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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Campers Confront UPRIGHT CANINES After Observing UFOs in Broome County, NY

Three friends were camping in a Broome County, New York forest when they started to witness a series of lights throughout the woods. Soon, they were confronted by upright canines.

The following account was forwarded by the investigator:

"It was early June of 2016 in Broome County, New York, and three friends, Jamie, Dan, and an unnamed witness, decided to go camping in a local forested area. Apparently, they did not know if they were technically allowed to do this, but there are a lot of fire pits in the area, so they did it anyway. They set up their tent, got their fire going, and just sat there talking. All of a sudden, the woods became completely silent. "You couldn’t even hear crickets’ and it apparently felt like there was a lightning storm because static electricity could be felt in the air. The hairs on the back of the unnamed witness’ neck stood up. According to Jamie, "The air was humming.’

Immediately after this, there was a deep bass noise and a light flashed up in the distance and illuminated the whole forest. "It looked like when a real big firework explodes for the first few seconds, but it lasted for about a minute before it split up into 3 or 4 other lights and shot back down into the trees. We could see the lights glowing out in the woods and then there was a big gust of wind and it was gone. Everything smelled like it had just rained but it never did."

The witnesses didn’t know what to do but decided that it was likely just a meteor and so went back to talking amongst themselves. At about 02:00, they decided to go to sleep. The unnamed witness and Jamie slept in a tent but Dan decided to sleep by the fire. Roughly an hour later, the witnesses are woken up by Dan shaking them and saying that there was ‘something big’ watching the camp. The creature was about 50 feet away from the fire according to Dan, and he apparently thought that it might have been a bear, but it was standing on two legs and bobbing backwards and forwards as if trying to get a better look at him. While Dan was talking to the witnesses about this, all three of them heard a loud scream that apparently sounded like a pig being slaughtered but was deeper and made the witnesses’ ears ring. Apparently, three or four more creatures came running towards the campsite, as the embers from the fire kicked up and landed on the tent. The upright canines kept running up to the tent and then promptly ran back into the woods.

"Every once in a while one of them would scream again and pull on one of the tent poles, dragging the whole tent a foot or two." By now the whole tent was collapsing on one side and the witnesses were screaming as loud as they could. Suddenly everything went quiet again and the witnesses ran towards their truck as fast as they could and hit the gas. When they were just about to leave, they saw one of the upright canines illuminated in the road by the truck headlights. At this point, the witnesses attempted to ‘gun it’ and drive the vehicle straight past the creature, but it then straightened up and puffed up its chest. The witness estimates that the creature was around 8 feet tall and had dark grey all over its body except for the front, where the hair was white or yellow. The face looked like that of a dog ‘but not really’. Apparently, the witness knows what bigfoot looks like and this was different.

The upright canine didn’t even move when the witnesses drove at it, and they had to swerve the truck around it to avoid running it over. They drove back down the mountain, parked the truck in a gas company parking lot, and considered telling the local police but were discouraged because they didn’t know if they were camping somewhere that they shouldn’t have been. In the morning, after the witnesses had sobered up, they drove back to the campsite to find that their property had vanished, including the tent and the cooler."

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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