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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Vancouver Island Resident Hears LOUD CRIES & Experiences 'MIND SPEAK' in the Comox Valley

A Vancouver Island resident is walking her dogs when she hears an intense cry in the distance. She then receives a 'mind speak' communication that she believes was a female Sasquatch.

"I'm currently from the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. I'm an active woman who walks with three dogs daily and I've witnessed some otherworldly experiences in these parts. I'm aware and understand that there are many other creatures breaking through the veil. I will not mention where these creatures are ascending from as it will most definitely add some negative attention to the area.

Last summer of 2023, one of my encounters was on a warm summer eve. My dogs and I hit the trails. It was approximately 7:30 PM. We set forth into a forest. The intensity of this area was common, however, the dogs needed their daily exercise off-leash. This area is approximately 2 miles of forested cedars, alder, and a swamp. Well, it started with the sounds of children laughing in the distance, as I thought we were alone. The sound faded to the sound of something thrashing on the other side of the swamp. The thrashing abruptly stopped. I felt slightly uncomfortable but not fearful. Then a guttural cry came from the direction of the trees where the thrashing had come a few seconds earlier. It's hard to describe the cry as it was otherworldly, beautifully executed with a second cry. That went right through my soul. My dogs looked at me with mere confusion. Something telepathically told me to leash up my dogs. As I did I took that as a gentle reminder telepathically. I said we would leave you quietly and so we did. I leashed up my perplexed dogs and walked gingerly in deep thought on our way out on the pathway.

It felt like we were ushered out by a presence that made one of the dogs abruptly stop in his tracks. This presence was beside us and intense. I then spoke to whatever it was that we were leaving respectfully with no intentions of coming back and the intensity of the presence ceased. My feelings were that this was a female Sasquatch encounter, as I now understand that they are only protecting their kind. We still have these beings tagging us on occasional outings and I gently remind them that we are not a threat. Our encounter was intense but ethereal on a spiritual level.

I'll never forget the cries of this creature, how beautifully it was composed and woke my being. Yes, that sounds hokie, but my exact feeling at that moment remains calm. If you're experiencing an encounter, mindfully change your thoughts with love. While processing an encounter with these beings you will not impose as a threat to them. They are merely trying to save their kind as we are destroying the world. Just like all wildlife on the Earth, we are the worst predators. As the realms unveil there will be more creatures exposed. Some will not be this forgiving.

The Comox Valley is definitely a hotspot for supernatural creatures and portals. I know I'm not alone and so thrilled that you're helping others as a messenger."

NOTE: The Comox Valley is the traditional territory of the Puntledge, E'iksan, and K'ómoks peoples. Today the three tribes are known as the K'ómoks First Nation. I believe that this experiencer may be of First Nations heritage. Lon

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zg01enp8Qg&t=1294s

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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