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Friday, December 29, 2023

SASQUATCH Startles & Terrifies Boy Along LeClerc Creek, Washington

A Northeast Washington boy is fishing with his father and his friend when he encounters a black-haired Sasquatch who stands up from a kneeling position along the creek.

"It was a summer day in 1982. I was a kid and on a weekend fishing trip. My father and his best friends spent every spare minute out there hunting and fishing and very often I was taken along as my parents were divorced. So on my Dad's weekend, I was taken hunting and fishing. 

This summer day my Dad and his buddies were fishing for brook trout on a little stream in Northeast Washington State called LeClerc Creek. This is an extremely heavy wood and brushy drainage off the Selkirk Mountains where some of the only Grizzlies in Washington state reside. So, to say wild rough country would be an underestimate. This mountain range leads into Canada and a person could walk 50 to 100 miles or more without crossing any pavement.

Anyway, the experience. I was with my dad's buddy streamside about 250 to 300 yards downstream from my Dad. I wanted to find Dad so I left his buddy and started walking on a streamside game trail upstream. I was midway between my Dad and his buddy and following the creek via the game trail. As I came around a slight bend (Note: I was young so I was very quiet on my feet making as little sound as I walked up the trail) I glanced up and saw what I thought to be a burnt stump just on the backside of a slight 3 to 4-foot rise on the nearest stream bank. As I started to look back down to my feet on the trail the stump started to rise up. In utter terror and confusion, I watched as this thing stood straight up on two legs, at first facing away towering over me from about 20 feet away. As the jet-black stump stood it turned simultaneously just as a person would stand from a crouching position and turned to look over his shoulder. It had hair-covered human-like arms bent at the elbows, and shoulders roughly 3 and 1 half to 4 feet across. It glanced sideways over its shoulder at me. In terror, I screamed at the top of my lungs and this must have confused or startled this creature. I fell to the ground and covered my head and neck as I've been told to if you're ever being attacked by a bear. I have no idea why I responded that way other than I was confused about what I was seeing. In fright, it must have leaped from the stream in one bound. I assume this as I heard no splash and the creature was immediately barreling like a freight train right up the opposite hillside. The sound of breaking branches from that direction stopped at about 75 yards away in the impenetrable bush.

Then I heard my Dad rushing through the brush toward my direction from upstream. When he got to me he was obviously scared as the scream I let out must have left him to believe I was being attacked by a bear or a cougar. He was pissed too as he fell in the creek and was wet up to his head as he ran to my rescue. When he arrived I started to tell him what I had seen and simultaneously the brush began crashing again on the opposite hillside where whatever the animal was made noise for 250 yards up the hill. It was loud. In my experience, I've never heard many animals make that much noise including frightened deer, elk, moose, and bears. 

I know what I saw I have a college education in fish and wildlife management and I've spent many years also working in the woods. A human-like hair-covered giant man with black hair covering his back and shoulders, legs, neck, and head. The neck going to its head looked like that of a weightlifter or linebacker and the arms were ripped with muscle. The legs were as wide as a huge human who spent every day of their life hiking in the mountains. I can only estimate its height of 7-8 feet, around 500 lbs, built like a brick sh*thouse. When I walked up on it I speculate that it was squatting down cupping its hands to scoop a drink of water streamside when this little human walked around the corner catching it off guard. I think it was as startled as I was in my young age.

Before the internet, I had no prior knowledge of anything such as a Sasquatch. I can only describe it as a hairy man, a gorilla thing, and not a freaking bear until I was much older when I saw some artist rendering in a book. Some years later and only then did I know for a fact what I'd seen when I described this to my Dad just after the occurrence. He said you saw a bear and stuck to the narrative until his death in 1987. My mother, on the other hand, knew I had seen something else as I talked about it for months afterward. She has scrutinized my story multiple times over the years and the story has stayed consistent over the years."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbY9BkqNg94

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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