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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Catskills Witness Observes SASQUATCH FAMILY EXIT PORTAL & Communicates With Them

A Catskills resident describes his 'mind speak' experiences with Sasquatch that eventually led to him watching a Sasquatch family exit a portal and communicating with him in person.

I received the following account:

"When I was 7 or 8 years old watching 'In Search Of...' with narrator Leonard Nimoy. Shows like that sort of died out and lost ratings I guess and as I got older I watched 'Ancient Aliens.' I had my first experience coming back from a card game.

I came to a stop sign after I crossed the bridge going over the highway off exit 112 in the lower part of the Catskills outside of Monticello, NY when something caught my eye. I looked up and there was a UFO. It just cleared the tree tops and went over the road the same height as the tree tops and was moving slowly. I got out of my truck and watched it as it headed for the highway I just crossed. Cars were zooming by and they had to of seen it. It headed in the direction of Matamoros, Pennsylvania. I said in my head where are you going? Come back and at the time I knew nothing about mind speak and telepathy, so they had to of heard me.

I went home and didn't hesitate to tell my dad and stepmother. My dad was excited for me and asked if I had a missing time experience and I said no. He then said Bonnie, who is my stepmom, had seen one in Carmel, NY about the size of a football field. I eventually met someone, married her, and moved to Pulaski, NY. That was in July of 2009.

Around May of 2019, I was bored and decided to YouTube some Sasquatch stories. I came across a video titled 'Sasquatch Speaks.' I was so fascinated with the video that and put it on every day after work for three days. The first speaker. Kewaunee Laspseritis said 12 years ago that Sasquatch was going to start going out and talking and they are very picky choosing who they talk to people, that they have a certain spiritual vibration and have respect for life. They are spiritual enough to handle the Sasquatch, meaning the mental telepathy experience and communication.

I turned off the TV set and headed out the door to Happy Valley in Parish, NY. From the time I got in my car and drove to the location, which was state land, I had my experience right away went I got out of my car. Keep in mind that I just drove over a mile on a dirt road leading to the spot. Well, It was a howl and it was just feet away. There was no wolf to be seen so I knew what it was it was a Sasquatch that was invisible because they are inter-dimensional beings. I went to my left in the woods and saw a classic tree break. It looked fresh because it had fresh leaves on the shoots coming out of the sapling tree that was three inches thick and it was broken about 10 feet up.

All of a sudden I was hit with a massive amount of energy that made me high as if I was stoned. I was enlightened. I felt so good, that I started to sing too. I made it back to my car and drove home. I felt that the Sasquatch was still present so I was talking to him or her. I got home and didn't say anything to my wife and went into the house.

Later, on the way back from Walmart I got off Rt.81 and went up the road and I must have been the first car to drive up. There was an accident, two ambulances, and a state trooper. I recognize some guys standing there wearing the Wicked Ways motorbike club jackets. Keep in mind I'm still high from the Sasquatch mojo. So I said to the Sasquatch let's go investigate. I walked up and I knew one biker and I asked what happened. He replied that some jerk pulled out in front of him with a zero-turn mower. I looked over and saw their friend standing, leaning against his bike with the EMT examining him. There was blood coming out of his ear and I noticed a small puddle of blood on the road. I remember in 'Sasquatch Speaks' that if you ask the Sasquatch for healing they will. They are our elders, brothers, and sisters.

I asked the biker what his friend's name was and he replied Zack. So, in my mind, I asked the Sasquatch if he would heal Zack. A moment later Zack said, "Do I really have to go to the hospital?" The EMT replied, "Yes. You have brain trauma." I knew intuitively that the Sasquatch had done just that and I said thank you. I caught up to Zack two months later and I saw his left arm in a sling. He said he healed quickly and suffered a broken collarbone.

Two months went by and I was having the time of my life with this new experience. I was lying on the couch and I heard a knock at the window. I looked and saw my wife was on the phone. She didn't hear it. At the time I smoked cigarettes, so I told her I was stepping outside for a smoke. I looked over in the woods and saw Sasquatch figures standing there at the wood line but they were glowing green. Kind of like 'Space Ghost,' if you saw that cartoon growing up is how I can best explain what I witnessed. I went up my sidewalk and went around the shed and walked up the steps to my pool deck. The pool was 22 feet across and 54" to the rail and my pool deck railing was 36". I was looking in the woods when I saw a glowing Sasquatch but he was halfway through the tree. I said you can come closer, it's ok, and he walked over to me and another followed behind him, a female carrying an infant. He was 3 feet from me now but I was above his head. I said hello and said automatically, "Don't trust the government." He seemed to be uneasy about that so I changed the subject. The male had a primate face but I didn't make hers out too well. She was always looking down at her kid. They both had lead white eyes and the kid's eyes were red. I said, "Oh, he's so cute." I didn't know what else to say since they weren't saying anything, so I said, "Well, I'm going in now. Bye and thank you." I went down the stairs." P

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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