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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

UFOs 'STALK' EYEWITNESS, Return Months Later in Kenosha, Wisconsin

A Wisconsin man is driving along Highway 50 when he noticed a saucer-shaped craft following him. Later, he finds himself outside of the car and facing a smaller saucer-shaped craft.

I received the following account:

"During the winter of 1998/1999, I was driving out of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Highway 50 (if I recall, that is the name of the main road out of town towards Kenosha) when I noticed a saucer-shaped craft, with bright lights underneath. I didn't think much of it at first, although I did continue looking at it because it didn't resemble a plane in shape and the lights looked different.

I began to really pay attention when I turned off Highway 50 onto the side road that led to my subdivision (I can't recall the county road but it leads to the Tuscany-like subdivision I was living in at the time). The craft was originally headed parallel to the highway traveling in the direction towards Kenosha and away from Lake Geneva as I was. But when I turned 90 degrees onto the side road, the craft changed direction 90 degrees as well. I took note because aircraft don't turn 90 degrees like that. The aircraft seemed to follow me changing in direction and to be descending to lower altitudes and getting closer. I remember slowing down to basically a crawl in my vehicle to watch the craft.

As crazy as this may sound, the next thing I remember is coming to standing outside my car, behind the rear bumper. The driver's side door was open, and no recollection of getting out of the car. The larger craft I had seen before is gone and there is a much smaller saucer-shaped craft hovering maybe 20 feet at most over the road and maybe 20 feet away horizontally. It was completely silent, with white and yellowish lights.

I freaked out, jumped in my car, and took off as fast as I could. Looking back in my rear and side view mirrors, the smaller craft was gone, but the larger saucer-shaped craft I had previously viewed was back up in the sky and was again traveling parallel to my car. I made another 90 turn into my subdivision on the side road and the craft did so as well. I made another 90-degree turn off the first road in my subdivision onto the second one (the one on which I lived - Sienna Circle) and again the craft changed direction with me.

I ran inside as fast as I could. Upon entering the house, I looked out every window I could in each direction and saw neither craft. I proceeded to write down the entire event and (eventually) fell asleep.

The next morning my girlfriend stopped by before school as she typically did and as soon as I woke up I excitedly started to tell her of the previous night's event. She told me to calm down and that I had been dreaming, reminding me I had just woken up. I told her I wasn't dreaming, to look on my dresser where I had written it all down.

That was that until maybe 6 months later I was in Kenosha at a friend's house. He was late returning and I began to worry about him and was looking out his back door towards the main road anxiously awaiting his return. That is when I noticed a smaller saucer-shaped craft (exactly like the one I saw before) hovering maybe 20 feet off the ground, not making a sound, and slowly flying towards the house. It flew across the backyard straight towards me. I called the other woman who was there to come look and she too saw it in amazement. We watched it for a few minutes as it slowly approached the house, flew barely over the rooftop, and proceeded across the street. When it was above the house across the street, it changed direction 90 degrees and slowly hovered over all the houses on the opposite side of the street until it was out of sight.

I kept this mostly to myself for all these years because (a) I have no proof and (b) most people don't believe me or don't care. After seeing report after report and pic after pic of similar craft, I figured I'd go ahead and report mine too for whatever it's worth." N

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Popular shapeshifting creatures in folklore and legend are werewolves and vampires, as well as gods, goddesses, and demons. Lycanthropy is classified as a mental disorder in which the victim believes that they are a wolf or some other nonhuman animal. There are also metamorphs, in which a living being changes into a known or cryptid entity. An example of this phenomenon is when a Navajo native practitioner transforms into a magical being, or Skinwalker, with evil intentions using witchcraft.

While the popular idea of a shapeshifter is of a human being who turns into something else, there are numerous stories about animals that can transform themselves as well.

The following accounts include a mix of supernatural shapeshifters, though some of these examples are not well-known. So relax, listen to the reports, and make your assessment as to the nature of these transformed entities.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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