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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

US Army Infantry Veteran Confirms SASQUATCH 'HUNT' by Special Forces

A US Army team leader was involved in training exercises at JBLM, Washington. During one incident, his team stumbled upon a Delta Force squad who had just killed 2 Sasquatch.

I recently received the following account:

"I'm a 22-year US Army veteran. My specialty was Infantry Scout for most of my service. I attended one station unit training at Fort Benning, Georgia where I was taught scout skills. I was deployed to Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

At the time of this incident, I was based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It was in 1996 and we were going to be part of a joint training exercise at Fort Lewis, Washington. We had been there for a few weeks and were involved with various tasks, including posing as terrorists in multiple exercises.

On the night of the incident, I had decided that our OP4 team should get a few hours of rest before we would go on the mission. We parked the Humvee as close as possible to the hill that I thought would be best to keep us from being noticed and climbed up the hilltop for the next day's mission. We were planning to attack on or about 5 AM. My guard shift started at midnight.

Not long after the shift began we were awoken by live small-arms fire. Everyone involved in this training exercise carried blanks and all had red blank adapters attached at the end of the muzzle. There's a very distinct difference in sound between live rounds and blank rounds. The firing was about 350 to 400 meters from our location on the opposite side of the hill where, according to the war map, no unit was to be. Within moments of the firing starting there was a very loud roar. I had previously heard a lion's roar and this was much louder. You could feel it! The guys and I were scared.

The weapon fire lasted 30 seconds. Two of my soldiers were about to run down the hill to see what was going on. I had to stop them. We gathered our M16s and night vision goggles and cautiously proceeded down the hill going from tree to tree to hide. There were a few bright flashlights we could see as we approached. One of my team was on the radio when suddenly another soldier shouted out movement up on the hill. We got caught and we were told to reveal ourselves and approach. That's when we saw the opposing squad in front of us.

Laying in front of the squad were two Sasquatch. The male was obviously dead and the female was breathing heavily, spitting out and choking on her blood. The squad took our weapons and night vision goggles and the one talking identified himself only as a Captain. He was talking loudly and was upset that we were there. Much of what was said at first didn't register with us because we were looking at the two Sasquatch. The male was sprawled on his back. The female soon succumbed to her wounds and stopped breathing.

My team and I were in shock at what we were seeing. The Captain who was talking to me got right up into my face to get my attention. I noticed an awful odor coming from the creatures. Once the shock wore off I took a real close look at these men in the opposing squad. Their equipment and weapons were not standard issue. I soon realized that they were Delta Force because of the helmets they were wearing.

About 5 minutes later, a Colonel came up and gave us a butt-chewing. we were moved down the hill but before that, the Delta Force was prepping the Sasquatch for extraction. a Blackhawk helo came in low and hovered above.

We later traveled for about two hours until we arrived at a location where we were ushered into a room where we waited for over an hour. The Colonel and other military officers, including the Delta Force Captain, came in and gave us direct orders not to speak of this matter and that if it was discovered that we did we'd be facing UCMJ disciplinary action. They really put the fear of God in us. We were told that our Battalion Commander was informed of us interfering with their training mission and we were to return to the TOC after we were debriefed. Since I was the only NCO of the group I was threatened with having my career ruined if I ever spoke of this again.

Sometime later we were loaded up on a five-ton truck under guard and driven back to the hill where all of this took place. We were allowed to gather our stuff from the hilltop and followed to the TOC's current location. The truck following us just continued moving on down the road. We were given another butt-chewing by our Battalion Commander.

That incident has eaten at me for all these many years since it occurred. I wanted to climb the roof of my house and shout it out loud but the fear of reprisal from the Army or the government kept me from doing so. I kept thinking that some government man was listening to podcasts to see if any military or government affiliate ever came on the shows and spilled the beans about what goes on. I don't know why those Sasquatch were hunted and killed. I just remember her labored breathing and seeing tears rolling down her face as she died.

Several things also are not included in this letter to you because it would be a book more or less. I just wanted to state the most important things about this incident. I just needed to get it out in the open and set myself free from this. It's been 28 years and whatever happens, well, it happens." G

NOTE: I held back from posting this account until I received further information from the witness. After talking to him, I'm satisfied that his recollection was factual. In the past, several individuals associated with the military have disputed these claims of Special Forces hunting down Sasquatch, especially at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Nonetheless, I feel that after hearing and reading a fair number of these incidents the US and Canadian military are actively involved with these missions. Lon

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