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Sunday, January 14, 2024

REAL-LIFE PORTAL? Did This Experiencer Enter Into 'The Matrix?'

A woman has a 'vision' of a portal opening into a church sanctuary scene that seems so bizarre until she experiences a real-life recreation of a portal opening while on her computer.

I received the following account:

"Hello, Mr. Strickler, I really want to share this. I don’t know if anyone else has had this happen if it's some new phenomenon or what. I do have a few theories, but mainly I want to know if anyone else has had this happen. I don’t want to make this super long but I have a couple of things I need to share with you.

I’ve been debating if I was going to share this but my husband says I should. You shared my story about the experience we had where my husband and I saw the predator-like thing up in my neighbor's tree.

OK, as I mentioned in my first letter, I have seen many things, and I know for certain, that they are from other realms. I am not talking about dreams either, I’m talking about wide-awake experiences, many have been outdoors. I am a woman of faith, so I’m not afraid, and when these entities realize that I can see them, they always run away, or hide, or disappear as quickly as they can.

This experience I am about to share sounds weird, it even sounds weird to me. I can’t explain it, and I don’t know if anyone else has ever had similar experiences, or if not maybe they should be warned. I’m a bit of a nerd. I love playing with computers, as in I taught myself how to code. I love doing puzzles, so using software and stuff was like figuring out a 3D puzzle. I’m also semi-good at fixing computers, I can’t really explain it, but I’m just good at knowing what to do to fix any glitches, etc. OK, so now we have WEB3, and I’ve been playing around to learn about that.

I’m trying my best to keep this short and sweet, but that background info is pertinent. So, this is what happened. This was early last year in 2023 in spring, I believe in March or possibly earlier. Anyway, I had just woke up. I was just lounging, resting not in any hurry to get up. I was fully awake, when this round semi-globe, like a window, popped up in my wall, right above where the bed headboard is. On the other side of that wall is outside, the front of my house, it's not adjoining a room.

Now in this little round window, it was an opening. I could see crystal clear. I could even hear everything.  The inside was a church. I could see a piano, hear the music, and see the pews, inside was my old Pastor, whose church I no longer attend. That’s a long story too. He had on a long cream minister robe with a burgundy wine-colored collar that went around his neck and down the length of the front of the robe. He was scowling. He had his arms crossed, and he was also saying to Lil NAS X (The rap singer. I know this sounds crazy, yet it's true and it happened) but he was saying to him, Lil NAS X, that I never listen to him and it wasn’t going to work.

There was church music playing in the background. Lil NAS X was bending down and grinning at me and had a stupid idiotic semi-evil-sounding nervous laugh, and glazed-looking eyes. He was wearing a dark-colored suit, white shirt, and dark tie. He was ready to help me if I had indicated I wanted to go with them. I never said a word, I wasn’t afraid, I was just really checking them out wondering what in the world was happening. I’m not a fan of LIL NAS X. I just happen to know who he is. All I really know is he started out singing country music and personally, I think he’s foul but anyway.

So maybe after a minute, I never said a word, and when Lil NAS X saw I wasn’t trying to hop in the whole thing just kinda “poofed” and was gone. No hole in the wall, no residue, no anything, just gone. This was totally different and I'll never forget it.

Now maybe a month or two later here is the next really 'wow' moment. I am an admitted nerd, so as I have been checking out WEB3, there is a site called Spatial. I'm not trying to advertise for them, but so anyone will better understand. THIS TRIPPED ME OUT! It is a WEB3 site, where you can make an avatar and can create spaces, VR, audio, or use avatars to interact or showcase art or NFTS.

Well, they have the option to add portals. These portals are shortcuts to other spaces, you can add them anywhere, to any other space destinations, and you can look and see into the connecting space. It is also a real-time shortcut that you can enter and be in the next space, and this is exactly like what I experienced. BUT IN REAL LIFE!  Before ever knowing about Spatial. So after I explored this site, and saw that and realized that is exactly what I saw, a real-life portal happened! An Exact Real-Life Portal!

My husband laughed when I told him, but I told him what if I had gone? How would he explain my disappearance? All the cars were here, the dogs hadn’t barked, and no trace would have been left. And they would have had to question him as no one else was here. So that made him think, because he really would not have had a clue, but he would be the only suspect.

Again, I know this sounds crazy. I’ve had many strange experiences, and seen lots of paranormal/supernatural things. To me, this is the weirdest so far. I know that it was evil, they couldn’t take me against my will. I would have had to be willing to go, I could sense that, and that wasn’t happening. I’m still not afraid, just amazed, and aware. Wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this, and if not then just be aware." RS

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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