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Monday, January 15, 2024

Texas Brothers ABDUCTED & PROBED by Tall Humanoids After Gold-Colored Craft Lands

A Texas boy and his older brother observed a gold-colored light descending towards them. The craft soon landed. Later a tall humanoid exited the craft and abducted the boys.

I received the following account:

"My older brother and I were walking down the street, returning home from our grandmother's house in the dark. This was in LaPort, Texas. There was a large, grassy lot next to our house where our uncle lived in a mobile home at the back. It was a clear night and my brother was teaching me some of the constellations as we walked.

We saw a gold-colored light come from the south and hover over us. I thought it was an airplane at first but as it got closer, I realized it wasn't making any noise. I remember being afraid but my brother was excited. He said, "Oh, wow, they ARE real!" I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him to the house, panicking. He laughed and told me to calm down, that they wouldn't hurt us. He was my older brother so I trusted him to protect me. I stood behind him as the light came to the ground and landed in front of my uncle's house.

It was a large black pyramid shape that was missing the top point. It had a couple of windows on the side, about halfway up. After it stopped moving, a slot opened up on the side facing us. The light that was under the craft was a greenish blue and it hovered off the ground a foot or two as the slot opened and a being came out. I guess unfolded out would be more accurate. The being looked almost human with a large, odd-shaped head, almond eyes the color of absolute darkness, and a small slit below where the nose slits were. It was very tall compared to my brother. He was about 14 years old so probably 5 and a half feet. The being was maybe six or seven feet.

When it exited the craft, I heard a noise, like a soft murmuring of a bunch of voices. I was immediately soothed. I felt sleepy suddenly but then the entity took my hand and my brother's hand. I don't remember it walking to us but I remember how cold its hand was and how rubbery it felt. I felt like I was floating and it was taking us to its ship. We went inside and the slot closed behind us.

Inside, it took us to a room where my brother was taken by another being and I was led to a table. I screamed for my brother but the being picked me up and sat me on the table, placed his fingers on my eyes and I couldn't move or talk anymore. I was laid on the table and my clothes were taken off.

I remember there being a soft pink light and three beings in the room with me. There was a straw-like tool hanging above me that one being put against my belly button. I remember searing pain below my belly button and smelling hot metal, like copper. I tried to scream, but then the pain was gone.

I looked toward one of the beings and saw my brother on the table near mine. He was looking at me with tears in his eyes. I could hear his voice but his lips weren't moving. He told me he was sorry, he was wrong, and that he loved me. I felt warm whereas before I was so cold. The beings stopped moving as my brother and I talked without moving our lips. I would think about him and then hear his voice responding to me. We'd never been able to do that before!

After a few minutes, my brother looked away from me and I felt him slip away, mentally, and then he screamed like he was being murdered. I thought they were killing him but I couldn't see anything because one of the beings moved between us and started looking in my ears with a bright light.

I remember the grey color of those three-fingered hands, the way they seemed to me to be rubber straws, the tips against my skin feeling terribly similar to a frog's flesh. They pried open my eyes when I tried to scrunch them shut and put a jelly substance in them. Then they stuck something up in my nose that hurt so bad I passed out.

When I woke up, the ship was gone. My brother was lying in the ditch a few feet from me and I thought he was dead. I heard my mother calling for me and my brother so I sat up and called back to her. She ran to me from our yard to where my brother was lying and when she saw him, she screamed. She picked him up and grabbed my hand, carrying him into the house. She asked me what happened as she laid him on the couch but as I started to answer, my nose started bleeding.

My brother came to as my mother wiped a cold rag over his face and I got a washcloth for my nose. She kept asking why we were out till three in the morning. My brother told her about the craft and I did too but she said she thought we were trying to make stuff up. She said it was obvious someone had beaten us up. We saw how bad our story upset her so we agreed, it was the local bully that beat us both up.

After my mother went to bed when she thought we were asleep, my brother came into my room and we talked about it, agreeing to not talk about it again.

The next day, he and I went to my uncle's yard. We looked for signs that something had been there and we saw a square portion of the grass had been pressed down like a heavy weight had been on top of it.

It's been 38 years now and only recently have my brother and I spoken of the incident. I still remember it like it was yesterday and so does he." C

NOTE: I plan to talk to the experiencer soon. I would like to be able to investigate the encounter and abduction at some point if I'm given permission. I was told that a report was filed with the MUFON CMS several years ago but the experiencer and his brother were never contacted. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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