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Saturday, January 06, 2024

'FLYING' BIGFOOT? Eyewitness Describes Incident Near Walla Walla, Washington

A Washington witness swears that he observed a 'flying' Bigfoot. I have included the original email and a podcast transcript of the witness describing the incident.

“I was driving home. It was the summer of 2005, July (correction/annotation appears on screen: actually, it was the last week of June). I was driving down the highway. I was in the little Mazda car I had at the time.

Out of the corner of my eye, on my right, I, through the windshield, saw what looked like a giant black bag or something flying in the sky. I was right about here when I first noticed it (points to a spot along the highway as he drives – annotation: This is the entrance lane of Highway 12 heading North/East from Walla Walla). I noticed over to my side. I didn't pay any attention because I thought it was a black bag flying around. It was right about over there (points to a place over a field). And I looked back at the highway. I was driving. I got up here to the Weigh Station (annotation: Weigh Station 51). Here's the airport to the left (annotation: Walla Walla airport). The Weigh Station is right up here. Right after I got around the corner of this Weigh Station, I saw it with my own eyes.

It was like humanoid-like. It was human. I think it was humanoid because I discovered this thing was filmed in Mexico a month before. As I was going around this corner right here – this is the Weigh Station, this Weigh Station, I got right here and I could see it right here up in the sky so I pulled over right here. I pulled over right by this guardrail. I got out right here. I stopped right here at this guard rail and it's flying above the wires, going in that direction (east to west). It's flying across the sky like that, just like that (uses a crack in his windshield to show the direction it moved). Anyway, the next thing I did, I got out and I was standing there watching it. It went across the highway and was going across that field and angled towards that hill back there. See that, way back there in the fog? (points towards a field) That one. See how it's higher than the rest of the stuff around it.

The next thing I did, I got back on the highway. I raced up here to Sapolil and took a left turn so I could follow it that way. I got around the corner here and took a left turn on Sapolil so I could get in front of it. It was quite the experience. I took a turn right here at Sapolil. I went down the road. As I was driving along here, I got right here and I could see it on my left. It wasn't that far over. It was right over there, oh about, I'd say, a quarter of a mile, half a mile. Probably about a half a mile. I continued on up the road because he was already to this hump. I'm telling you, he touched that hump of that hill. It glided across the sky and used that hump over there to propel itself. He was heading directly to this silo up here (points toward a silo) in a straight line almost. I got right up here in this intersection. This backroad intersection. I tell you, there's no traffic out here at all. I got to this little four-way intersection right here and I stopped. I got out of my vehicle. What I did was I turned around. I did a U-turn. I stopped right here. See the silo? He was coming right across the sky. He came at me.

After my first stop back there on the highway, I could tell it was floating on some sort of triangular device. It looked like red hippity hops, and I said this before online a dozen times. And I'm not crazy, I know what I saw. Anyway, I got here, I got out of the vehicle here at Sapolil, and he was, I would say, 50 yards away. He got right up to about 50 yards away. I would say he was 20 yards off the ground at the max. And he turned and he started going off at that angle. I tried to follow him. I went down the road that way but he went behind the trees back there and he went right up over between those hilltops there, that one and that one (points at a hill and some trees). And he disappeared back in there and, mind you, the airport way back over there, so, I don't know, something strange going on around here. I got close enough to see this thing and I watched a lot of the Patterson film and I watched a lot of Sasquatch films and I know what I saw. And you know what, I think it's military because I saw a cinch-like seam on his leg that made it appear like he was wearing boots.

Some of the details I forgot to tell is when I stopped on the street it had something hanging from the side that I thought was a dead dog. When I reached Sapolil and Smith Road, I was pretty confident it was a small dog. It was a dead dog hanging on a rope about 3 or 4 feet long. It craned its head at me when it turned and floated across the sky away from me, it turned its head like an owl. I mean, its head stayed fixated on me as its body turned. I saw plenty of hair. I saw its face." D

(Annotation: Bigfoot hunter Wes Summerlin documented years ago that he had found a series of tracks in the snow, in a field that just appeared and then vanished. They were as if the beast could fly.)


Dave later appeared on Brenton Sawin's show, discussing the encounter:

“Well, what happened was. I was on Highway 12. When I pulled around the Weigh station, I pulled off the side of the road near the guard rail and I got out and watched it fly over the power lines. It looked like, what I think were three red hippity hops. Do you remember the old hippity hops we had as a kid, the big red ball? Well, it looked like it had three of them tethered because I saw it at an angle on the other side of it, see what looked like the two little nipples had come off of one of them. And they looked like they were all tethered in the center. And his butt was as wide as two of those balloons so that's how I gauged him in size. But I feel he was about 12 feet tall. A dead dog was hanging on the left side (describes the dog but the audio is garbled). Anyway, it was hanging on the left side and it was motionless so I felt it was dead. Its feet were all hanging straight down on both sides. It was tied and hanging about three feet below it on the left side.

And so what happened was I drove up, it was about a quarter mile to an eighth of a mile past it, and I take a left on Sapolil off Highway 12 and I drove down and I raced down to Smith road which was another quarter of a mile. Then I took a left on Smith and I took a U-turn right there and parked facing it and I got out of my vehicle and I went and stood in front of my vehicle. And I watched it as it approached. It was coming towards me, coming straight at me in a straight line. When I first saw it, it was still a couple hundred yards out there. I sat there for a good five minutes. And it got to about less than half a football field away, I'll say that, and it started to turn back the way it came. It slowly went into a turn move. It probably moved a good ten yards to the right of me as it turned around. It kept its eyes and its face and its head planted on me. So when he went around and turned, he sort of looked like an owl, you know what I’m saying? It really did at that moment. It resembled an owl in the way it turned its head. It went off at an angle back across the field and I'm down on Smith Road.

I raced down Smith Road a ways and it went back and it got lower as it was going. And he went over these crick trees, a line of trees in the forest. You know the Reclamation Project, where they restore the creek? There's a bunch of trees down in there where I saw him. And that's the last I was able to see him. By the time I came back to the curb on Smith Road, I looked back, and I didn't see anything. He was out of the air and back on the ground.”

Brenton asked him if the Bigfoot looked like the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot.

“It was exactly like that.”

NOTE: Jc Johnson had reported several 'Furry Ones' track lines suddenly disappearing as if the beast 'took off.' This phenomenon is not uncommon. I have received similar reports over the years, especially from the Pacific Northwest. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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