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Thursday, January 18, 2024

TALL, GREY REPTILIANS Abduct & Violate Teen Experiencer

A teen wakes in the morning to get ready for school. In the shower, he notices a rough feeling on his foot, then suddenly remembers the horrific ordeal that he experienced that night.

I received the following account:

"I was 13 years of age approximately, sometime during 2003. I was in my home and had fallen asleep in my bedroom on a night before attending school at Sophia Academy off of Mt. Vernon Highway in Sandy Springs, Georgia during sixth grade.

I woke up when my alarm went off as usual and began to get into the shower as normal. I was pensive in thought and had a hard time remembering my sleep as I was entering the shower. I stepped in and started showering and noticed a rough feeling underneath my left foot as I was washing my feet. I noticed a symmetrical pattern of dot-shaped puncture marks in a perfect circle similar to a picture I noticed online.

At that moment, I instantly had flashbacks of what just occurred to me while I was asleep. At that point, I realized everything that happened to me included a violation of my personal space and a seemingly near-death experience. The marking under my foot was an indicator a sample of my blood may have been taken by these beings when I was awoken. There was a sharp stinging sensation right under my foot that woke me up. My vision was very blurry initially as I began to open my eyes and sit up to feel what it was that hurt my foot.

As I was opening my eyes, I sat up on what appeared to be a large aluminum table to 4 large grey Reptilian beings (7-9 feet tall) standing by the edge of the table by my feet. As I sat up, I noticed all of their eyes began to open wider, and their mouths began to open up and let out a horrifying sound. There was an extremely high-pitched shrieking sound and they threw their hands up in the air and were flailing backwards away from me as if they were going to fall over.

I then got extremely tired and couldn't sit up very well so laid back down on the table to turn my head to the left. I remember just turning my head and praying to God (saying God help me, Lord Jesus help me) because I was terrified and didn't want those beings any closer to me and was afraid of getting devoured and/or ripped apart. I just turned my head as I lay down and prayed to God to protect me and ask him to ransom me from this stressful situation. 

As I lay back down, I do not recall ever getting back up or waking back up until I found my alarm going off and started getting ready for school. It was right after I woke up and I was in the shower that I noticed what had happened to me." B

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A Tennessee family, who lives near the Land Between the Lakes, experiences a variety of unsettling phenomena. As time goes on, the husband gives a detailed account of the activity, along with updates. I will also detail a very bizarre incident in which the witnesses experienced an abomination while at the Land Between the Lakes Recreational Area.

Over the years I have received many requests to post and talk about the strange and unexplained activity in the Land Between the Lakes area. I'll let you decide how dangerous this region is.

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2023 - A Major Year for UFO/UAP, Bigfoot, Cryptid Reports And Other Mysterious Activity in Pennsylvania





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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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