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Thursday, January 18, 2024

MIAMI BAYFRONT MARKETPLACE - REMOTE VIEWING SESSION - Unknown Humanoids / Possible 'False Flag' Operation Perceived

My colleagues and I conducted a remote view of this case on January 14, 2024. Since I was the monitor for this session (CVR - Coordinate Remote View), I set the target coordinates for my 3 colleagues and monitored the session.

CRV is the process by which persons are capable of 'perceiving' information concerning a site remote from them in location and/or time. We systematically executed 5 phases to perceive the target and gather as much information as possible. The viewers were physically located in California, British Columbia, and New York. My location was in Pennsylvania. The session was conducted by online stream.

In Phase 1, the coordinates (a set of two - four digit numbers) were given to me...from which an ideogram (a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept) was developed. The target was narrowed down to a subject. By probing the ideogram, 'descriptors' (a function of describing the target) were used to determine the specifics of the target. Several attempts with the same target coordinates were made in order to get an average assessment.

In Phase 2, the target vignette was narrowed by probing for sounds, textures, temperatures, colors, luminescence, contrast, and smells. Through this information, I was able to focus on any verticals, horizontals, diagonals, topography, mass, and energetics as well as my overall 'feeling' of the target. In this instance, Miami's Bayfront Marketplace.

In Phase 3, the viewers made rough sketches or drawings of their perceptions.

In Phase 4, they went into a deeper perception of the target. This included sense, magnitudes, emotions, physicals, subspace, and concepts. There were other specifics used, but at this point, there was no systematic procedure because the observations were starting to come together into a primary deduction.

In Phase 5, my colleagues were instructed to draw a vertical line, and then to retrace the line from the top to bottom, creating a time time.

The following information is an amalgamation of the information perceived during the remote viewing session. All sketches and other physical material are being withheld at the request of the viewers. We consider this material to be private at the current time.

Here is the information that we feel is pertinent to release at this time.:

- There is a mall or indoor/outdoor shopping area. Very soon into the session, the overall focus is on a level underneath the main shopping area. Some sort of out-of-the-ordinary technology is evident.

- A possible portal and unknown beings are detected but not described in detail. Unusually tall shadow beings were perceived, as possibly interdimensional. Two of the viewers mention the possibility of holographic images.

- A 'dull blue-colored beam of vertical light' is also mentioned by the same two viewers. This light extends into the upper reaches of the shopping area.

- The term 'false flag' is also mentioned throughout Phase 3. As well, a person of significance or authority was texting other members of their team.

- There is an intense sense of energy throughout the location, on the lower and upper levels of the mall.

- There does seem to be covert activity by human individuals throughout the process.

- An interesting detail emerges during Phase 4. The viewers described 'angelic presences' were perceived. 'Black helicopters' were also said to be present. The angelic beings were benevolent and humanoid. They were also hovering above the scene. More shadow beings were manifesting along with the angelic beings.

- The viewers were disturbed by interference glitches that occurred throughout the session. There did seem to be a 'blocking energy' emanating from the lower level.

The session took approximately 3 hours, followed by a debrief during a separate conference stream. I compiled the report, which was submitted to the viewers for their edits. I believe that another session may be warranted since our findings did not reach many tangible conclusions.

As a team, we collectively concluded that something unusual did occur at the location on January 1, 2024. The overwhelming police presence and quick response, as if it were planned, does leave several remaining questions.

The previous posts that I offered included supposed photographic evidence and witness commentary from the incident:

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Any follow-up information will be provided and will include references to this post. A full report will eventually be produced. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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