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Monday, January 08, 2024

US Military Veteran's Harrowing DOGMAN Encounter - Part II

A US military & combat veteran details his trip, with a friend, to his wilderness cabin during the winter. After arriving, his ordeal with a Dogman soon starts to develop!

Part I - US Military Veteran's Harrowing DOGMAN Encounter - Part I

...I couldn't get the image of that dog face with the red eyes out of my head that night inside the safety of the cabin. My friend chattered on about how good the hike was while I listened absentmindedly I replayed over and over in my head the events of that day. My mind kept returning to the image I had seen in my rifle scope and began filling in details that I hadn't noticed in the heat of the moment of that first real look at the creature.

I finally got a few hours of sleep and slept in a bit. The next morning I woke happy to see the daylight and thinking for the first time in my life that I'd be glad to leave the cabin that day. But little did I know our last day at the cabin would turn out to be the strangest one of all.

Part II:

"After breakfast, we made a cold lunch for the drive back home. We then started cleaning the cabin interior and decommissioning all of its utilities. We had barely gotten started when we heard barking dogs in the distance.

You see, there's a poacher problem in some national parks and forests in the USA. Poachers go out of season without permits and kill wildlife for profit in the area. The prey of choice for these poachers is Bears, we call them Dog Runners. What they do is bring up a bunch of dogs to the forest and let them lose to track down Bears, then the poachers follow the dogs usually on dirt bikes. When the dogs tree the Bears or trap them in their hibernation dens the poachers then ride up and shoot and kill the Bear. Once dead they cut off the Bear's paws, cut out its gallbladder, and then leave the bulk of the bear to rot for the buzzards. The poachers then sell their Bear parts to Asian apothecaries who use the ground-up Bear claws and gallbladder to make aphrodisiacs and sell them for big money. The word around town is that a single bear can make a poacher $100,000.

When I heard the dogs and the dirt bikes in the distance I knew it had to be a bunch of Dog Runners taking advantage of the dirt road in the valley being free of ice and snow to come up and make some extra cash during the winter. The first thing I did was get on my satellite phone and call the closest ranger station. They know me as I've called many times down the years. When I told the ranger on the line what was going on he said they actually had a couple of rangers in the general area and they would radio them and send them. But that wasn't good enough to save whatever Bear the Dog Runners were running down right then and there.

I thought about what to do and I instinctively took my .357 out of its holster and fired a shot into the ground. In the distance, I heard the dog stop barking for a moment and then resume their noise. I then fired the remaining five rounds as quickly as I could into the ground again. That time, I heard the dog stop barking and the dirt bike stopped racing around. I had a couple of quick shot loaders in my pocket, so I loaded another six rounds into my revolver as quickly as I could before the dirt bike could start up again. I fired another six rounds as fast as I could into the ground again. After that, I actually heard shouting in Korean from the dirt bikers. Then I heard sounds of the dogs being cuffed around and it sounded like they were headed back to their vehicle.

Now, put yourself in their shoes. Here they were in the back of beyond doing something hugely illegal and all of a sudden they heard shots fired like a crazy person on the loose. Rather than deal with that they hightailed it out of there. They were actually playing as smart even though they were doing a really dumb thing running down bears in the wilderness.

My friend and I listened to the fading sounds of the Dog Runners. For a while after that, we heard them stop their dirt bikes, I guess to put them back on their truck. Then we heard their truck or van or whatever drive back down the dirt road. We sat outside the cabin for a while after that. About half an hour later my satellite phone rang and the ranger on the other end announced proudly we got them, we got the Dog Runners. They thanked me profusely and asked me to stop at the station on the way home to make a statement and so forth.

My friend and I sat in our folding chairs in the carport and discussed what had just gone down with the Dog Runners and I explained what I knew about them. That's when things really got really weird as if it hadn't been a weird enough week already.

First, all of a sudden, we heard a soft sound, like a very faint musical talking. It was very soft, very seductive with little tweets and clicks and what sounded like little bells and whistles. At the same time, it was a very dense noise and seemed to be coming from the east of the cabin. it was the kind of noise that just begs to be followed and investigated because it is so beautiful and you just have to know what's making it. Okay, for want of any other words to describe it, I'll call it 'Fairy Music.' Then it started to the north, then to the west. At that point, we got up from our chairs which were facing east, and walked over to the west side of the cabin. Then it started coming from the south. It was all around us. We were surrounded by these ethereal sounds from beyond that were more beautiful than anything I'd ever heard before.

My friend took a step forward and said, "Let's go see what's making that beautiful sound." But something inside me snapped and I said out loud, "Absolutely not" and I fired my revolver into the forest to the west and the instant I fired the "Fairy Music' ended. I got my instinctive gut feeling that was warning me something was terribly wrong, that we had to just avoid it. By that time I had enough of all these weird shenanigans. I told my friend that we needed to get the heck out of there.

I finished packing the Jeep and got ready to launch from the cabin. I locked the cabin up and we sat for one last time in the folding chairs. Looking out to the east at the forest and down the hill to the dirt road winding through it, all of a sudden a loud whine started from down in the direction of the road. It was loud echoing around the valley and it sounded like a huge dog in mortal life-threatening pain, like it was dying right then and there. It didn't stop. It went on and on. Then it changed to a howl of rage that went on and on and morphed into an all-out roar of furious pent-up frustration and finally ended with an abrupt yelp.

I had my handgun out the instant the howl started. As it ended the echo began dying around us. I fired one round towards the road and another howl started up to the north of us, a little less loud from a further distance away. I fired another shot in that direction and it stopped mid-howl. Another howl started to the south, also further away and I turned and shot in that direction. The howl stopped. There were three of them, three Dogmen, a pack of Dogmen and they had us pretty much surrounded. All of a sudden my friend said that sounds like a Dogman. I said, "What what the heck is a Dogman?" But I knew the instant that I uttered those words that Dogman was its name or at least the name people give to that beast.

We rapidly got in the Jeep and left the cabin and nothing else happened on the long ride back down the dirt road. Of course, we talked non-stop about Dogman and recounted the experiences of the week to one another. When I got back to the city I began researching Dogman on the internet. At first, I found very little real information. Remember, this was 5 years ago when my first Dogman encounter happened. Since then much more has come out about this beast and encounters with it have substantially increased in just a few years, from the woo woo wackadoodle new-age nut jobs claiming Dogman is just a poor lonely little Ccritter that only wants to be loved, to people who have being actually hunted by Dogman. The stories abound and there seem to be more of them each and every day.

In the end, after being hunted by a small pack of these creatures for a week in the remote wilderness, I have some final words about Dogman. It is absolutely real. How do you think Werewolf legends got started? Consider that all legends start as real and factual and they get glorified as time goes on. All legends start with the kernel of truth. Dogman could well be the creature that began the Werewolf legends. Dogman appears to be poised at the top of the food chain in the wilderness and is the apex predator on land, much like the Great White Shark or the Orca Killer Whales are in the ocean. But Dogman is almost completely unknown by mankind.

Dogman is not exactly an animal and it's obviously not a human. It is something in between. It is supremely intelligent. It has a huge brain case from what I saw of its head through my rifle scope. It is much larger than a human skull. Dogman and its fellows in the pack plotted and planned and waited for an entire week to catch me and my friend with our guard down and was finally thwarted. The frustration in its howl was as good as him screaming in words, "I lost, I lost." This beast is very intelligent and it watches, waits, and plans. It was obviously aware of the power of firearms. Even so, after hearing and watching me discharge my sidearm multiple times during the Dog Runner incident it somehow manifested the beautiful music to lure us away from the cabin and our cache of firearms.

I will close this letter now with this final word. Please remember, Dogman is not evil because it is a predator and preys on other animals. Dogman is evil because it can plot and plan to kill humans like it did with me and my friend for an entire week. It didn't need me for meat or sustenance. It did it because it thought it could win. It did it as an exercise. Anything that kills for so small a reason does so simply because it can. That is evil.

That was just my first Dogman encounter and I've had many more. I hope someday to share them with you. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh-47GNUowY

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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