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Thursday, January 11, 2024

New Mexico Hunter SHOOTS BIGFOOT. Then It Vanishes!

Gene in Albuquerque, New Mexico called in to tell of his bizarre Bigfoot story. He was hunting and encountered a Bigfoot near Gallup. He shot the creature, and it literally vanished!

“Gallup is a border town on the Arizona / Mexico border on I-40, you cross into Arizona. It's an Indian reservation, north. It's all Native American Navajo. I lived out there. I was married to a Navajo girl. I lived out in the south of Gallup. When you go south you go up in altitude. You go up about 8 thousand feet, 85 thousand feet. It's all pine trees in these mountains. Her family had land way out in the middle of nowhere. I mean it was beautiful. I can't even begin to describe where I was at. Very few belladonnas - white people.

I was hunting out there. I got up really early one morning. Left the hogan. We lived way out there. I took off and was actually looking for elk. It was that season. And I'm way up there in the mountains. I'm out there probably about 7 o'clock. The sun's coming up, and something's following me. I'm an ex-Navy corpsman. I know when something's following me. I'm about an hour and a half back in and I'm way out in the middle of nowhere. So I go around and I end up on a box canyon on top of this mesa that overlooks the boonies. It's like a thousand-foot drop-off. Okay. Real quick, I head back towards the box canyon. I was trying to get away from whatever was following me.

All of a sudden I hear these thundering footsteps and I lean up against the wall and here comes about 7 horses out from the middle of nowhere into this box canyon. Wild horses. I get around the box canyon and there it is. It jumps off the top of a twenty-foot dead-end box canyon. I was at the bottom. I'm looking up and now I'm looking at it. And it jumped, one foot down, one foot up on the side. It was exactly what everybody says that you guys talk about (Noory says Bigfoot) Yeah... and I'm in the middle of the Indian reservation on the top of a little mesa. It blew my mind. It looked right at me. I was less than fifty yards from it. I took off running. I didn't freeze. I took off running. I was armed to the hilt. I ran around the box canyon and got out of the box canyon as quick as I could.

Then something threw a rock at me. It was a huge rock. I'd say it weighed about 8 pounds. It would have killed me. I looked and I tripped out. At 120 to 200 yards there it was, and it looked at me. I'm telling you. It blew my mind. It threw an 8-pound rock at least 120 yards. And this thing was not small. This thing was huge.

Okay. I was armed with a .270, 4 by 15 by 15. And I am a crack shot. Let me tell you what. I hit it! I hit it! It took two steps and poof it just disappeared into thin air. It was like it was never there. The footprints were there but there was no blood. True story! dude, I know I hit it. I watched it change expression.

(Noory asks how tall it was) Ah man, it had to have been 8 and a half feet, probably weighed close to 600 pounds. I don't know where it's from but wherever it came from, when I hit it, it had the ability to just disappear into thin air. You know, I looked. I followed the footprints. I walked the 120 yards. It wasn't that far from the top of a mesa it had nowhere to go. Never ever have I seen it again and never ever have I gone back, not by myself.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 15, 2016

NOTE: Quite an interesting encounter, even though I have heard similar accounts, especially in the area around Gallup and other parts of the Navajo Nation. Disappearing Bigfoot ('furry ones') has been noted before. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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