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Wednesday, January 03, 2024

ROCK-THROWING BIGFOOT Cuts Canoeing Trip Short in Baltimore County, Maryland

A high school Biology Club takes a weekend canoeing trip to Muddy Creek in northern Baltimore County, Maryland. The trip is cut short after a terrifying encounter with a rock-throwing Bigfoot.

"Back in the Winter of 1974 in January, I lived in northern Maryland near the Pennsylvania border (Mason-Dixon Line). I was 18 and my wife was then 17. She belonged to our school's Bology Club which was then something brand new. The club and the teacher went on the trip for the weekend to Muddy Creek but came home a day early. They were visibly in shock and barely talking, including the teacher.

They told us they had been canoeing downstream when they heard roaring from the bank. When they looked up they saw a huge hairy man who began throwing boulders and logs at them, almost swamping the canoes. They paddled like hell and eventually got out of range and were hysterical when they came home. All of them gave the same story and one girl, a friend of ours, had started the weekend with brown hair, but it changed to gray hair! It was not dyed.

At the time, the British Museum had a standing offer of 1 million Pounds Sterling for the body of a Sasquatch. I was poor, from a broken home, and saw dollar signs in my head. So, I loaded my .35 caliber Marlin with 180 Winchester silver tips and headed north to the creek. I hiked about a mile in the woods and began looking for signs along the riverbed and sand bars. It was about 15 degrees F that day and the sand was frozen hard. Almost right away I found a bare footprint pressed into the frozen sand about 2 inches deep. It was 18 inches long and about 5 to 6 inches wide with five toes and looked human. I hiked up the rocks in the hillside with my head on a swivel and one in the chamber with the hammer back and the safety on.

I found a rock perch and settled down to wait for my money to arrive. After a few minutes, the feeling that something was watching me got pretty strong but I disregarded it thinking that I was just paranoid. I sat there freezing for hours but the feeling never stopped. By late afternoon it dawned on me that I had not heard any wood sounds all day. No birds, no squirrel chatter, nothing but the water down below.

I finally hiked back to my truck and drove home, promising myself that there would be other days. The further that I got from the hillside the better I felt. I went back several times afterward but never felt that same weird feeling again."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etlYNMFHPDg

NOTE: The location described in the account is Muddy Creek in northern Baltimore County. The headwaters originate in southeastern York County, PA, and extend south into Maryland, eventually emptying into the Gunpowder Falls, north of Prettyboy Reservoir. The entire region has a history of Bigfoot sightings. At some point in the future, I will post some of my past investigations related to some of these reports. Lon

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Winged humanoids have always been around us in some form or another. Most witnesses consider their encounters profound & life-changing. As well, many are fearful of the future, believing that these beings are a harbinger of terrible events.

In the state of Pennsylvania, especially over the past 30 years, there have been many reported sightings of these cryptids. I also had a close encounter with one of these creatures in the Fall of 1988 and have documented other witness sightings & encounters since. What I find interesting is that most of these sightings have mirrored the descriptions of those winged humanoids reported in the Chicagoland region during the past few decades.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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