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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

CREEPY TROLL Encountered on Lake Carasaljo, New Jersey Trail

While jogging on a park trail a couple encountered a creepy humanoid-looking figure that stopped them both in their tracks. They both keep referring to this thing as 'troll-like.'

I received the following account:

"This is an encounter my girlfriend and her friend had a few years ago, not mine personally. I've heard her tell this story a few times before, but after recently hearing them together describe what they saw, I thought that you'd find it interesting. Maybe someone has seen something similar.

This encounter happened in Lakewood, New Jersey a few years back. It was mid-day sometime in September. My girlfriend and her friend used to jog together regularly at local parks. The park they were at this particular day is called Lake Carasaljo, which butts up to a housing development. The trail they were on loops around the lake and 3/4s of the trail is basically just a normal paved sidewalk that follows a road, but eventually turns to dirt and through a small wooded area on the far side of the lake, the other 1/4 of the trail. Mind you, this place is far from being remote, it is New Jersey after all.

While jogging through the wooded part of the trail they came upon a creepy humanoid-looking figure on the edge of the trail that stopped them both in their tracks. They both keep referring to this thing as 'troll-like.' It was short, maybe 4 feet tall at most. It was dressed in a long black-hooded cloak hunched over sitting on a wooden chest. Yes, a wooded chest! Exactly the kind you'd imagine a troll to be sitting on. They said they could not see any face at all because its head was directed at the ground and the hood was too long. But what they did notice was the cloak was short enough to see part of its legs was wearing what looked like regular flesh-colored stockings and had very small clubbed feet. Its legs had large protruding boils or tumor-like lumps on the exposed area. It was wearing blue gloves too.

Terrified, they eventually made their way past this thing coming only a few feet from it, hoping it wouldn't jump out at them. They got the hell out of there faster than they've ever run before. It didn't say anything or try to cause them any harm. It just sat there hunched over. They thought at first that maybe it was just a mannequin or something someone put there as a joke but they noticed hand movement right before they passed it. Needless to say they have never gone back to this lake ever again. Every time my girlfriend talks about this encounter I can hear the fear in her trembling voice and was obviously somewhat traumatized by the encounter. Even though I geek out about these types of stories all the time, she has absolutely zero interest in any of these types of things. She will roll her eyes or shake her head and tell me I'm crazy when I tell her about a cool story of Bigfoot or aliens or whatever that I read about, trying to pique some interest in her on these types of subjects. However, she continues to want nothing of it.

I'm a very open-minded person when it comes to this stuff. I can't say I believe in anything cause I've never had a convincing encounter aside from hearing a few strange sounds in the woods I couldn't explain. I always ask myself, is it possible creatures/aliens/Bigfoot exist? The answer is usually, yes. But then again, someone just playing a prank to mess with people is extremely more logical sometimes, especially in a place like New Jersey." KF

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Popular shapeshifting creatures in folklore and legend are werewolves and vampires, as well as gods, goddesses, and demons. Lycanthropy is classified as a mental disorder in which the victim believes that they are a wolf or some other nonhuman animal. There are also metamorphs, in which a living being changes into a known or cryptid entity. An example of this phenomenon is when a Navajo native practitioner transforms into a magical being, or Skinwalker, with evil intentions using witchcraft.

While the popular idea of a shapeshifter is of a human being who turns into something else, there are numerous stories about animals that can transform themselves as well.

The following accounts include a mix of supernatural shapeshifters, though some of these examples are not well-known. So relax, listen to the reports, and make your assessment as to the nature of these transformed entities.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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