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Saturday, January 20, 2024

British Experiencer Describes His Multiple ALIENS ABDUCTIONS Since Childhood

A British experiencer details his abductions through the years, including a cancer diagnosis that may have been related to the incidents. There are other interesting events.

I received the following account:

"I guess the best place to start is a little bit about me. Why? To show I am normal, and that something not normal happened to me. I am 46 years old, living in Guilsford, England, and an engineering manager for the Royal Mail (British Postal Service). Before that I was a highly qualified and experienced mixed gas diver. Two jobs where you won't be long if the boss thinks you're crazy. I am not crazy. My wife is aware of some of my experiences. She's sort of indifferent to it and doesn't tell anyone about it, but at the same doesn't judge me.

My earliest memories are from about 5 years old. I clearly remember a blue light shining into my room from outside. This would have been in the middle of the night as it was dark outside. I remember looking out of the window and seeing an electric blue disk approx 60 ft across. I didn't realise the importance of this until later in my life. There is another incident, of which I am very hazy, and would have been from the same age. Again a bright light, but this time I remember as the light dimmed, I was no longer in my room, but on a small sandy clearing in a forest of pine trees. Some of the sand had rough lumps of glass, as if the sand had been melted by heat.

So, leading into my teens. The reason I mention this period is purely because of the questions raised by MUFON. I did suffer from horrendous migraine headaches as a teen and a couple of notable strange occurrences. To be honest I will not go into those now, as I do not believe there is a connection. We shall see as this pans out. As I said, I only mention this as I did suffer from horrendous migraines at the time and the question did bring this up. So, moving into my 20’s. I started to experience episodes. The more it happened, the more I remembered. I had friend at the time, Jon Haywood, he was the same age as me. For some reason I felt he was the only person I could confide in. He looked shocked when I told him of my experiences, but at the same time intrigued. He asked me to meet him the next night at a local bar and said he needed to show me something. I agreed. That next night I sat at the bar, Jon came in, walked straight up to me and pulled a book out of his bag. I saw the book and have never read it. I can't. I believe there is a movie of the book, certainly there is one of the same name. I can’t read it or watch it. The book was called “Communion” by Whitley Strieber. The cover of the paperback had a picture. Jon explained that the picture was an artist impression of the author’s experience. I recognised it. I had seen it. I will swear an oath on anything, including the lives of my kids. I knew that face.

Prior to Jon showing me that picture, I had had a number of experiences. As the number of experiences increased, my knowledge or rather my memory after the event increased. As the number of events, or rather my memory of them increased, I became more and more prepared for them. This came to point that I remembered specifics. My ankles were shackled some how. I would always be lifted from bed ankles first. I clearly remember on at least 5 different occasions being transported in this fashion. I learnt not to fight it and just accept this was happening. On a number of occasions the speed was quite fast. I remember being put back in my bed. I remember lying on a bed, but not my own. I would be surrounded by a team, that consisted of one tall one, approx. 1.8m and 6 shorts ones, approx 1.2 m. I felt I was being observed. Until one occasion. The large one pierced my groin with an object best described as a syringe, that had an appearance of stainless steel. I remember the pain. You don’t feel pain in a nightmare right?

This is important, a few months later I was told that I had cancer in the groin area. I felt the pain, and I clearly remember it now. This was done by the taller of the entities, who was darker in appearance (clothing, I remember a hood that kept the face in darkness). The process lasted for a about a minute. I remember screaming, and the scream came out and it was not muffled. However I was unable to move. This was not paralysis, I was restrained somehow. After the procedure I lay there in pain for some time, the taller one left. The shorter ones remained, surrounding whatever I was lying on. This occasion is the only time where I recall the descent back to my room, like making a fast decent in an elevator. I remember the shorter ones in my room, moving around me and checking I was OK. On this occasion I recall the feeling of restraint, being replaced with a feeling of paralysis. This is where I would fight to breath. I would be completely awake but stuck in that moment. I believe I have been in the presence of the taller one on at least three occasions.

It's out of the town centre, the last road before the countryside. It only occurred to me recently the number of military / defence and space contractors are in the immediate area. I moved to a flat just out of the town centre, and this is where the last incident that I can recall took place. Again I was taken up and lay on a table of sorts, metallic - body temperature. I do not recall any procedures, just being observed.

So, regarding the cancer. I do not smoke, and I have not smoked. I have no genetic disposition to cancer and no family history of if. It was quite advanced, and came on and grew quickly - but did not spread. It was localised to that one point where the syringe was. I did not have chemotherapy, but I did have radiotherapy - which was described as being done for precaution. I made an extremely quick recovery, with no further cancer at all since then. I had scans for a further 10 years with no re-occurrences. I know what I saw. I know what I felt. I know what I experienced. At first I was terrified, but as the number incidents took place, I became curious and wanted to learn more about what was happening. I would try and take in what was happening and observe back. All these years later, when I go to bed, I am still mentally prepared for it happen again, but not since 1999. To be honest, I miss it, in a strange way. From that perspective, I almost feel abandoned by them. Maybe that's why it stopped? I was showing just as much interest in them as them to me. There has been some other incidents that I have not mentioned here. These relate to some of the questions you have asked me, and to be honest I had not thought of them like that until I saw the questions - hence me keeping them separate from my main narrative.

NOTE: I truly hoped MUFON follows up with this experiencer, since he stated to me that he was submitting his report to them. His situation reminds me of what David Eckhart endured in his earlier abductions. Lon

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