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Friday, February 09, 2024

BAT-WINGED HUMANOID Observed in Liverpool, UK Night Sky (SKETCH)

A Liverpool, UK couple was outside at night admiring the moon and stars when a winged humanoid with bat-like wings flew into their line of sight. This incident occurred 11 years ago.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"OK so I’m going back about 11 years ago (I was pregnant with my son at the time, but only just). I know it was a long time ago but my now husband and I remember this as clearly as it was yesterday, and we were both completely sober.

Liverpool, UK. Cold night. We were staying with my parents that night. At the time they lived in an area called Halewood. For context, it is near the Halewood Triangle, an area that has numerous UFO sightings, but what we saw, well, it wasn’t a UFO. Well, it was, but not the type that looks like a machine of some sort. Anyhow, we’re both in dressing gowns outside, my husband having a smoke. We are wowing at how clear the night was. The moon was low and making everything glow but the stars were very visible. We decided it was pretty enough to stay out a little longer and lap up the beauty of the night sky. We pull up a longer and he lays down, I lie between his legs also facing the sky and we’re discussing the stars.

Out of nowhere, we see what I can only describe as 'Batman,' swoop in a straight line from our left over to our right and vanish over the trees in the distance. It didn’t flap its absolutely ENORMOUS wings, it didn’t make a sound. It just glided across the night sky, maybe 40 feet above us. It had a human body, legs, head maybe 7 feet tall if it was standing, and bat wings! As I saw it I literally thought I’d lost my mind. I sat up and watched it vanish. I didn’t realise my husband saw it until I looked at him for confirmation like “Did you freaking see that?” Without saying a word I knew he saw it too. We laughed hysterically because we just couldn’t believe what we saw. I still don’t think we have processed what we saw that night!

I can’t pick out any major features as it was dark. But it was clear to see as the moonlight bounced off it. There is absolutely no animal that resembles this that I’m aware of. We get herons, large birds of prey, etc which we see very often, daily almost. It absolutely was not any kind of creature I had ever encountered before. It certainly wasn’t any bird that we know of and the bats here are minuscule.

Has anyone else ever seen anything like this? Me and my husband still talk about the time we saw 'Batman.'

Added a very simple pic of a drawing I made. The wings were probably twice as long as this but I couldn’t fit them on the paper. The lines on the wings are arms. I couldn’t see fingers or toes. I couldn’t see its face as it appeared to have its head up looking ahead of itself, so what I saw was the underneath of its chin, if that makes sense, as the side we were looking at was its belly/underside. It was grey in colour but its wings were slightly darker. No hair from what I could make out. It very clearly had 2 legs which it kept tightly together." S

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According to First Nations legend, the Thunderbird is said to have a wingspan the length of two canoes with the ability to deafen people with the sound of its flapping wings.

In March 2010, the late Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners contacted me about an incident where twenty-four sheep were mutilated at a farm near Hogback, New Mexico, on the Dine' Navajo Reservation. The livestock owner explained that there were large talon marks but very little blood and no evisceration. The prints on the ground were only seen in the corral, not anywhere else on the farm. Was this an attack by a large flying predator? Why were the carcasses left intact?

Jc mentioned that a large cryptid bird or pterosaur may have been responsible for this act. That theory is not as far-fetched as it may initially sound. For many generations, people in New Mexico and parts of Texas say they've seen birds so big they seem prehistoric. There is convincing anecdotal evidence that many of these legendary winged creatures are connected to modern sightings.

I believe that many of these winged cryptids are corporeal beings that can manifest on our plane of existence. Their point of origin and means of conveyance is speculative. But this is the reason why we research and investigate this phenomenon. The search continues.

So, listen to the reports, and form your conclusions about what these monstrous birds are. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the live chat. I will do my best to answer everyone.



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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