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Monday, January 01, 2024


A reader forwarded an event experienced by his grandparents in the 1930s in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada in which they encountered a huge black shadow carrying a severed human head!

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This would have been before 1938 before my grandparents were even married. Their names were Hollis and Sadie. They probably would have been in their early 20s. And this one encounter, which Mom relayed as if it was an actual event, was just so very strange. As a child hearing it, I did not know what to think. But she told me this very same story many times. And I will share it with you now so that you may judge it for yourself.

As the story was told to me, Hollis and Sadie were walking home one night in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. They were in between what would now be called Marshview Drive and Hedge Court, closer to Hedge Court. They were apparently talking about religion as they were walking north along Main Street, headed toward Silver Lake.

It was then that they saw what appeared to be a large shadowy figure walking slowly around the corner. It was headed in the direction of downtown Sackville. It was hundreds of feet away from them. Yet they were directly in its path. It was mostly dirt roads back then. And they stood there paralyzed in fear, not knowing what to do. As they looked at the figure walking directly toward them they took notice that it was huge. It was all shadowy yet featureless. Sadie noted she could hear the gravel on the road moving with each slow step. But there was otherwise no sound coming from it. As it slowly approached closer to them, Hollis and Sadie rushed into the side culvert, huddled together in fear. As they regained their courage they could still hear the footsteps. And they looked up nervously as the figure walked past them slowly.

It was at this point they took notice of just how huge it was. Back then the telephone poles were not as tall as they are now. Yet Sadie said this thing was the same height as the telephone poles. Even stranger, it was actually carrying its own severed head as it walked silently past them. It seemed oblivious to their presence to the point that Sadie raised her head to look closer as it was walking away. It was at that point that Sadie distinctly noticed under the street light that its feet were not even touching the dirt road. It was raised above the gravel, yet still disturbing the gravel as if it were brushing its feet along the road.

Hollis and Sadie did not move from that spot for several minutes. They just watched as it slowly walked away. Once it finally walked past Ogden Mill Road, more toward downtown Sackville, they remembered they had friends and family also following behind them. And this thing, whatever it was, would be headed straight toward them. So they both got up from the culvert and ran as fast as they could to intercept their family. They quickly found them just around the Booster Pump. Sadie saw her sister Doreen and asked them all if they saw anything. But her sister and friends were bewildered with their questions. They said did not encounter anything.

It wasn't long after this event that Sadie spoke to her priest at St. Vincent Church in Sackville, N.B. According to her Marriage Certificate, it was Fr. Raymond Desrosiers who presided over their marriage on November 23rd, 1938. So this may be the same Priest she spoke to back then. He wasn't sure what to make of their encounter. He thought it may have been related to something called the 'Wandering Jew.' But he really wasn't sure exactly what to make of it.

When I was little I just took it at face value and did not question it. But as I grew up and heard the calling for Christianity, I had since come to the conclusion that this legend of the Wandering Jew was yet another anti-Semitic story. I had come to assume the story of Cain's mark as he wandered throughout the world was somehow synchronized with the story of the Jewish Diaspora to render some new folklore. But mom thought that the way her mom Sadie told the story of this shadowy head bearer, she believed this was something they really believed happened to them. When mom tried to talk to her dad about it, he would not talk about it. And he passed away without speaking of the encounter.

I was searching for others who had similar encounters when I discovered your website. And I was very impressed with the level of detail you have gathered and shared. I feel this encounter my mom shared with me could benefit your research. Please feel free to share this encounter too.

And thank you for your time." DL

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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