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Friday, January 05, 2024

Elk Hunter Paralleled & Stalked by Possible BIGFOOT Near Mount St. Helens

A military veteran is back home in Washington and hunting elk near Mount St. Helens. He hears some walking in the woods, eventually realizing that at least one Bigfoot is paralleling him.

"This experience happened to me after I left the military. I was hunting near Mount St. Helens, Washington. This is my first trip back and I wanted to get in some elk hunting. I was so excited to be back home and able to go hunting which I love. My hunting partner was not able to go with me on this trip so I was going to make a solo trip which I've done many times before. I knew the area well enough and was prepared for what it would present. I always take at least 3 days' worth of provisions when hunting and survival gear in the way of extra clothing, poncho, matches, fire starter, and other essential items in my backpack. I know that many do not take such precautions when hunting but I do because once while hunting I got turned around so bad that I spent three days in the woods wishing I had something with me other than my gun, knife, and what I was wearing on my back.

On this trip, I was going to hunt a power transmission line right away. I parked on the logging road and walked about a mile to where I would sit on top of a ridge where I would be able to watch both sides. It allowed me to be able to have a clear shot for over 400 yards in either direction. I'd taken several elk in the same location in various seasons over the years before entering the service.

I walked in before the light and reached the spot where I intended to hunt before the sun came up. I was there all day and did not see a thing. This was highly unusual as every other time I had chosen this location I always saw something. It was all so more quiet than I remember for some reason. I also had the feeling of being watched but thought it was nothing. 

About an hour before dark and close to when I would have to leave, I started to hear movement to the right in the woods. It was not the usual sounds you hear from an animal, more like someone walking in the woods. I thought that maybe someone else was hunting in this area. I took note to be careful and not to shoot in that direction should an elk walk out. I never saw anyone else, but kept having that feeling I was being watched. It was just a feeling I could not shake.

When I got up to leave I yelled over and said, "I'm coming out. For God's sake don't shoot." I said this more as a joke. No one said anything and there was no more movement from that direction. I once again yelled a little louder, "I'm coming up. Please don't shoot." I started walking towards the dirt road and wandered back and forth between the transmission power lines. I thought it funny that whoever it was didn't call back to say they had heard me.

I got to the dirt road and started back to my car thinking that whoever it was didn't want to make any noise to scare any animals as it was not quite dark enough to stop hunting. But for me, I felt the urge to leave. As I moved down the road towards my car the sound of walking in the woods started again off to my right just inside the tree line. I thought that maybe whoever it was had decided to walk out with me. Whoever it was did not come out of the woods but just kept paralleling me. I stopped they stopped. This is beginning to creep me out so I asked them to come out where I could see them. There's no reply. In a louder voice, I said, "Enough's enough. No more games. Get your ass out here so I can see you." Again, there's no reply. I took my gun off my shoulder and locked a round into the chamber keeping the gun pointed in the direction of the area while I heard the walking, but with my safety on.

I continued to walk to my car. When I stopped it stopped. I became worried that maybe this was not human. I began to think that this might be a Bigfoot. I was also aware that there may be another one on the left side of me. I started to watch all around me, after all, I would rather be safe than sorry. I still had quite a way to go to get to my car and knew it would be dark by the time I got there. I started to jog so I could possibly get there before it was totally dark. The thing to my right started keeping pace with me. I could hear it breaking limbs and what sounded like small trees as it kept pace with me. 

By this time I knew it was not a human being and I was almost sure it was a Bigfoot. I made it to my car without ever seeing what it was but I wasted no time in putting things away neatly. I simply threw my things in the car and got out of there as fast as I could without ever seeing it. I can tell you it was not a bear, cougar, bobcat, or anything else that I've experienced in the woods. I cannot say it was for sure a Bigfoot but because of an experience years previous I'm more positive than not that it was."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaRCTeCy-Mg

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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