities. I usually just make reservations, but it means I get to spend some time outside talking to others. There have been a few spooky events happen that I wanted to share.

First of all, the mysterious flute playing. Our park is in the middle of nowhere the woods. A small hill towers over us on one side (covered with impenetrable trees) and a river is on the other. At least 3 times a week we hear what sounds like a flute or recorder playing for an hour or so at a time. Sometimes, it comes from the deep woods, sometimes from the river. I brought it up to a resident who has been here since 2004. She strongly advised me to ignore it and not mention it.

Next, a scraping sound at night. About once a week I hear a scraping sound dragging along the ground through the park, towards the deep woods. My husband has heard it, but no one else. Interestingly, the park 'Ring' alerts me that someone is standing in front of the office when I hear this sound, but the camera doesn't pick anyone up. Because I hate the ring going off when cars drive by, I have it set to where someone needs to be standing on the office porch to generate an alert.

Next, a late-night caller. We regularly get calls after dark asking us for a space for the night at the last minute. I take their credit card over the phone and use a map to direct them to a space without leaving my trailer. The park owner explained that she didn't want me to help any late arrivals after dark. In fact, she makes it a strict rule that we're not allowed to answer the phone at all between midnight and 6 AM. I was told that camp hosts need to be careful about who they invite into the campground?

Then other random things occur. I'm in charge of selecting long-term residents if we have any open spaces. I review criteria such as applicants' jobs, size, and age of their rig, etc. While children are welcome to visit the park for short stays, no one with kids is allowed to move in on a monthly/yearly basis. The owner hasn't ever given me a real reason for this.

The park was built by a wood carver. There are massive and strange-looking totems, sculptures, carved doors, etc, all over the property.

This all being said, our park is a slice of heaven. I love taking my dogs to swim in the river, wild mushroom gathering, and listening to the sound of the rain with just a thin roof between us. Also, I feel very safe here. I'm becoming more open to the idea that the woods can just be weird in some ways I don't always get.

I wonder if there is something unexplained going on here or if it's just our imagination?" N

NOTE: I decided to not disclose the location since I'm sure that the residents and the writer don't want outsiders coming to the property. What are your thoughts? Lon

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