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Saturday, January 13, 2024

SASQUATCH FAMILY Yearly Interaction & Physical Contact on West Virginia's New River

A group of boys, living near the New River in West Virginia, saw a family of Sasquatch on the river for several summers. This lasted for almost 7 years until they eventually made physical contact.

"My friend grew up on the New River in West Virginia before the dam was built. Here is his story. When my friend was a kid about 10 years old he and his friends would spend every day in the summer down in the river playing. The first year they had their interaction was when they all noticed unknown creatures in the woods across the river which was 30-40 feet wide with slow-moving water over rocks with wading pools. For about a week the kids noticed that these beings would move though the kids never really saw them. After a week they would be gone.

Then again, the next year at about the same time, they had their second interaction but this time the kids could see them. They stayed up in the woods but allowed themselves to be seen. They never came closer that year and they were gone.

The next year the interaction got closer and closer every summer till about the sixth year of this yearly interaction the boys sat on one side of the water and the family group of Sasquatch would sit on the other side of the water about 35 feet away from each other while the small ones would play in the water. This lasted about a week then they were gone for the year.

The next summer the boys made sure that they were down there early and sat down in the shallow water just a few feet from the bank. This was the year that physical contact was made. The Sasquatch little ones and the mothers would sit beside the boys in the water and the small ones splash about around the boys. This happened for about a week and then they were gone.

The boys were about 17 years old during the last year of interaction. It only lasted one day and the boys never went back afterwards. The boys did some of the same routine, but this year they actually sat on the bank of the other side and waited for them to come out of the woods. The Sasquatch did and continued to interact with the boys. The one thing I left out was the extremely large male who led this family group. As they approached the river the Sasquatch would always wait for the large male to ascend a large rock that overlooked the area, but only a few feet away at all times. It was as if he was the overwatch, the leader, who stood well over 8 feet tall. The boys were fully-grown young men by now and they only came up to its lower chest. The big male was dark brown to black but had a silver chest. The chest looked like it had an upside-down triangle of silver hair with the wider part of the triangle on the top and narrowed as it went toward the waist. He controlled everything my friend said.

The last time they had any interaction was the only day because my friend actually got on top of the rock where the silver-chested male would stand. The male got on top of his rock and was only 5 feet away from my friend and that is how he knew that it was almost 10 feet tall. My friend said he started to feel sick. That is when he was spoken to, not by voice but he could hear in his head, "I can eat you at any time and there's nothing you or your friends can do about it." It was then the pungent smell overwhelmed him, almost like he was finally allowed to smell them and understand them. My friend backed away and put his head down as he moved off the rock. The other boys all started to wade across the water and slowly moved away from the family group. My friend says that after that he and his friends never went back down there.

My friend told me this story about 8 years ago but he is still involved in the church and refuses to come forward in fear of being excommunicated from the church. I respect and trust this man beyond a shadow of a doubt."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mQzDJs45TA

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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