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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Inhabitants of North America Put on Alert: Latter-Day Prophecies of UFO Contactee PAUL SOLEM & NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEFS NOW COMING TRUE - Part IV



By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the internationally-acclaimed “Venus Rising” book series (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2015-2024), available on amazon.com

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

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Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

When Venus contactee Paul Solem and his Native American contingent arrived in Arizona, they were met with a huge UFO flap.  Artwork source:  https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net.

Summer of ’69:  Saucers Among the Hopi

A contingent of Native American elders led by the Shoshone Chief Don Ingop from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho accompanied the Venus contactee, Paul Solem of Howe, Idaho, on his celestial-appointed mission to the Hopi Reservation in Hotevilla, Arizona, at the start of August 1969.  There Paul requested that they be allowed to meet with Chief Dan Katchongva, then 108 years old, the leader of the traditionalist Sun Clan, which was the smallest but most spiritually-oriented of the five Hopi clans.  “We bring an important message from the Star People for Chief Katchongva,” maintained Solem.  

The contactee and Chief Don were led into the presence of Chief Dan Katchongva by some of the younger Hopi men.  When Solem explained to Chief Dan why he had come to the Hopi lands, some of these younger men broke out in laughter.  “You don’t actually believe this guy?” said one of the young men.  Chief Dan solemnly insisted, “Most certainly I do.  Everything he has said is all part of our religion.”

One Young Man Takes Paul Solem Seriously

Titus Lamson, one of the young men from the Sun Clan, took Paul Solem’s words quite seriously.  “Five or six months ago,” he testified, “I saw a brilliantly lit object sail over Hotevilla, moving in a westerly direction.  It was a saucer-shaped construction with a dome and aerial on top.  It became transparent as I watched it.  Inside, I could see the back of someone dressed in a gray ski-jump outfit.  The man wore blond hair reaching to his shoulders.  He was facing an instrument panel.  The object descended slowly until it nearly touched the ground and then disappeared over a ridge.  I tried to search for it with my flashlight, but could not find it or any trace of it.”

Legends of Star People Visitations to the Hopi

The aged Chief Dan then relayed to Titus Lamson and the others assembled one of the ancient Hopi legends.  “Countless thousands of moons ago,” he explained, “there was a great flood that came and inundated the lands of our people.  We were much greater in number then; but the flood forced us to divide into four groups, each group migrating in a different direction.  One trekked to the east, another to the south, and yet another to the west.  We are the descendants of the group that migrated to the north.  It was a cold, hard, and frozen land; but we were alive and together.  Then a very bright star appeared over our camp and our star brothers and sisters spoke to our elders from the midst of the star.  They bid us to follow their star canoe that plied the sky both day and night, and they would lead us to a land that would be ours forever, as long as the Sun shined and the grass grew.  And thus did the Great Spirit Maasau, the chief of the Star People, guide us to this land we call Old Oraibi, here in Arizona.”

Days of Tribulation and Judgment Coming Soon

Chief Dan then imparted some words about the future but did not specify any dates.  “After Maasau landed the star canoe in Old Oraibi, he disembarked in the vicinity of Second Mesa.  There at the mesa, he proceeded to draw a petroglyph depicting a Hopi maiden with a traditional butterfly hairdo being carried in a wingless, dome-shaped vessel.  The arrival of this maiden,” he assured us, “signified the Day of Purification.  At that time, all of the Hopi who wanted to go with her would be flown to Venus and other planets on ‘ships without wings.’  These are sky canoes similar to the one that brought the Great Maasau here in the first instance.  The Great Maasau told us that all other worlds are inhabited and that not only are the prayers of the Hopi received by him and other chiefs of the Star People on these other worlds, but that following the Day of Purification, any of the Hopi who wanted to live on these other planets would certainly be most welcomed.” 

Traditional Hopi maiden with butterfly hairdo.

The Great Spirit Maasau, materializing on the Earth plane, drew this petroglyph signifying the coming of Purification Day, when some of the Hopi would be flown to Venus and other planets to escape the tribulations that would befall the rest of the world’s inhabitants at the End of Days, i.e. the end of the world as we know it.  

Paul Solem’s Mission to the Hopi

The arrival of Paul Solem among the Hopi was causing some factional splits among them, especially since Chief Dan Katchongva considered his new Idahoan friend to be sent from God and to be his “True White Brother.”  There hadn’t been such divisions among the Hopi since 1906 when the tribal allegiances were split between the traditionalist and modernist factions.  That is when the traditionalists were forced out of Oraibi and moved over into Hotevilla.  

Chief Dan realized the importance of his friend Paul Solem and his mission to the Hopi peoples of Hotevilla and Oriabi, often referred to as “Old Oriabi” by many of the old timers on the reservation, situated some 190 miles northeast of Prescott, Arizona.  Paul Solem had extensive experience as a cattle rancher, so Chief Dan let him stay on the reservation with him as long as he cared to.  There he would work as a rancher during the day and study and learn from Chief Dan of all the traditions and prophecies of the Hopi people at night. Life was hard on the reservation, so Solem set up his wife with an apartment in Prescott.  Paul lived with and was accepted by the Hopi Indians for several years. All of the Hopi recognized that he was the only white man who was taught the Hopi prophecies.  And since he was an apprentice to Chief Dan, they knew that he had to possess a special spirit.     

Paul Solem and Chief Dan Go to Prescott, Arizona 

It was slightly more than one year that Paul Solem had been studying with Chief Dan when the chief realized that his apprentice was ready to begin his public ministry.  Just as the Space People in their flying saucers had put on a marvelous sky show over the Hopi reservation lands in the Summer of 1969, it was time again for another fantastic aerial display, but this time it would be for the benefit of the white population settled in Prescott, who had heard rumors about Solem and the Native Americans seeing some UFOs but generally dismissed it all as a “bunch of hooey.”  

It all started with a flying saucer flap at the beginning of August 1970.  Initially, there were just some anomalist fires and lights in the night skies during the first week of August, but then on Friday, 7 August 1970, the cosmic dam broke open.  Chief Dan confirmed with Paul Solem that this was the day when the sign everyone had been waiting for would be given.  It was time to bring the Space People’s message to the inhabitants of Prescott, a diverse population then consisting mostly of cowboys, Mormons, New Agers, and a scattering of fundamentalist Christians.

Joe Kraus, a reporter for the Prescott, Arizona, Courier newspaper, met with Paul Solem on that momentous night of 7 August 1970.  Solem had contacted Kraus and requested the meeting.  Solem introduced himself as a rancher from Idaho living out on the Hopi reservation with the permission of Chief Dan Katchongva.  He said that he came to Prescott, however, at the urging of angelic friends from Venus.  These extraterrestrials, Solem, explained, were responsible for the recent increase in UFO sightings throughout Prescott and the surrounding areas.  “I’m here this evening because the Venusians are going to manifest their presence in the skies above to draw attention to certain Hopi Indian prophecies.  They want the people of Prescott to know that they, the Venusians, are real and serious about the message of the Hopi prophecies and their significance for the future of humankind, and particularly for the United States.”

Then Solem stepped apart from Kraus and a contingent of Prescott residents who had gathered with him to see if this alleged UFO contactee was the “real deal.”  Solem asked everyone to maintain silence as he gazed up into the sky and began to mentally “call down” his Venusian friends in their flying saucers.  After about 15 minutes, Solem declared, “They’re here.  I can’t see them yet, but I know they are here.  One just said, ‘We’re here, Paul!’  There are several people in the saucer.  I can hear them talking.”

Then, after a couple of minutes, as Kraus reported in the Sunday, 9 August 1970 edition of the Courier, “A star appeared in the sky that wasn’t there before.” At that point, as Kraus and the others watched it, Solem repeated words that he allegedly received through mental communication with a being aboard the ship:

“My name is Paul 2, fourth in command of all ships that enter the atmosphere of the planet called Earth.  We come to lend credence, and as a sign or token, that the Hopi prophecy was of a divine nature.  Great sorrow and fear will come to this planet very soon and few will escape it.  Our leader as spoken of in Hopi prophecy is already here on Earth in mortality and is known as the Apostle John, the same in the New Testament.  The white brother shall be introduced by a huge fire and the Earth shall quake at his arrival. We are of the Ten Lost Tribes and we will return for several nights unless there is contempt for us.”  Once Solem concluded his remarks, the new star that appeared overhead, just disappeared.  

Of this object’s appearance, Kraus noted, “I stood in a backyard in Prescott with several neighbors and watched spellbound for almost a half hour Friday night. It looked like a star- almost.  It rose in the sky, stopped, hovered, wavered to one side, and then continued across the sky repeating the maneuvers.  A flying saucer?  Yes, if we could believe our eyes.”  Then, in referring to the alleged prophet who summoned the UFO in the first place, Kraus came to the conclusion that “Paul Solem is either a hypnotist, magician, has a vivid imagination or he is telling the truth.  Whatever, he is dedicated to his work.”

The Prescott Saucer Flap

Kraus and his neighbors, in the company of Solem, were not the only ones sighting UFOs that night.  In the Sunday edition of the Courier, the journalist wrote about others throughout Prescott who had called in with similar reports.  There was a Baptist evangelist from Phoenix visiting a Prescott church to conduct a series of revival meetings, the Reverend John Foster, who claimed to have witnessed a “pulsating light moving across the night sky.”  

Others throughout Prescott called in the Courier desk on Friday night to report seeing UFOs “zigzagging through the air” and “executing incredible maneuvers.”  This flood of calls inspired Courier staff photographer Chuck Roberts to step onto the roof of the newspaper office building to see if he could capture a photo of at least one of the UFOs.  Not seeing anything unusual at first glance, other than some star-like lights moving across the heavens at an extremely high altitude, he set up his camera to take a five-minute time exposure of the sky for subsequent analysis. 

Time exposure shows the vertical path of the Pegasus Polar satellite being crossed by the arcing, but faint, path of the UFO in upper left to upper center. 

What one of the moving lights turned out to be was the Polar-orbiting satellite Pegasus, following a north-to-south vertical trajectory.  The other light, however, crossed the path of the Pegasus satellite along a curved track.  When the negatives were shown to an astronomer at the Lowell Observatory in nearby Flagstaff, Arizona, this second, arcing object, seen faintly in the photo above in the upper left to upper center, could not be classified as a star, meteor, planet, satellite or piece of space debris.  In other words, this time exposure photo serves as proof that at least one of the objects reported that night in the skies over Prescott was a genuine UFO.  

Most Spectacular Sighting

One of the more spectacular sightings of 7 August 1970 came from Prescott resident Irene Wood: 

“We were on a hill on DeMerse Street; and at 8:15 p.m., we saw a huge brilliant mass of light look as big as three moons coming very fast from just over Thumb Butte.  It seemed almost over Prescott and went to the east.  It halted and a huge mass detached itself and fell straight down behind the hills.  

“We came back in the house; and at 8:30 we saw another, smaller object that was reddish in color, with a glow…. No blinking lights, either.  It came from exactly the same position and went the same route as the first.  But when it got to the place where the first mass had detached its load, it let down six small red objects.  There were no breakages apparent.  Just as the thing hovered, the six fell and they were spaced exactly the same distance apart.  At one time, we saw four of these things in the sky.”


(Editor’s Note:  Further UFO sky watches led by Paul Solem would be held throughout the remainder of August 1970, thus adding credence to Solem’s words of warning. The message provided by the Venusians through Paul Solem in Prescott reemphasized the prophecies given at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho, i.e. that “tremendous fires and blasts would rock North America before the beginning of a mass migration of Native Americans and peoples with blood connections to Native American peoples (mestizos) to unaffected areas of the continent, centering on the northwest corner of Missouri.”  Was he referring to a coming World War III and its aftermath?  In Part V of this amazing series, our UFO correspondent “Cosmic Ray” will elaborate on these issues.  Don’t miss it!  - Lon)

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