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Monday, January 01, 2024

Couple Experiences BIGFOOT & UFOS in Chase County, Kansas

A Kansas couple out at night in the Fall enjoying the evening by a campfire. They start to notice lights in the sky, eventually seeing a large silhouette and hearing a loud roar behind them.

I received the following account:

“Until you experience Bigfoot for yourself, those who have made claims will no longer be crazy to those who have not witnessed them. Bigfoot is regarded as a tribe for Native Americans. There are still tribes in South America in the deep untouched areas that are being discovered. And many species of mammals appear. For me, I am from Hawaii and was skeptical. But when I lived in Kansas, I changed my mind after it happened to me.

It happened in 2009, and I tried to contact BFRO about it. It was in October at Chase County Lake, near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. Before 10:00 PM, my ex-boyfriend and I made a fire at almost the far end of the lake and I sensed something was behind me. The fireflies were out and the glow of the fire was casting its light on the tall grass and the silhouette of the hill was noticeable because it was a full moon. My ex and I kept seeing what you call UFOs. They would look like satellites coming from one direction, then they zip fast toward the other direction like a shooting star. Some objects would glow bright out of nowhere and then all of sudden disappear, then come back in different colors. Now that was going on for a while and I then heard something brush in the grass. I looked and kept seeing a black large object move, but it was silent as it moved. I was thinking are my eyes playing tricks on me? I still felt a presence. It was very unsettling. I kept telling my ex about it and he did not know what it was, but I truly felt he was fixated on the objects in the sky. I kept seeing this large mass and I was getting frightened, so I tried to concentrate on the fire burning and staring at the embers flying up to the blue-black sky, on the left, the moon cast its bright light.

As I was finally easing down, a sound behind us roared so loud. It was so powerful that I could feel my entire body to the bone vibrate. It was a long roar and growl mixed into one. There was absolutely no one on the lake as we would have seen a car pass and before that, we checked to see if anyone was there. My ex does not get scared by anything, but this made him jump out of his chair and say, 'Hurry up, and get into the van.' He was so terrified he kept dropping things. So we got into the van and we were driving off. We saw no one parked on the side coming in but as we booked it down the dusty road filled with potholes before we hit a bend, we saw what looked like two very large headlights come out of nowhere and they came at us so fast that we kept looking at the rearview mirror and it separated from each side of the van, then just out of nowhere disappeared.

When we got home we noticed that there were lights in the sky following us. We were in silence and disbelief at all we had witnessed. Then we went into the house and told his mom. She said, 'Oh yeah, they are here.' When my ex was a baby, his mom and sister were driving down a road near that area and had a UFO encounter. I have heard many eyewitnesses years after experiencing similar accounts, along with Bigfoot. Why? I have no clue, but to think we are the only creatures on this planet and those discovered, it would be absurd to think there is no other life that has had to manage to be undetected.” A

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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