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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

HUGE PALE, SKINNY HUMANOID Chases Witnesses in Dawson County, Nebraska

A Nebraska man and several boys were fishing a canal in Dawson County at night when they suddenly encountered a huge pale, skinny humanoid that chased them out of the area.

"These are the facts regarding a situation that happened on Sunday, June 16, 2022, and the hunt I went on Monday, June 17, 2022. Only two other people know about pale skinny humanoids. I've never really been able to share these experiences because it's very hard to believe but I assure you that they are factual and real.

The main part of this account was told to me by my brother-in-law. He is a no-nonsense type of guy so I knew it was true just by the reaction from him and the five kids that were there with him at the time. One of the kids is my nephew and the other four are basically family so you'll understand why I went hunting for this thing that terrorized them that night.

First, a description of the location on the night of June 16th. My brother-in-law and nephew along with four other children were fishing at a local location called Young's Check, south of Kad, Nebraska in Dawson County. This is a small gate that controls the flow of water into Johnston's Lake which is about 10 miles to the east. It's not flat like most people see when traveling through the state. The canal is wooded on both sides so there's plenty of natural cover for anything wanting to move without being seen. When I was a kid you could drive right up to the gate, but it's fenced off now.

They were night fishing the road that leads to the gate. The canal is extremely steep on each side with only one way in and one way out. When this thing chased them all the way back to their vehicle it was about 2:30 AM. One of the kids thought they heard something making noise in the water near them, so my brother-in-law shined his light. To their horror they witnessed an almost disfigured pale white creature on all fours drinking out of the canal. It didn't notice them until he shined the light on it. It was so close it had to know they were there. He said it turned to look at him when he shined the light and said it had pointed ears, no hair, and black eyes that didn't reflect the light like any other animal in the wild would. One of the kids later looked up images of skinwalkers when they returned home and said it looked like the one in all fours with a weird disfigured back. He said that the one they saw was 10 times more muscular than the supposed one online.

My brother-in-law turned to the kids and yelled run now. He then turned back and saw that this creature started coming towards him and he just dropped everything and ran. That's right, he left everything. He didn't have time to pack and began running. He only ran about 15 feet and looked back to see this thing eating the chicken liver they abandoned, along with a few other items he had no time to grab. It then began to scale the steep drop-off going up the hill and was matching their pace. As they ran on the road below they reached the gate and he told the kids to keep running all the way to the truck and get in and don't stop. He wanted to make some more distance between this thing and the kids so he stopped and turned to face this thing so the kids would be safe. He said when he turned around it came barreling down the hill, stopped next to the utility pole, and stood up on two legs.

The next day he showed me where the top of the head was next to the pole almost as if this thing was trying to show him how big it was. The head alone reached about 8 feet. I'm 5'11'' and I had to reach on my toes to the metal bracket where he said this thing's head was clearing. It stood there for about 5 seconds to which my brother-in-law must have felt like an eternity. He was only 10 feet from this thing looking at it eye to eye. Then it charged him on two legs and he immediately turned around and sprinted down the road. He said this thing was making grunting noises and its footfalls sounded like it had to have weighed 600 lb or better. He said it must have turned and scaled the high wall on the south side of the road because as he was running it was running on top of this small cliff right above him. It went off to the right a bit and out of sight.

He and the kids all said that on the small bend before they reached the truck they heard what sounded like babies crying to their right in the trees. They all piled into the truck and by this time two of the kids were crying uncontrollably. He started the truck and when he turned on the lights this thing was right across the road behind a tree staring right at them. They said its face had changed and now it looked like it had rags on its face, but still just pale white with black unreflecting eyes. He showed me where it was standing with its head clearing the top of the tree. They peeled out of there and it didn't follow them any further.

When they got home none of the kids could sleep and one of them sat in the corner holding a cross and a penny, just crying. He wanted to sleep in the closet, keeping the cross and Penny in his hands. Ss he's telling me about this the next day all I could think was anger. I was going to hunt this thing that terrorized my family.

So, a very good friend, my brother-in-law, and I, along with one of the kids who, quite honestly has balls of steel, wanted to go with us. We were all fully armed. We packed our gear and headed up to the location. My brother-in-law came out around 10:00 that night after my friend, the boy, and I went exploring. We arrived about 1 hour before sundown. We scaled the hills past where they were fishing nearly a mile further east. We found an area where we could get down to the water and something strange happened.

When my brother-in-law came out, we headed back to where they had first seen the creature. He was leading us around, showing us everywhere this creature traveled. You could clearly see where something massive had come down the steep embankment. When we got to the fishing spot we found one track where the chicken liver was and found what we thought was a barefoot human-looking print 16 plus inches long with three-toed imprints

After about an hour nothing had happened but the boy said that he thought he felt something watching us the entire time. I did not feel this but then again I have absolutely no fear of anything so maybe I didn't pick up on it. I asked the boy if at any point he thought it was trying to attack them and he said no, the feeling he said he had was that it was trying to intimidate and scare the kids.

We never encountered the creature again."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpnPrMFKWew

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