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Sunday, January 14, 2024

LARGE HAIR-COVERED BIPED Observed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

A Michigan hunter was in the Upper Peninsula when he heard a series of wood knocks and had a large tree branch thrown at him. Later, he and his girlfriend saw a large hair-covered biped.

“Back in 2013, I was bear hunting in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We were in Ontonagon County, northwest of Bruce's Crossing. My hunting stand was just north of FR 730 about 3 miles from US 45. The trail I was on was evenly spaced between FR 735 and FR 736. It was a small creek called Scranton Creek. It was almost dry at the time.

I took the trail north about 2 miles and found a good place to set up a ground blind. I was hunting with a handgun, a 500 Smith and Wesson with a factory Red Dot scope on it. I've hunted all my life with handguns and have bagged deer and tons of small game. I'm also an NRA-certified instructor and at the time was shooting competitively in teaching classes for concealed pistol licenses. I felt that I needed to give you some background on myself. I was totally confident in my ability to keep myself safe in the woods.

I took up my stand just before daylight on the opening day of the first bear hunt. About an hour after the first light, I heard what I can only describe as a wood knock. It was north of me towards the Victoria Dam Area. There was a series of knocks. First I heard three knocks evenly spaced and then two knocks that sounded closer to me. About 15 minutes later, again, I heard three knocks that sounded like they came from the spot that I heard the two response knocks from and, again, I heard another two knocks. They were again closer to me. I thought to myself what the hell is making those knocking sounds.

Again, about 15 minutes later, I heard three knocks from where the two responses had come from, and then right behind me was a fast four to five knocks and everything in the woods went quiet. It was so quiet I could hear the bugs flying around. I sat there wondering what the hell was going on and who or what knew that I was there. I was in a camo popup blind and I knew that whatever knew I was there had not seen me.

About 15 minutes later I heard a whirling sound approaching me and a crash next to the blind. I got up went out and found a tree branch about 3 feet long and three or 4 inches in diameter had landed about a foot away from my blind. Now when I set up the blind I was cautious to make sure there were no trees with branches that could fall on me. There was a clear path through the trees to the trail about 6 feet wide but it was a good 100 feet from my blind of the trail. No man that I know of could have thrown that piece of wood that far and with the speed it had flown.

I radioed my hunting partner and told him to come to my blind as soon as possible. When he got there I told him what had happened and we both agreed that I should let whatever wanted the area have it, so we packed everything out and I went to another stand. I had set up on FR 733 where the North Country Trail crossed it. I ended up taking a 400-plus-pound male bear the next day. It weighed 389 pounds dressed at the weigh station at Bruce's Crossing.

I always wonder what threw that tree branch and did all the wood knocking. The week I got back home, I was watching the BFRO guys on TV and found out that they were about 40 miles south of where I was hunting looking for a Bigfoot, that the natives up there had reported to them, so I contacted them and told them my story and was blown off by Cliff (Barackman). I felt that I had something to share and they just weren't interested.

The next year (2014), I took my girlfriend up there with me to show her around and as we were coming back home, we were somewhere between Watersmeet and Iron River on US 2. As we drove past a blueberry bog that was on the north side of the road, at least a good 200 acres, we both saw a hair-covered animal stand up in the middle of the bog. It was at least 4 feet taller than the brush and the brush was 4 feet tall or more itself. I looked at her and all she said was, 'Keep going!' I've hunted up there many times since and have not had any more things happen but sometimes you feel like you're being watched.”

NOTE: The area is well-known for other unexplained activity, namely the Paulding Lights and possible cryptid canines. Cryptid Canines / Wolves Reported in Proximity to the Paulding Light Phenomenon. - The Paulding Lights and Reciprocal Phenomena -  'Upright Cryptid Canine' Observed by Teen in Watersmeet, Michigan. Lon

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwL6z4LRe6E&t=3s

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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