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Inhabitants of North America Put on Alert: Latter-Day Prophecies of UFO Contactee PAUL SOLEM & NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEFS NOW COMING TRUE - Part V



By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the internationally-acclaimed “Venus Rising” book series (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2015-2024), available on amazon.com

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Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

Further UFO sky watches led by Paul Solem would be held throughout the remainder of August 1970, thus adding credence to Solem’s words of warning. The message provided by the Venusians through Paul Solem in Prescott, Arizona, reemphasized the prophecies given at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho, i.e. that “tremendous fires and blasts would rock North America before the beginning of a mass migration of Native Americans and peoples with blood connections to Native American peoples (mestizos) to unaffected areas of the continent, centering on the northwest corner of Missouri.”  Was he referring to a coming World War III and its aftermath?  In Part V, we will consider these important matters in light of both history and current events.

Prophecy of Paul Solem and Hopi Chief Katchongva Sparks Saucer Displays

If the flying saucer displays called down by Venus contactee Paul Solem on Friday, 7 August 1970, were not enough, he promised the Prescott, Arizona, Courier newspaper correspondent Joe Kraus that more such fruitful sky watches would be held in Prescott and the surrounding areas for the remainder of the month.  The saucers, of course, would be guided in by Paul Solem himself, as well as his friend and spiritual mentor, Chief Dan Katchongva of the Hopi Sun Clan.  There would be no doubt left in the minds of Prescott residents that Paul Solem was the “real deal” and that his messages and prophecies, in particular, should be paid the utmost attention.  

After all, Solem, the transplanted rancher from Howe, Idaho, revealed that his arrival in Prescott was directed by “angelic beings” from the planet we know as Venus.  And the Venusians had revealed to Solem that their intention behind putting on the saucer displays was to draw attention to the Hopi Indian prophecies that incidentally coincided with many of the prognostications of the first Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., about the tribulations and events that would take place in the so-called “latter days.”

The UFO sightings began early in the month when Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva and his apprentice Paul Solem began distributing 10,000 booklets containing some of the more pertinent Hopi prophecies.  The chief informed Kraus that he and Solem had even mailed copies of the booklet to sundry world leaders, various ecclesiastical authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah, beginning with the then president of the church, fellow Idahoan Harold B. Lee (28 March 1899 – 26 December 1973), as well as the elders of First Nations tribal councils scattered throughout North America.  

When Paul Solem would speak about the Hopi prophecies, he would frequently point out that following the Day of Purification, there would come a mingling or fusion of the remnant Mormon population with the mass migration of First Nations peoples flooding into areas of North America yet unaffected by the tremendous fires and blasts (nuclear warfare) that will wipe out most of the larger urban areas. These safe areas would be situated in the countryside, at a great distance from the impact points of the bombing and the residual radiation.  

Control of “Turtle Island,” the name given by the Native Americans for the North American continent, will ultimately return to the descendants of this land’s original inhabitants.  They will work to restore it to habitability and its pristine beauty. Zion will be built up in the northwest corner of Missouri, extending outward from the “Center Place” pinpointed by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., and identified as “Adam-Ondi-Ahman,” in the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 116, in a revelation given in 1838. There was a group of Mormons that briefly settled there in 1838, as directed by Smith, but were subsequently driven out of Missouri during a period of religious persecution against the Latter-Day Saints.  

Adam-Ondi-Ahman today is a historic site in Daviess County, Missouri, about five miles south of Jameson. It is located along the east bluffs above the Grand River. According to the teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr., in the previously cited Section 116 of the Doctrine and Covenants, it is the site where Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. It is guarded by an angel with a flaming sword until the gathering of the Saints is called following the Day of Purification.  

Following a devastating nuclear attack on the United States, First Nations peoples and Mormons will build up the City of Zion on these safe and secure lands in northwest Missouri, the site of the original Garden of Eden (Doctrine and Covenants, Section 116), according to a revelation given by Joseph Smith, Jr., on these grounds in 1838.  

August 1970 - A Most Remarkable Month

News of the “UFO prophet,” Paul Solem, was spreading fast.  On the night of Sunday, 9 August 1970, a contingent of some 100 people from Prescott, surrounding Arizona towns and sundry Native American reservation lands, had been trailing Solem, along with a smattering of newspaper reporters, in the hope of seeing the contactee call down the flying saucers again like he had done on Friday.  The people were assembled with Solem and Chief Dan Katchongva along the Granite River Basin in the northeast corner of the Yavapai Prescott Indian Reservation.  Everyone watched in awe as Paul Solem once again contacted the Space People with mental telepathy, thereby bringing down a fleet of saucers obligingly flying over the Indian lands in a vee formation.  

Two young Native Americans visiting the reservation that night, Alvis Smith, an Apache, and Joe Manuel, a Pima, had heard rumors about Paul Solem and Chief Dan and came to meet these so-called “holy men” for themselves.  After sighting the saucer fleet, they returned to their own tribes to spread the news of the coming Day of Purification and the work of our brothers and sisters from other planets in supporting First Nations peoples, as taught by the contactee and his friend, the Hopi chief.  

The next evening, after meeting up with his Hopi advisors, Chief Dan Katchongva, Ralph Tawangyawma, and Hopi language interpreter Caroline Tawangyawma, at the same Yavapai Prescott Indian Reservation, situated about one mile to the northeast of Prescott’s city center, Paul Solem followed their suggestion to move the sky watch over to Iron Springs Road at the entrance to the Prescott National Forrest, in the hills to the northwest of Prescott.  Once everyone had reassembled there, Paul Solem announced, “The spaceships will show up just as soon as the sky clears.”  

At about 10:30 p.m., after the rain clouds had dispersed, thus dissipating a slight drizzle, Paul stepped out of his car, along with Chief Dan and his advisors, and together they chanted Hopi prayers invoking the arrival of the spaceships.  The rain kept the assemblage much smaller than the night before, but the fifteen people who did show up were not disappointed.  Once Caroline shouted, “Here they come!” those attending got out of their private vehicles lining the road and witnessed a bright flying saucer come sailing by. 

Nonnie Skidmore, the correspondence secretary for Chief Dan, was among those in that group of fifteen who observed the UFO that night and told reporter Kraus, “The craft came in a rolling motion like a moon and was about 500 to 800 feet off the ground.  It came from north to south and then turned by the side of a house, due west.  It climbed and turned off its light like a light bulb.”  A couple from Prescott, the Morrys, also reported a similar type of UFO hovering over the forested area to the northwest of Prescott. 

On Monday, 17 August 1970, Paul Solem announced that he would no longer be holding sky watches in the Prescott area, as he and Chief Dan had further work to do at the Santo Domingo Pueblo in neighboring New Mexico.  “The Space People have a special affinity with the Hopi, so you will continue seeing their ships on your own,” explained Solem.  The sightings continued throughout August 1970, but the number of reports diminished daily.  Without the contactee and the Hopi chief’s continued presence in the area, conducting the sky watches, interest in UFOs slackened among the Prescott residents; but not among the Native Americans out on the reservation, who viewed the appearance of the flying saucers as a vindication of the Hopi prophecies.  

While Paul Solem made no attempt to contact the Space People and bring down the saucers that night, it is interesting to note that there was one last flap that took place.  Some locals tried to blame the intense UFO activity that night on some prankster who had dropped lighted plastic bags from an airplane flying over the city, but Kraus and other Courier newspaper staff members reported seeing the UFOs that night changing colors and zig-zagging.  “They did not seem to us to appear as a satellite or a plastic balloon,” noted Kraus, speaking for himself and the other newspaper employees.  

Young Nonnie was so enthralled with the appearance of flying saucers over Prescott and the adjacent reservation, that she wholeheartedly came to believe that it (the UFO flap) was the “greatest event in the entire solar system right now.” 

Apostles of Light to New Mexico

Chief Don Ingop of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho had returned home to continue the preaching work to prepare the Shoshone and other Native Americans of the northwestern states for the arrival of the long-predicted Day of Purification.  Paul Solem and Chief Dan Katchongva departed for the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, having gotten settled in there by the beginning of October 1970.  Their mission was a continuation of the work they had accomplished in the Prescott, Arizona, area, to conduct sky watches and channeling sessions, to thereby try and convince the Native Americans living there of the imminent fulfillment of the Hopi prophecies concerning the coming of the Great White Brother and the times of unprecedented tribulations, that they might survive and go on to a greater and more promising future.  

Chief Dan Katchongva summarized the revelation he and Paul Solem would be presenting in New Mexico: 

“We have seen the flying saucers and have heard their message to us.  We know they are real as their pictures were drawn upon stone for all to see near Old Oraibi in the very beginning.  We know the faithful are to be gathered to escape Purification Day.  We give you our testimony and all that we tell you is true, so you have no excuse that you were not told.”

Paul Solem noted, “The Venusians complained to me that the message has not spread out across the land as quickly as they had hoped.  That is why Chief Dan and I are going on to conduct an even bigger sky watch in New Mexico.  This one will also be on Indian lands, but it will take place in broad daylight.  And we will have reporters and cameramen from the big networks there, so there will not be any doubts or questions any longer.  This time we will try and bring the ship to within 100 feet.”


(In the next installment, Part VI, the meaning of a second but previously mysterious petroglyph is brought to light by Chief Dan Katchongva.  Paul Solem discusses its significance given predicted future events.  Frank Jacob, the German filmmaker who brought the TOP SECRET Looking Glass program to the public’s awareness, is interviewed by Dr. Raymond Keller in Germany and West Virginia, about recent discoveries pointing to this second petroglyph as being the key to understanding the development of parallel timelines.  Astounding revelations await us.  Don’t miss it! - Lon)

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