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Tuesday, January 09, 2024

UPDATE! Is There a MONSTER Living in Moosehead Lake, Maine? (NEW PHOTOS)

A reader, who is currently vacationing on Moosehead Lake, Maine, was taking a walk along the lake when she noticed a large greyish-blue, smooth-skinned creature break the surface.

On 1/8/2023 I received an update email with photos:

"Good afternoon, Lon.

Additional information, which I failed to mention in the previous email before I got into the important stuff.

The photographs I sent the other day were taken close to Sugar Island, there's a handful of little islets, which is where I saw the animals. They were taken from the shoreline during the early-ish morning, around 9 or so.

I've seen the animal again but barely managed to take photographs this time, two of which are unfortunately just ripple photographs, although one did get the head.

It's from the front, so I'm not sure if perspective is playing a part in what I'm seeing (I only got a good look at it while taking the pictures briefly). It appeared to have its mouth open, I believe I saw some teeth but I can't confirm.

Had no visible ears, and smooth greyish-blue skin. Dark eyes, I assume forward-facing since I could see them from the front. Couldn't make out any nostrils, blowholes, or anything of that sort. No appendages, frills, etc around the head.

Entertaining the idea that it's something known, it looks fairly close to a leopard seal but I do not believe that to be the case at all since they're restricted to the Southern Hemisphere. Maybe it's some other kind of seal? No clue. More confidently can say it isn't a fish, though.

Appreciate you sharing my previous photos, hoping that these will be of interest as well. Definitely would like a good look at whatever this is before I leave on Friday, I'll let you know if anything more interesting happens.

Thank you again for your time!" L

Here is the original email that I received on 1/6/2024:

"Good evening Lon!

I'm currently on vacation in Northern Maine, at some family's houses near Moosehead Lake.

Earlier this morning, I was walking along the edge of the lake and saw a large animal (?) surface briefly. Managed to take three photos I'm sending your way.

It was a greyish-blue, with no real identifiable traits. Skin looked smooth, and had some lighter stripes. At least two of them, right next to each other. That surfacing was really short and then they disappeared.

I do not believe these are fish or seals, but I can't confidently rule anything out. Hopefully, you will be able to spread the word and maybe get something more conclusive.

If you want more information let me know! Apologies for the blurry photographs, going to attempt some better stuff tomorrow, maybe I'll see something.

Thank you for your time, best wishes, L"

NOTE: Moosehead Lake is located in west-central Maine, and is a landlocked body of water. It is approximately 120 miles southeast of the St. Lawrence Seaway and 125 miles northwest of the Atlantic Ocean. There are no rivers or other waterways connecting the lake to ocean sources.

The known fish species in the lake consist of Landlocked salmon, Lake trout, Brook trout, Round whitefish, Rainbow smelt, Smallmouth bass, White perch, Yellow perch, Longnose sucker, White sucker, Rompout (bullhead), and Burbot (cusk).

There have been rumors of a Wendigo haunting the lake area traditionally, but as far as a lake monster, I couldn't find any substantial references. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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