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Thursday, February 15, 2024

7-8 FOOT TALL BIGFOOT Reported By Truck Driver in Greene County, PA (VIDEO)

A truck driver in Greene County, PA near Wind Ridge observes a 7-8 foot tall Bigfoot standing along the road. The report is updated and a video is also included. The area is well-known for cryptid activity.

Original Report:

Wind Ridge, PA - 08/07/2019 - 09:44 PM

Greene County

Approximately 600 yards from the gas well site & traveling 25 mph on a narrow road, a gas well driver saw a large, coarsely haired covered figure in the headlights of his truck along the driver's side. After initially thinking it was a stump, it stood there and looked at him as he was passing & then jumped into the thick brush behind itself, away from the road. He observed it to be 7 - 8 feet tall, very thickly built in the arms & legs with very large hands. It had a flat face, wide mouth, wide, & flat nose. He observed the large foot & toe pads as it turned & jumped in the brush.

He contacted dispatch to inform them & the next day, the company's safety team reviewed the video & determined that it was not a bear. He verified that other coworkers had also seen a similar subject about 4 miles away at another well site. Some of those employees had also quit their jobs.

He also confirmed with a local property owner that he had also heard, & recorded similar subjects in the area.

Follow-up Report:

On August 7, 2019, Tim, who drives a truck servicing the gas wells in the area sees a Bigfoot. I did an investigation of the sighting. This video shows what we found.  

The figure is seen at the 1:56 to 1:59 point of the video. You may need to pause and screenshot to expand and see the figure. The black & white video is from the truck, showing the driver and his POV.

The witness was driving his truck after dropping off his load at the gas well. Dirt/gravel 2-lane road. As the witness approached a curve, his brakes made a high-pitched 'goose honk' sound. What the witness thought was a tree stump, turned its head sharply at the noise, and then stepped over the wire fence, and walked off, dragging his leg through the brush as he stepped through it. The truck that the witness drives video records both outside and inside the cab perspective. The video shows a figure on the left, standing next to a mailbox and turning. Video inside the cab shows the witness's reaction. 

Witness description of the figure: Approximately 7-8' tall, grey/brown/green hair. "Thighs as thick as a 5-gallon bucket."

Investigation on Sunday, August 18, 2019, at 11:30 am

The witness was contacted for more information via Facebook. We exchanged phone numbers and I spoke with him on the phone. We agreed to meet up, and he drove ahead of me to the location. He was accompanied by his friend who also assisted in the investigation. Both men are local avid hunters and outdoorsmen. 

We checked the area out and nailed down the exact location by watching the video. We found 2 footprints in the grass next to the mailbox. 

Size approximate: 15" long and 7" wide. 

Measuring witness height standing along the fence, holding a stick in the air to how tall the figure was, we measured the height of the creature to be approximately 8 1/2' tall. 

We followed the fence line, where Tim found the fence changed to a 5-strand fence and pulled taut by coming along. The top strand had been pulled out of the post and pushed down to the 4th strand. The grass showed depressions at that spot where something bipedal had stood. Shown on my Video (YouTube channel Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project). The truck that the witness was driving had bright lights all the way around. The figure was standing facing away from the lights, next to the mailbox, and going by the footprints, was facing a field. Farmers' driveway on the opposite side of the road.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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