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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Retired Washington Logger's 'FOREST PEOPLE' Stories & Encounters

A retired logger and forest firefighter describes different encounters with the Sasquatch or 'Forest People' near his home in Yacolt, Washington.

"I'm a retired logger and Wildland Forest firefighter. I'm 70 years old. As a Faller, I fell old-growth timber. I also worked for 24 years for DNR Washington State Department of National Resources. My wife and I live one mile north of the town of Yacolt, WA. I've fished and hunted in this area most of my adult life. I also used to trap but no longer do as trapping is now illegal in the state of Washington. I've had two experiences with the forest people on a scale of 1 to 10 as about a two, however, one of my next-door neighbor's sons saw an infant Sasquatch while he was picking thimbleberries. I'm not sure whether it was on their property or ours.

My neighbor's four-year-old son was picking berries. He was unaware there was an infant Sasquatch picking berries on the opposite side of the bushes. Apparently, the all-white-haired infant forest person was curious and wanted to get a closer look at the little human so it stood up and leaned closer maybe thinking he had a new berry-picking friend. They locked eyes. That was all it took. My little four-year-old neighbor boy ran screaming all the way home yelling about a white monkey in the woods. He didn't see the mother Sasquatch but I'm sure she must have been close by. He wouldn't go near those woods by himself for the longest time afterward.

My Forest People experience number one. So it's like 40-plus years ago and I'm elk hunting in Southwest Washington State. Back then I really didn't believe in the Sasquatch people. In fact, I didn't know anything about them. I'm walking up a gated locking logging road hunting by myself. After about a mile I'm hearing something paralleling me about 20 to 30 feet off to my right. I can't see because there are about a gazillion little 10 to 20-foot-tall hemlock trees flanking the road. In Southwest Washington, those hemlocks grow like weeds alongside some of the logging roads. You can't see 10 feet through them. It's like trying to see through a hay bale. I stop, it stops. I walk, it walks. Always staying just out of my sight. Sometimes it doesn't stop fast enough and it takes one extra step when I stop fast on purpose. Now I'm thinking what in the hell is that? It's breaking sticks when it walks and doesn't care that I know what's there. There were no other tracks or trucks in the area so I'm thinking this is not another hunter. It's not a bear. It's not a deer. Blacktails are way smarter than that. A cougar, you'll never hear them. Elk, they make a lot of noise, breaking limbs, but they're not stupid so they're not going to hang out with a hunter.

Now I'm thinking what in the hell is this thing. There's no smell, no grunts, no whoops, or anything vocal. Just that damn thing stalking me. Well, I'm thinking what if I just burst through those hemlocks and rushed whatever this was. I've got a 7 mil Magnum and that should put it in the H Locker if necessary. I just have this feeling that whatever it was it won. I turned around and returned to my truck. I wasn't really scared. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

About 7 years ago in October, on the outskirts of Yacolt at my house, it was about 9 PM. There's no moon, black as night can be. No rain, clear skies, stars everywhere. For a couple weeks, I'd been dumping milk crates full of apples in my pasture to feed the deer. The distance is about 100 feet from the house to where the pile of apples was. I don't shoot deer on my property. That isn't hunting. That's just shooting. I'm in the house when suddenly I hear the loudest wolf-like howling I've ever heard. I stepped out on the porch and there was something just inside the timber howling. I had an 80lb German Shepherd at that time and this thing in the trees was much louder than my dog could ever be. At this time my sister-in-law came downstairs and said not to go out there. I told her no, I'm going out there. I want to see what that is. My wife and sister-in-law were both born and raised in Alaska. They know what a wolf sounds like and she says that's not a wolf and definitely not a dog. I agreed, so I grabbed a maglight which isn't very bright compared to the gazillion candle power spotlight I have today. On the other hand, I had my 19111 Colt 45 ACP loaded with 240-grain Federal hydroshock hollow points. Knowing what I know today I would never shoot at a Sasquatch unless it was truly out to harm me or worse. However, a Dogman, I shoot to kill,

Back to the story. I walked about 50 feet to the pasture fence and 30 feet from me were four Blacktail deer standing rigid in fear. I could have walked right up on them. They're at the apples, not eating, just terrified. If I had my dog with me she would have just run up to the fence and bark, and the deer would run away and come back later. Now this next part is hard to believe and what I experienced next was not mind speak, it was more like translating. I heard a very loud howling which I believe is louder than a wolf can make. It had a sad and frightened sound to it, like whatever was howling was scared and, yes, I said it sounded like it was scared. There have been times throughout my life when I would just know things, like when my cousin phoned early one morning and told me his mother had passed away. But I knew it before he called. What I believe I heard that night was the plea of an adolescent teenage Sasquatch on its first solo deer hunt. I believe it had been stationed where it could see the deer as an elder Sasquatch watched. Then here I came along and fouled up the whole thing. I cannot find the words to express how apologetic I am to that family of Forest People.

Transcribed Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSCsTL1erWQ

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