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Friday, February 02, 2024

'GLIMMER MAN' & FOOTPRINTS Witnessed Near Hueston Woods State Park, Ohio

An Ohio woman and her mother are spending a weekend at a secluded cabin near Hueston Woods State Park. During their stay, they witnessed a yellow-eyed 'Glimmer Man' in the trees.

"I and my Mom traveled to Oxford, Ohio for a long weekend stay in a secluded cabin near Hueston Woods State Park that forever changed our perception of reality. The owner had remodeled the cabin several months before. The cabin was built into the side of a hill with a garage constructed underneath. The cabin was equipped with a screened deck that from the outside looked as though it was off a second floor but actually, it was off the main floor of the residence. The deck held a table and chairs as well as a generously sized hot tub. The way the deck is lifted we had a beautiful view.

I turned the jacuzzi on to get warmed up and ready for us to enjoy. I was in the hot tub while my mother was sitting at the table. My Mom held her finger up and said, "Do you hear that?" I didn't hear anything over the bubbling water. Mom used her phone light to look around and didn't see anything in the dark of the night. A few minutes later I got out and dried off sitting at the table with my mom to drink some hot cocoa. Mom seemed a little anxious and was looking around nervously. I asked her what was wrong. She shook her head saying the forest sounds just kind of stopped. "Oh my gosh, you're right," I replied as I realized I no longer heard the crickets and frogs chirping. After an hour or so we decided to go to bed.

The next day we decided to explore the area around the cabin and noticed the ground was damp from an overnight shower. We walked about 100 feet or so away from the cabin and Mom noticed two strange footprints having three toes. She pointed it out to me. They were a couple feet away from each other. We spent another hour looking around and then headed back for lunch.

That night as we enjoyed the hot tub we heard a loud screeching scream come from somewhere outside the cabin. I jumped up and turned out the light on the deck so we couldn't be seen and we would have a better view outside. Mom shut off the hot tub so we could hear better as well. Soon we heard branches breaking and other movements, but the strangest part was that the sounds were coming from the forest canopy, not from the ground. It sounded as if something heavy was climbing a tree not far from the cabin. We both stood back against the wall close to the door that goes inside. We could hear something really big but couldn't see anything.

As we were getting ready to go inside we saw a set of yellow glowing eyes looking at us from a branch level with a deck, about 30 feet away. We ran inside and slammed the door praying we were safe. Not sure if we should call someone we decided to sit inside after making sure the doors were all locked. We stayed up for another hour and didn't hear anything else so we went to bed.

The next morning after breakfast we went outside to look around the cabin where we thought the noises were coming from. Other than a few large branches lying on the trail we didn't see anything out of the ordinary. We decided to go on with our day and drove over to the lake after some more sightseeing and dinner. We went back to the cabin and went out to the deck and played cards over coffee. It was dusk so we could still see a fair distance.

As we were talking Mom noticed everything had gone quiet again. She asked me if I noticed the nature sounds had stopped. I listened and realized Mom was right. Soon the sound of branches breaking started again and this time was moving closer to the cabin. Turning out the light and watching the trees as the noises got closer we were shocked at what we saw. The branches were moving as if something large was on them but it didn't look like anything was there. But then we got a glimpse of what we had been hearing. In the trees was what looked like a large human shape but it was nearly invisible. It looked like a moving heat wave shaped like a tall person. We watched in disbelief as the large entity moved through the trees. We didn't want to move so it wouldn't see us, not knowing its intentions. After a few minutes, it had moved away from our location. We waited a couple minutes after not hearing anything and stepped inside.

We discussed leaving that night instead of in the morning but it was getting late and once we packed everything up it would be dark so we decided to stay till morning. We gathered all of our belongings so everything would be ready come morning and went to bed.

I awoke to use the bathroom around 4 AM. As I was on my way back to bed I heard what sounded like loud footsteps. Still being kind of groggy I was trying to decipher where the sounds were coming from when I realized they were coming from the roof. I ran in and woke Mom up whispering what I had heard. We sat on the couch quietly praying and talking until morning light when I peeked outside after not anything for some time. I saw nothing around so we quickly grabbed our belongings and put them into the car.

As we were getting into the car I saw a dirty three-toed print on the hood of the car. As I drove away I looked toward the back of the cabin and saw the creature's yellow eyes staring back. I drove away as quickly as safely possible.

I did some research once settled back in at home trying to find some answers to what we had witnessed and found several reports from around the US in state parks and other wooded areas of a similar being that had been dubbed the 'Glimmer Man,' the title referring to the odd nearly invisible quality of the creature. This was definitely a trip I would never forget." G

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I posed this question to my readers and challenged them to make their case. Again, I was surprised at the amount of response I received. A total of 112 emails, with well-thought-out theories and opinions, were received in three days.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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