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Sunday, February 18, 2024

ALIEN 'PRAYING MANTIS' Abductions & Experiments Recalled by Experiencer

A woman recalls her earliest experiences with alien Praying Mantis beings, including several abductions and experiments conducted on her, resulting in a needle phobia.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

"I remember experiencing a medical procedure as a child that I did not have in this reality. I recall, vividly, the dark-red-tinged room around me and laying on a metal table. While on the slab, I was being prodded and touched all over by seemingly giant praying mantis beings. I remember being horrified that they had bent arms, large black eyes, and insect bodies. I remember replicating their posture which was peering over with their arms by the side of the body and hooked wrists (T-rex arms).

I remember 'waking up' while it was still dark, that same night, and my clothes were inside out. I even remember that I awoke feeling desperately thirsty and found my blue water bottle was no longer on the bed as it had been thrown under the bed frame. I remember feeling like I was being watched and the room felt weird. I felt confused because I had gone to sleep holding the bottle and had been lying under the blanket.

Even to my young self, it was a shock to be tangled in blankets half flung off the bed. I’ve always been a deep sleeper and I usually wake up in the exact position that I’ve fallen asleep in. People have commented on how still I am while I sleep my entire life, and I’ve explained it’s probably because I’m deaf which means sound doesn’t wake me and I don't remain in a lighter stage of sleep. This also means it is hard for me to wake up as I’m so deep asleep so it's notable when I suddenly jerk awake.

After waking on the other side of the bed with a completely disheveled bedspread, I was petrified of needles and blood tests. I suddenly developed a phobia and had to be held down to be given injections or needles. I recall my mum stating, “You used to be fine with needles and watched them do it. Why are you acting like this? Stop thrashing and trying to run away. What happened to you?” I told my mother about them and called them disgusting cockroaches. (This was before I grew into adulthood and saw a photo for the first time depicting mantis beings.) She said it must have been a dream.

The needle phobia became a huge proponent to my medical fears which grew bigger and bigger. I became scared of the dentist, refused medical examinations or tests, and resisted medical visits. I started having dreams about medical teams coming into our home wearing white lab coats, and feeling terrified when I saw them taking my family members to run tests. The dreams were nightmares that continued for a few years after this incident. I remember the beings as detached and determined to meet their experiments or tests. These seemed human, but they were cold and detached.

After some time, I recalled a memory of being in a medical setting with a huge light above my head and multiple faces holding instruments near my head and face. I asked my mum about it for years, even in my teens and early 20s, and she maintained that it never happened. As I’ve grown older, I’ve always remembered an even earlier encounter. I’m still wearing a nappy and I’m on a table slab with the pray mantis beings around me. I don’t remember waking up afterward or being fully conscious of what happened before/or after hence starting with the early encounter remembered with more detail. However, it wasn't an isolated memory with the mantis beings.

I did a meditation a few years ago to try and calm myself down before an experience with a needle. I was unwell for a while and needed weekly cannulations. I hadn't received a needle since I was 8 years old because the phobia became so severe. I refused blood tests and would have obscene reactions in the dentist when they would insert needles until they started giving me gas to calm down. So, during the meditation, I saw the mortifying ordeal of being on a slab with mantis beings around me and tools being pushed into my body. I could see instruments going into my belly button, the top of my head, and down my throat. I was nearly going to stop the meditation but then, in an instant, the procedure was over.

The next part of the memory resurfaced. Suddenly, the mantis beings didn’t seem so terrifying. I was taken into a standing tank/cubicle that scanned me. It looked like a liquid but it didn't feel solid, squishy, or wet. They showed me where my DNA needed to be fixed as there was something wrong with my genes. The chamber was a full-body scanning instrument that could completely penetrate and view your entire DNA code and body. I was able to see an implant in my brain. It has been some time, but I remember something about an implantation in my brain which was to help reprogram and “update” my DNA.

After this meditation, my needle phobia went away as I dealt with medical teams. Something to note was that I did that meditation which revealed faulty genetics before receiving a diagnosis for faulty genetics. I thought that was interesting. I've had countless UFO sky-sightings and strange encounters but this was the most "real" experience that was rich and vivid in detail, as if it was the same as recalling a birthday party as a child." B

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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