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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Inhabitants of North America Put on Alert: Latter-Day Prophecies of UFO Contactee PAUL SOLEM & NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEFS NOW COMING TRUE - Part III



By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the internationally-acclaimed “Venus Rising” book series (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2015-2024), available on amazon.com

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Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

Venus contactee Paul Solem (L) and Shoshone Chief Don Ingop (R) in the forefront, in front of a tepee at the inner circle campfire ceremony on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho on 12 July 1969.  Source:  Pocatello, Idaho, Journal newspaper.

Coming of the Saucers

In the 16 July 1969 edition of the Pocatello, Idaho, Journal newspaper, that publication’s staff writer, Barbara Boren, reported on the fantastic UFO disclosure event that took place on the night of Saturday, 12 July 1969, organized and led by Paul Solem and the Shoshone Chief Don Ingop from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.  The gathering took place on the reservation at the Tilden Bridge on Ferry Butte Road.  Previous to this assembly with both whites and Native Americans, Paul and Chief Ingop had united with Shoshone elders at four smaller campfire meetings, to introduce them to Paul’s history of contact with sundry extraterrestrials, but with an emphasis on the Venusians and their prophetic message relayed to Paul, which would ultimately prove very important to the destiny of the Native Americans scattered throughout the Western Hemisphere.   As Paul and Chief Ingop explained to the elders at these campfire meetings, “The authentication of the Venusians’ message to the Indian movement was the reason that the flying saucers would be showing up on the night of 12 July 1969, for all to see and thereby believe.”

Security Measures

150 people had showed up on the bridge, but only 125 were admitted inside a high, double fenced-off area.  Shoshone elders who had attended a previous campfire meeting stood as sentries, reading the intentions of the heart of all those who could go beyond the bridge into the more secure area, closer to Paul and Chief Ingop.  Hopefully, doubters and hecklers could be screened out in this process.  Nothing should be done that would inhibit the Space People from showing up or blocking the Venusian revelations of Paul and Chief Ingop from coming through.  Both Paul and Chief Ingop insisted that no money was to be charged to attend the event, as this would nullify the Venusians’ participation in it and at any further such gatherings.

The Meeting

Once inside the fenced area, a massive campfire was ignited with all admitted taking a seat on well, evenly-placed logs, positioned around it in a great circle.  It was 9 p.m. and Chief Don Ingop, a full-blooded Shoshone, began to chant Indian songs and play a drum.  A tepee had been erected near the campfire, which Paul Solem would stand in front of to invoke the coming of the saucers and deliver the message of the Venusians after the chief finished with the Indian songs.

Once the chief had finished with his singing and drum playing, Paul Solem stood up in front of the tepee and invoked the appearance of the Venusian spaceships.  It was a clear, cloudless night, so expectations to see the flying saucers were high, at least in the inner circle.  After a brief period of silence, what appeared to be fixed stars above moved out of their respective place, forming a circle, and then spread out into the shape of an Indian arrow pointing to the then Evening Star of Venus, about 45 degrees above the western horizon.  Chief Ingop then stood up, standing at Paul Solem’s side, and declared, “This is the true sign.  Hear what our white brother has to say.”

The Prophecy

In his preparatory remarks, Paul Solem explained that the Venusians were now in direct telepathic communication with him.  He said that they were telling him, “Paul, in you we are well pleased.  You are doing the best you can to get our message across.”  Then two flying saucers, each about 50 feet in diameter, swooped down, seemingly out of nowhere, hovering about a thousand feet over the campsite.  Two strong rays emitted from the bottom of the saucers, a red ray shone directly on Chief Ingop’s head and a white one directly on the head of Paul, even as he spoke.

Once the two flying saucers dimmed their respective rays and sped quickly upward and out of sight, Paul declared, “Now you are ready to receive further illumination.  Once upon a time, in a previous incarnation in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus, The Christ, he anointed and ordained me for this very purpose of reaching out to my Indian brothers and sisters, in this, my current life.  There were many Venusians who incarnated upon the Earth plane along with Jesus.  We came as angels, ready to minister to him in any way we could, helping him to complete his mission.  And we are still here.  Many other Venusians continue to arrive on Earth, both incarnating and coming in spaceships.  We are here on Earth because you, its inhabitants, are living in what your Bible calls the ‘Latter Days.’

“When I lived on Venus,” Paul continued, “I was a spiritual leader and well-received.  Here, among the Mormons, however, most of them think I am crazy and even seem to despise the Indians, to whom Joseph Smith commanded them to be kind and bring them back into full fellowship. That is why I have come directly to you, the Native Americans descended from a lost tribe of the House of Israel, to preach the gospel of your deliverance and the building up of the City of Zion.

“It will all begin with a mass migration from North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean of all peoples of Indian blood, full-blooded and otherwise.  At first, this migration will begin as a trickle, but by a quarter way through the next century, this migratory wave will become unstoppable.

“There is a Hopi legend that parallels The Book of Mormon concerning a great deluge of fires and lights in the sky that will come upon North America at the peak of this immigration.  At that time, two leaders will emerge, one among the Indians and one among the whites.  The Indian leader will be called ‘Echa Tah Echa Nah’ and the white one referred to as ‘Chisee Suma.’ This last one will rise out of the ranks of the Restoration churches (Latter-Day Saints) and will come to a high position of power in the government of the United States.

After the two leaders have combined their groups, the United States will extend itself from the North Pole to the South Pole, and a capital city, both spiritual and secular, will be established in the northwest portion of Missouri.  The stones to build the temple there have also been cut and stored with a remnant tribe of Indians living underground since ancient times.  The Hopis teach us that we are living in the death throes of the Fourth World, which long ago was facilitated by the emergence of an underground people. Thus, history shall repeat itself with this, the emergence of the Fifth World, where we will also commune with extraterrestrials and become part of a greater Galactic Confederation.

“I am but a forerunner of Chisee Suma.  If I do not live to see these things come to pass, then I shall surely reincarnate at the appropriate time.”

Then Paul Solem declared that he had appointments to meet with the elders of other tribes, beginning with the Hopi.  “The Venusians,” said Paul, “have ordered me to proceed to Hotevilla, Arizona, where I am to meet with some of the clan leaders there.”

An interesting aspect of this case is that among the 25 people excluded from passing beyond the fence and into the inner circle, none had witnessed anything out of the ordinary in the night sky, at least as about the vision beheld by those 125 chosen by the Native American elders.
Also of note is that Paul Solem’s prophecy was inclusive of the mestizo populations of the Americas and the Caribbean, peoples that a plaque on the Great Pyramid of Tlatelolco in the Square of the Three Cultures in Mexico City, proclaims: “On 13 August 1521, Tlatelolco, heroically defended by Cuauhtémoc, fell into the power of Hernán Cortés.  It was neither a triumph nor a defeat, but the painful birth of the Mestizo people….” It was this dialectical transition phase of history that prompted the historian Dr. Jaime E. Rodríguez O. of the National Autonomous University of Mexico to declare the emergence of the Mestizos the new “Cosmic Race.”   In this sense, despite the decimation of Native American numbers from 23,000,000 at the time of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas in 1492 to just 2,300,000 by 1530 (90% decline), their blood and legacy lived on in the new Cosmic Race.  That this group constitutes the majority of the largest and current immigration wave is the fulfillment of this latter-day prophecy.

(Editor’s note: “Cosmic Ray” reveals further prophecies given among the Hopi by Paul Solem in the fourth installment in this series, in addition to more amazing UFO encounters that followed him into Arizona.  - Lon)

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