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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

3 Separate Eyewitness Reports of CRAWLERS or ALIEN HUMANOIDS Observed in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Starting in August 2017, I received a series of humanoid sightings from 3 different witnesses in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Are these witnesses describing a crawler or alien humanoid?

"The date was 2018-08-17. I had just gotten back to the parking lot down from Mount Vernon, Ohio's Wolf Run Park and when I turned on my lights to leave I saw it in the woods. I felt like I was being followed my entire hike and I got a little lost on the way since I was feeling super sketched out so when I saw it I was panicking and super scared. It looked startled as my lights came on and made this strange gargling scratching sound and I felt super sick to my stomach. I don’t really know what it was. Like I thought it was just someone in the woods but its eyes looked weird and it looked smooth and naked. It seemed to vibrate in front of my eyes as I looked at it and I ripped my phone out of my pocket and tried to take pictures but my phone seemed to lag. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I know my battery is having issues but I’ve never had anything like that. I slammed my car in reverse and got out of there as fast as I could. The noise it made still freaks me out like it was like a Velociraptor from a movie but it made me light-headed and made me feel sick in a strange way I’ve never felt." G

Later, I received another account from a different witness:

"As I was driving home on 31 July 2018 at 01:43 AM on Ohio State Route 13, north of Mount Vernon, Ohio, a 7-8 foot tall, skinny, humanoid-like creature ran across the road out of a cornfield across into a soybean field (from east to west direction). I noticed the creature in my headlights from 50-75 feet away as I was traveling at a rate of 55-60 mph. As it came out of the cornfield I immediately let off the accelerator. At first thinking it was a deer but then I saw the creature walk upright. It was 7-8 feet in height, with a tall slender body, arms, and legs small in diameter, hands and feet looked oversized for its body proportion, small neck with an oval elongated head, being dark tan to light brown skin tone and had no body hair.

The creature slightly turned its head towards my vehicle's headlights and I saw the creature's black eyes and small mouth just open slightly as it continued to run across the road. It barely took 2-3 steps and it was across the road at a tremendous rate of speed. I was in total shock and thought I should check it out at first but then I thought for a second and being uncertain of what I may have just seen I had better get out of the area. I lost sight of the entity due to darkness.

I am a 24-year USAF retired aircrew veteran with a top-secret security clearance. Not to be totally bliss but would someone please advise me on what I saw because it still and truly frightened me." D

I recently received a 3rd report of a humanoid sighting in the Mount Vernon, Ohio area. The eyewitness' daughter contacted me in June 2018:

"Hi, I am reaching out, not as a hoaxer, but to let you know that I received a phone call from my mom in Mount Vernon, Ohio recently telling me that she saw a figure of what appeared to be an alien come in one side of her basement and go out the other end of the basement. She describes this thing as being tall with long arms, and she didn’t see his face as she watched it from a side view but she did say that his head looked just a human's

I wish to have her identity anonymous please if she is not contacted. I thought you might be interested to know that there has been another sighting in this area. My mom said that she wasn’t scared nor did she feel any danger by this presence and that it just came in and left. Thank you." MN

NOTE: I contacted the 3 witnesses, who all gave me accounts of a humanoid similar to a crawler. These types of sightings continue to be reported worldwide. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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