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Thursday, December 14, 2023

What 'ROARED' at Green Hill Provincial Park, Nova Scotia?

A high school cross-country team was training in Green Hill Provincial Park when they became aware of strange activity, including several unexplained sounds. Was it a Bigfoot?

I received the following account:

“So what happened was, I’ll give you a little back story. It was back in 2003. I would have been 15 or 16 at the time. It was in late fall. We were training for a high school cross-country team. So the guys that were with me, their names were Liam. Greg and Jeremy. And my father, Stephen, was the coach. What we would do was twice or three times a week, we'd go out and maybe go for long runs for cross-country training. So, after school, my dad drove us to Green Hill Provincial Park. It's kind of a woody area. There's not really much around. A few farms. We were gonna do some hill sprints up there. If anyone's familiar with the area, there's a spot where we'd stop for spring water. So we would... we stopped in there and got some spring water, did some warm-ups, and ran up and down the wooded side of the hill. Then we went to the south side of the hill and ran up to the top. It's a little over a kilometre run. It's really really steep. Where this happened was on the east side of the hill. On the top of the hill of the Provincial Park, it has a really nice lookout. They say you used to be able to see most of the county from there when it was a fire tower.

So we were up there. We'd just finished our run and this would be important later, I was the fastest. And then it was Liam, then Jeremy, then Greg. Not that he was slow, just that he was slower than us. That will come into play later. So we got up to the top of the hill. We had about a half an hour to kill. So my dad basically said, just go do something in the park. There's not much to do. There are some old picnic tables and a pond. So we decided we wanted to go to the east side of the hill which is very very very steep. It is particularly wooded. If you look at it on Google Maps, it's small trees. Very steep. It leads down towards the area where the spring was. So we're not totally unfamiliar with it but we hadn't gone from the top all the way to the bottom on that side of the hill before so we thought that would be a good idea. We told Dad, we're gonna head up the hill. He said Okay you only got about 35 minutes. So, you know, it's pretty. It's gonna take a little bit of time to get down there. So we were like, Oh, we'll be fine. We were winded from doing these hill sprints. A little tired. So we head down the hill. There's a bunch of 15-year-old boys, being guys in the woods. But so steep at some points that we actually almost fell from tree to tree to get down the hill which was really treacherous on its own. It's late fall so it's slippery leaves on the ground and it's a little bit wet.

On the way down, not a whole lot of anything happened. There were standard wood noises. We could hear a pair of dogs barking off in the distance. We assumed they were a pair of farmers' dogs or something like that. We get to the bottom of the hill and it's deathly silent. We get out on the road. There are no cars. No wind. The dogs have stopped barking. It's just deathly silent. And it was a little eerie. The first reason why we panicked was because we only had about 10 or 11 minutes to get back to the top of the hill. It had taken us 20 minutes to go down the hill so we assumed it would take a lot longer to get up the hill and my dad would freak. He's a pretty laid-back guy but, you know, you try to hit your time. We didn't want him to get worried about us or anything like that. So we got to the bottom and it was to the point where we made a note of it. It had been normal wood noises all the way down, birds chirping, leaves rustling, and things like that and it was deathly silent and that was really weird. So we all kind of took stock of the time and we'll pick up the pace on the way up but we were tired.

It was humid out. Like, it was one of the hot October days where it was wet and hot. And, so, we start heading back up the hill. I was in the front with Jeremy. We were just chatting. Liam was about 10 feet behind us... or 10 meters behind us. And Greg was 10 meters behind him. So Greg is 20 meters behind me. And we're walking up the hill and it's deathly silent. No one is really talking that much because we're all out of breath and we are going up this hill. Again, it's the opposite of going down the hill, honestly. But when you're going up the hill, in some parts you have to hold onto a tree and pull yourself up and grab the next tree and pull yourself up. It was thick and very steep. I can't explain how steep it was. I can't exaggerate it. It was really steep.

So we're there and we hear Greg call out from behind us. He goes, Hey did you guys hear that? And it had been very quiet. And so we all stopped where we were. Nobody moved and we all kind of cocked our heads to the side and listened to what he had heard and none of us heard anything. We shrugged it off and we all turned to go back up the hill. We were maybe not quite a third of the way up when this happened. We didn't even get to take another step before Greg said, No, No, there it is again, listen! Listen, it sounds like a baby crying, which is an odd thing to say. So we all kinda pay attention. My first thought was that it was a rabbit caught in a snare or something like that because they have that weird wounded cry so you know, I thought maybe it was a rabbit caught in a snare out here in the woods. So we stopped to listen and Greg's staring at us and we're all looking back down at him. And then we hear this tremendous roar. Like I won't try to make an impression of it because I would never do it justice. It didn't sound like a big cat, like a lynx or a cougar or anything like that. And it wasn't a bear and I know this because after, we went through all these things to try to figure out what it was and it didn't really fit the bill with any of them. What startled us wasn't the actual sound but how loud it was. It was so loud, you could feel it vibrating through your chest, like a bass at a concert. And it came from down the hill so as loud as it was to me, Greg was 20 meters closer to this noise. He looks up at us and his eyes go huge. And later on, after we all sat around and talked about it, my cousin Jeremy turned to me and he told me that all the color drained out my face. I turned very very pale. Before any of us could react, Liam sprinted up past us. Your first instinct is to fight or flee. This was kind of the flight option.

We were running away from whatever this was. None of us could see anything. So we heard this noise and we all just started running. Some words may have been exchanged but I can never remember what was said probably something really cheesy like from an action film. But Liam sprinted ahead of us and he was jumping from tree to tree. Greg started sprinting and my cousin and I started running. Greg was so scared, he caught up 20 meters and passed us, he was going so fast. And then what happened was he slipped and he fell. I didn't see it. My cousin saw it. He gave me a tap on the shoulder as we were running and he said, Greg fell. And we look back and Greg's tumbling head over heels, his feet flying everywhere. I can't say he ended up further down the hill than when he started but it seemed that way. I just looked him right in the eye and I remember saying, Greg fell. Greg's dead! And we left him. 100%. He never let us live it down. This was kinda like how scared we were. It wasn't like a funny thing, it was, we were running because we had no idea what was yelling at us and chasing us through the woods, up this already steep hill and we were already tired. So were pretty much running on adrenaline so we abandoned Greg to whatever the noise was.

We head up the hill and we get to the top. Liam gets up first. Jeremy and I come up almost together. We were all dirty and a little bit cut up from running through the underbrush and things like that. We were out of breath and sweaty. We all turned to look for Greg. My father didn't know what was happening other than the fact that I think we were almost late. So we came out of the woods and he said, is everybody okay? And then we look back and he said, I heard somebody yell and I thought maybe somebody had twisted an ankle or he thought maybe broken a leg because of how guttural and loud the noise was. We didn't really say anything because we were still waiting for Greg or whatever made this noise to come out of the woods. So we stared back into the woods and then all of a sudden we heard some rustling and there was Greg. He comes out and he's got leaves in his hair and dirt and cut up. His eyes are still the size of grapefruits. He doesn't say anything. Dad kinda gives us a look and he said, What was the noise? We all looked at each other because we were surprised that he could hear it. The hill is so deep and so dense that if you walk 20 or 30 feet down the hill, and yell at the top of your lungs, the people at the top of the hill won't be able to hear you because the sound just bounces away from the... I don't know how the science behind it but you can't hear very well down the hill. We were not even halfway down the hill and he heard it clearly enough that he thought one of us got hurt he also said it sounded human enough that he would mistake it for one of us and he's a hunter, like a deer, moose the whole 9 yards. He would recognize if it was a standard animal sound. He wouldn't mistake it for humans. He heard what I call a roar. He heard that. The noise that scared us, is what he heard up the hill. Because we didn't really say anything. We didn't really scream. We were too busy sucking wind trying to get up the hill. We didn't have a lot of breath to communicate other than to agree to leave Greg behind. There wasn't much that was said. My father gets confused because he knows he shouldn't have been able to hear it down the hill. Also, I'll add that we made it back on time.

So we made it up the hill in half the time it took us to get down the hill just running on adrenaline. So we weren't actually late getting back. So he's standing there and you could actually see the wheels turning in his head. He's trying to figure it out and he goes, Oh, okay, you know what, there's this other group of teenagers that are kicking around here somewhere. Maybe a few years older than us. He goes they were probably just screwing with you guys. At the time we were like Oh yeah, maybe that's what it was but as he's... as the words are leaving his mouth, the very group of teenagers he's talking about coming out of the side path that runs north to south so it's nowhere near the face of the hill that we were on and it goes out to this farmer's field that's 400 meters away or something like that and they are not connected and these kids are laughing and joking and there's no way they could have yelled from behind us and then got to the top of the hill and not been covered in sweat and exhausted or whatever. But they were just... they just came out of the side path and my dad kinda gives them a look and gives us a look and then nods and says everybody is gonna get in the van and start off back to town.

We never really talked about it on the way back. Everybody just kinda watched the woods. You know, watched the trees go by as we drove home and so we never really talked about it until the next day and Greg was understandably a little upset at us the whole leaving him for dead thing but as we talked about it, we couldn't place the noise and as Greg made it up the hill he was pretty adamant that something was chasing us. It wasn't just like a warning yell. Whatever it was, we got out of the area and it was fine. He was pretty confident that something was chasing us. We all got the feeling... you know, you walk into your house and something's wrong, like the painting's twisted and you think oh there's somebody in the house. It's like that kinda sixth sense... like something is chasing me and if we stop moving something bad is gonna happen. So we all got that feeling of being chased up that hill.

For years and years, it will come up. We'll all start talking again. We'll do our own little research and stuff. We'll do research and we'll try to pin what we heard to what is available on the internet but we can never quite place it. We have for years maintained that ever since the incident more or less we maintained that it was a Sasquatch or a Bigfoot. From what we researched on the internet, it's actually really hard to find noise files for that. A lot of it is hoots and whistles but there was one someone found a few years ago that sounded extremely similar. It's like a human yelling. Imagine an angry, huge human screaming at you, like 'The Mountain' from the Game of Thrones or whatever. It wasn't human it was humanoid or whatever. You could mistake it for someone but it was so loud that and like there was this weird octave or something. It didn't quite strike you as being just a guy yelling or a person yelling. It was just something more about it. I can't quite put my finger on it.” MM

NOTE: There have been other possible Bigfoot encounters reported in the same area and in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. I was part of a habituation investigation in the area at around the same period that this incident occurred. In that instance, we were researching many sightings of a Bigfoot group that was living on and around a large farm. There was also UFO activity reported at the location. Lon


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