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Thursday, January 04, 2024

Mississippi Cousins Encounter UPRIGHT 'WEREWOLF' on Dark Rural Road

A young Mississippi man and his cousin were on a dark, rural road looking for deer when they came across a 7-foot-tall upright cryptid canine that boldly approached them.

I received the following account:

“In the mid-1980s, my cousin and I saw this, I’d call it a werewolf. We saw it on a gravel road but I was raised as a Christian so seeing something like this, it looked like it was beautiful but it was evil and it bothered me for a long time.

I came back from Dallas, Texas to my little town of Winona, Mississippi where I was raised. My cousin said, 'They’re having this Christmas party' and I said, 'Look, I want to see a deer. Because I hadn’t seen a deer in a long time so I’d been in the city. She said, 'We’ll take this poor house road, this little gravel road between these two main highways.' And, so, we’re riding in a little Toyota pick-up, and the headlights hit what I thought was a deer, it was kinda hunched over in the road and she said, 'There’s one!' And she took off real fast with the bright lights on and we stopped maybe 25 feet from it, just thinking, it’s gonna run off into the woods and everything but it stayed there and it raised up and it was like, maybe, 7 feet tall but it had its back to us. And a little like rabbit or something, took off. I remember seeing it going off to the right and just for, maybe a second, it blurred. It kinda moved back and forth. You can’t see the pattern on the top because it becomes like a blur when it starts spinning. That’s why I think maybe it was from another dimension because it spun like that, I mean it kinda like blurred, then it stopped and then it turned around and it walked straight, not like a regular animal running in the woods to the left and the right to get away.

Then it came straight for the driver’s side of the Toyota. I was in the passenger side and it was really, I mean it had fur, it had mud on the rump of it and it was wider in the middle, like you said, it was kind of leaning over toward the front, walking. The legs were, like, big, like a donkey or a mule or a horse but they were like a wolf, they had that backward look. It was an animal but I don’t know. I thought about it for years. I didn’t know. Did I see a spirit? I don’t know. It had mud on it and it wasn’t afraid of us.

I think back now and, you know, it could have killed us if it wanted to. It walked right by. When it got to the front of the Toyota, it was a two-wheel drive, I was on the passenger side, it was so tall that I couldn’t see when it got close to the front. And it started walking right down her side of the truck and she looked up at this thing. She looked straight up at it. I couldn’t see what was going on, all I could see was the fur and the rump and all that as it came by her driver’s side window and she made this weird sound like she was sucking air. Like she just looked straight. And I turned around and looked and as it walked by the back window of the truck and it just kind of, it walked funny like a dog’s legs on the back, you know, there are many different when it (a dog) stands up, it looks like its almost crippled when it walks. Its knees were backward.

And as it went on by, I thought, my God, you know, what is that? And it jumped up on a little sage grass bank and it kinda cocked its head and looked at me just with his right eye. It never looked me right in the eyes, like straight over. I think I would have passed out. My cousin, when it jumped off in the woods, she said, 'That didn’t look right.' And we’re still sitting there idling. It was so bold, it came along her truck and walked real slow. It wasn’t running or anything like an animal, it just walked. It wasn’t afraid and I said, 'It looked like a wolf' and she looked at me and she said, 'So you saw the same thing I saw?'

She later went to the preacher, and she asked him, 'What was it?' He said some people see demons, and some people see angels. But for years, it bothered me so badly until I started seeing sketches of it. I thought, okay, that’s exactly what we saw and it really helped me.” C

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Winged humanoids have always been around us in some form or another. Most witnesses consider their encounters profound & life-changing. As well, many are fearful of the future, believing that these beings are a harbinger of terrible events.

In the state of Pennsylvania, especially over the past 30 years, there have been many reported sightings of these cryptids. I also had a close encounter with one of these creatures in the Fall of 1988 and have documented other witness sightings & encounters since. What I find interesting is that most of these sightings have mirrored the descriptions of those winged humanoids reported in the Chicagoland region during the past few decades.

So, sit back and listen to these personal reports. Then put yourself in the position of these witnesses and imagine how you would react to a similar situation. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the live chat. I will do my best to answer each.







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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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